C Program For Generating Incremental MAC And IP Addresses

The other day I had this requirement to generate 4K incremental MAC and IP addresses and use them for some configuration. Typing 4k addresses by hand was never an option. So I spent some time to write a small C program that did the job for me for generating 4K mac and ip addresses starting from a given initial value. The idea was pretty simple The program should be able to print out the addresses which I can copy paste to create eg a command file. The program should take….. Read More

Rental Apartment Inspection Checklist

If you are looking to take a house on rent in the near future, read on. Renting a house is not an easy job. It requires you to visit multiple houses in different apartment complexes. For every house you need to evaluate whether it is fitting your requirements and whether it has all the bare minimum bells and whistles that you desire. photo credit: Sarah_Ackerman If you are lucky, you can find one pretty quickly. On the other hand, you might just have to wait for a good house for….. Read More

How To Mass Delete Comments From WordPress Dashboard

Recently one of the posts on Inficone got a huge amount of pingbacks from the web. Note that by default I had enabled both comments and pingbacks on this very post. As the pingbacks rose in to thousands, it became very difficult to manage them. Most of these pingbacks were from irrelevant sites and amounted to spam. So I decided to delete these pingbacks from the wordpress dashboard. However I soon ran out of steam as wordpress dashboard allowed me only 20 deletions at a time from the comments panel.….. Read More

How To Add Table To WordPress Post

The other day I wanted to create a table to the wordpress blog post. In fact I had already created the table in excel — which I prefer as a very fast way of creating tables and essentially wanted to just copy paste it in the wordpress post.  This is when I realized that using tables in wordpress was not all that simple. To insert a table in to wordpress either I had to use a plugin like WP-Table or write some html code to achieve the same. However, after….. Read More

Decode Packet Hexdumps using Packet Dump Decode(PDD)

00 13 72 8c be e1 00 90 1a 42 85 10 81 00 00 02 08 00 45 00 00 28 83 e5 40 00 7e 06 37 b7 7a a0 0b 2f 7a a0 40 c4 0e 99 01 bd ef cf 3c 3e bd 6a eb 69 50 10 fb 09 8e 5e 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 “Hmph. Another packet dump…” “Ok, what kind of packet is it? Let me see — offset 12, 2 bytes is 8100 ok it is a VLAN….. Read More