Convert Multicast IP To Mac Address Online

For multicast forwarding, the mac addresses in the range 01-00-5E-00-00-00 to 01-00-5E-7F-FF-FF have been reserved. The most significant 25 bits of the above 48-bit mac address are fixed while the lower 23 bits are variable. These lower 23 bits are derived from the lower 23 bits of the multicast IP address.

The IP multicast range spans from to The most significant 4 bits of this address range is fixed ( 1110 ). Hence when an IP multicast address maps to a mac address, out of the total of 32 bits - lower 23 are mapped to the mac address, upper 4 bits remain fixed ( as mentioned above ) and hence 32 - 23 - 4 = 5 bits do not get mapped. As a result the IP multicast addresses that vary only in these 5 bits map to the same mac address. This amounts to 32 multicast ip addresses mapping to the same mac address.

Multicast IP to MAC address converter

Programmers and networking folks are invariably required to play around with multicast packet formats. The above mentioned mapping plays an important in crafting right kind of multicast packets. However converting mac address for each multicast IP address manually can be a pain at times. To overcome this problem, I wrote a small piece of javascript and html code which takes multicast IP address as input and on click of a button displays the corresponding mac address. You can also use this for your own purpose as given below

I hope you will find this useful whenever you need to convert an ip multicast address to mac address. If you like the post, do share it with your friends. You can always submit useful tools, web services and tips for us.

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