C Program For Generating Incremental MAC And IP Addresses

The other day I had this requirement to generate 4K incremental MAC and IP addresses and use them for some configuration. Typing 4k addresses by hand was never an option. So I spent some time to write a small C program that did the job for me for generating 4K mac and ip addresses starting from a given initial value. The idea was pretty simple The program should be able to print out the addresses which I can copy paste to create eg a command file. The program should take….. Read More

WordPress Read More And Excerpt Customization Tips

If you are a blogger on wordpress or an avid blog reader, you would appreciate the importance of post excerpts in wordpress which provide you with a small abstract of the post text ( typically the first few lines of the post ). The excerpt is followed by a hyper link which says something like “Read More” or “Continue Reading”. As a blogger, you would not expect a reader to go to each individual post and have a look at the same for information. Rather, the reader might like a….. Read More

How To Display CSS/HTML/PHP/Ruby Code Snippets Inside WordPress Post

If you are a blogger on wordpress, then as part of information sharing with fellow bloggers — you would be required to occasionally share some piece of code which resolves a given problem for you and may help out other people who are encountering a similar issue. This code be anything from PHP, HTML, CSS to Ruby. Hence, it becomes important that you have an elegant way of inserting code snippets in your wordpress post, which retain/preserve the original code content and at the same time offer the reader a….. Read More

Compile And Run Your Code Online Using CodePad

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to desperately try out a piece of code to see what will be the output of it; but are running here and there just to get a machine which has an installed compiler/environment for the same. This could happen when eg you are not in office and just have a eureka about your code OR suddenly want to try out some small change. How about a web service where you could type, compile and run your code and see what….. Read More