Rental Apartment Inspection Checklist

If you are looking to take a house on rent in the near future, read on. Renting a house is not an easy job. It requires you to visit multiple houses in different apartment complexes. For every house you need to evaluate whether it is fitting your requirements and whether it has all the bare minimum bells and whistles that you desire.

Living Room
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If you are lucky, you can find one pretty quickly. On the other hand, you might just have to wait for a good house for a while. I had to go for a rental accommodation a couple of months back and singled down on an apartment complex with my wife. There were four houses available there but none of them were fitting the bill. One had a poor woodwork where the owner had just placed wooden cupboards in the rooms instead of getting wall to wall woodwork done.  One of them had a nice interior done but the expected rent amount was unreasonable. There was still another one where woodwork was good but kitchen was made in such a way that if you put the gas stove on the kitchen slab, than there is not place to put anything else.

The process became painful because as soon as you start looking at lot of houses, you start loosing track of which all houses you had seen -- what you liked/disliked in a given house etc. This is when the rental property inspection checklist came handy and was used by me to keep good detailed information on what all houses had been seen or what were the finer points in each of those houses etc. Following are the reasons because of which I feel such a checklist is a boon.

  • You will not miss out on checking all the important aspects of the house as they will be part of the checklist.
  • Even after a few days of seeing the house, you have a handy reference as to what was there and not there in a given house.
  • You will avoid seeing the same house again! ( One of my friends ended up seeing the same house from two brokers and once he finalized it both were demanding their brokerage )
  • You will be able to draw comparison amongst visited houses more rationally.

Of course this checklist is just a reference. You might need to add/remove items based on your own requirements. For instance, one of my friends plays a piano. One of his utmost concerns while choosing an apartment was size of the service lift such that piano could go in it and whether there would be a suitable space in the house where he could place the piano without blocking any passage. So for him, the other points in the checklist could be secondary if his primary piano requirement could be met!

A snapshot from the checklist is as given below.

Rental Checklist

Go ahead and download the Rental Apartment Inspection Checklist. I hope you would find this checklist useful. Do share you own experience while renting a house and what all you would like to add in this checklist in the comments section. If you liked the post, do share it with your friends using the floating bar on your left.

Dining Woodwork
Refrigerator space
Kitchen Woodwork
Kitchen Loft
Kitchen Modular
Kitchen Chimney
Kitchen Stove
Kitchen Exhaust

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