At Inficone, we are looking to provide readers with a regular updates on a variety tools and websites that help to improve productivity or serve common requirements. Today there are a huge number of websites/tools on the internet offering readers with a range of services. While few of them are extremely popular and rank high on internet searches, still there are a lot of other sites/tools which are equally or even more useful but have a limited visibility.

Our endeavor is to showcase all such tools and websites for your benefit. We believe that it is a two-way process where you as a reader also can contribute to improving our knowledge base. As a part of that effort, we encourage you to share with us any website/tool that you believe should be showcased on Inficone.

We will evaluate your submission and if found worthy will get listed on Inficone. Additionally, we will also like to credit you with a link back to your blog/website/profile if you wish to in that post.  If you are webmaster of a site and want to get that listed, you are most welcome.

So what are you waiting for ? Please go ahead and share with us any tools/websites that you like and want to see listed on Inficone.

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