10 Minute Mail – Recommended Temporary Email Service

Today almost all forums/sites require you to register using an email-id in order to either see some specific content or ask a question. In most cases, it is the first time that you are visiting that website/forum and are circumspect about registering using your valid email address. The most prominent reasons in mind would be

  • Spam emails from that forum/site
  • Doubts about whether your email address would further get shared.

Typically in such cases, either you would try to use some stale email address that you would have created sometime back and dont use it anymore or may be do some further search on the information that you are seeking to see if you can get something without the need to register.

For all such use case scenarios, temporary/disposable email address is something that would be very handy. You won’t need to give your personal email address and at the same time you could register at the forum/website, get the confirmation email and complete your registration and get the requisite information.

I was in need of such a service for certain information. The main factors for choosing a service were

  1. Ease of use
  2. Intuitive
  3. Clean Web Interface

Of all the set of services tried, 10 minute mail is the recommended service for the mentioned purpose. As the name suggests

  • You get a temporary email address for 10 minutes.
    • Note -- This address is auto-generated. You cannot choose a specific address.
  • This email address would expire after the designated time.
  • During this time,  any email sent to this address would be viewable on the 10 minute mail website interface.

10 Minute Mil

  • If you require more than 10 minutes with this email address, you can request for another 10 minutes.

Extend time by 10 minutes in 10 minute mail

So next time you need you are in the above mentioned situation, do give 10 minute mail a try.  If you want a temporary email id for much longer duration than 10 minutes, do have a look at TempAlias as well as  Kontactr service.

If you think, some other web services do a better job than this one, do share it in the comments  section.

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