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Thanks for showing your interest in contributing to Inficone. Please go through the following guest post guidelines for your reference


We publish primarily on useful tools, web services and any software, tips or tricks that help save time and improve productivity. If you want to contribute any product review -- please make sure that the content just does not mention the product specification; it should rather present a user experience perspective, pros and cons, how it is better eg wrt other available services and why it should be preferred etc. Articles with illustrative image snapshots/videos would be preferred. You can also contribute any other content that you feel would be useful to readers of Inficone. This could include articles related to blogging, wordpress, web hosting etc. You can browse through the archives to get a feel of content published here.

There is no minimum cap on number of words in a guest post. However typical guest posts are expected to be around 500 words or more.

General Guidelines

  • Your post must be an original work and never published before on the web.
  • You agree not to publish the post anywhere else on the internet (i.e., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blog or website)
  • You can include one link in the byline, which will be displayed at the bottom of the post
  • You can not use SEOd anchor text for your byline link.


  • Please format your guest post as an HTML as it helps to do a direct copy paste to the wordpress editor without the need to do a lot of re-formatting.
  • Do include the author byline at the bottom, with the link to your relevant URL


If you want to contribute an article that adheres to the above guidelines, send it to guest[at]inficone.com. You can include the content either in the email body or as a word attachment. Within 48-72 hours, you will get a response whether your guest post has been accepted or not.