A Solution to Google Analytics “Tracking Unknown” problem

I just registered Inficone with Google Analytics and was eager to see if I could get any kind of status information for the newly created account. The registration process required me to register the website with Google Analytics using a valid e-mail address and then copy a piece of javascript on the main page of my website.

I completed the registration and put the javascript code on the main page. If I was doing a <View Source> on the browser now, I could see that the javascript code was present. However, If I was logging onto Google Analytics, it was showing the status as “Tracking Unknown” as if there was a problem.

I double checked all of the javascript code to see if any junk character/space/alteration had happened because of the copy-paste but could not find any. Some Googling indicated that I might need to wait for 24 Hours to conclude if there is really a problem.

But who in this world has got all that patience?

I started browsing menus on the Google Analytics page for my account and in the <Edit Profile> page found that it was showing status as “Tracking Unknown” but along with that it was also showing a clickable “Check Status” link.

Tracking Unknown Google Analytics 1 A Solution to Google Analytics Tracking Unknown problem

I quickly clicked on it to find that it immediately checked the status and displayed that Analytics was installed successfully. Additionally the status changed from “Tracking Unknown” to “Waiting for Data”

Tracking Unknown Google Analytics 2 A Solution to Google Analytics Tracking Unknown problem

You can try to check this way in case you also face a similar problem.

Inficone runs on the Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework
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  1. Francis says:

    Hey, thanks so much this worked for me. I know I had everything installed fine but just wanted to see it.

    Thanks again :)

  2. Tim says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the tip. The analytics pages are a bit involved and I’m not the most patient person either!

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