The Must Have WordPress Post Publish CheckList

Whenever I complete writing a post, there are always a set of steps that I take care of before hitting the publish button. Initially, the number of steps were few but as I started learning more and more about blogging/SEO/social media and so on, this small checklist started increasing to take care of the same. I will be sharing this checklist in this post as I feel that it is a kind of must have for every blog publisher. Typically, I use the wordpress editor itself for composing/editing/publishing my posts.….. Read More

10 Minute Mail – Recommended Temporary Email Service

Today almost all forums/sites require you to register using an email-id in order to either see some specific content or ask a question. In most cases, it is the first time that you are visiting that website/forum and are circumspect about registering using your valid email address. The most prominent reasons in mind would be Spam emails from that forum/site Doubts about whether your email address would further get shared. Typically in such cases, either you would try to use some stale email address that you would have created sometime….. Read More

Find unique packet lengths from a Wireshark dump using Tshark

Some days back, I had a requirement to identify the unique packet lengths present in a Wireshark dump. As an example,  lets say the dump contains 5000 packets captured in all. Out of these lets say 4000 packets are of size 64 bytes and 1000 packets are of size 100 bytes. I am not interested in the number 4000/1000 — I only want the information that the total number of unique packet lengths present in the dump are 2 which are 64 and 100 bytes respectively. Normally, I would manually….. Read More