Tatkaal Passport Renewal Application: A Complete Guide

NOTE - While you may get information that you are seeking in the post content itself, It is strongly recommended that you read through the comments section below the post as well. It contains many first hand experiences of different folks who had gone for passport application and were kind enough to share it here.

It had been more than an year since my Indian passport had expired. Because of my laziness and no immediate need for travel, I did not apply for a passport renewal. Possibly I was just waiting for a trigger to wake me up from my sleep of laziness. This trigger happened in the first week of August which made me to realize that I should have better renewed my passport earlier. I came to know through a few friends who had recently got their passport renewed that it is taking as long as 4 months to get your new passport once you have applied for the renewal.

main Tatkaal Passport Renewal Application: A Complete Guide

This effectively meant that I would get the new passport by end of the year if I applied for renewal now. This is when I decided to explore and try the tatkaal passport scheme under which you get the passport within a week of applying for renewal. I applied for renewal of my passport last week under tatkaal and am currently waiting for receiving the same. I am putting down all the information that I gathered as part of this research which I hope could be useful to the people who are looking to get their passport renewed under tatkaal in the near future.

Information On Passport Issue/Renewal procedure

Your best source for information on procedure, documents required, FAQs on the topic would be the Delhi passport office website. It might not be a well designed website but it has all the information you would typically require. The funny part is you will see a lot of phone numbers but most of them are actually fax numbers. There is a voice response facility number also. But if you choose the option for tatkaal on this facility, you would hear a message telling that currently they are unable to provide you this information and that you are advised to check out the Delhi passport office website

There are some small but significant bits which are required but not mentioned on the website and that is where this article could help you out. I would be quoting a lot of data in this article from Delhi passport office website so that the continuity of the content is maintained.

Documents Required For Renewal Under Tatkaal

1. Cover Letter

  • On a plain sheet of paper, write a small letter as following
    • Addressed to : <The Passport Officer, Regional Passport Office, Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi>
    • Subject : Renewal of passport under tatkaal scheme
    • Content : State that I am <Name> s/o <Father’s Name> having passport <Old Passport Number> which expired/expires on <Date>. Because of requirement of international travel in immediate future, I need to get my passport renewed under tatkaal scheme. I have attached the relevant Annexure F and Annexure I, as well as required address/DOB proof copies.
    • Put your sign on the cover letter at the bottom.

The funny things is that this is not mentioned in the procedure anywhere. However, if you go for renewal under tatkaal, they expect you to submit such a letter. So it becomes extremely important that you carry a couple of pens and plain A4 sheets with you just in case they suddenly demand an application for any other requirement besides the one I mentioned above!!. Also note that there is no need to provide any specific reason for the takal application ( other than just saying that you would need to travel soon as mentioned above )

No proof of urgency is required for Out-of-Turn issue of passport

In case you are applying for a new passport under tatkaal for the first time, then you might like to modify the above letter a bit stating that you need to travel on an immediate basis and hence need the new passport under tatkaal.

2. Application Form

  • The application form for new/renewal of passport is available on the form page of Delhi passport office website.
  • For the case of renewal of passport, you would need two forms. One is the Application Form No. 1 and other is the Personal Particulars ( PP ) form.  The second form has to be filled in duplicate.
  • You would require a total of three 3.5cmX3.5cm colored photograph in white background for these forms. Note that this size is different from the regular passport size photograph. Additionally, the photograph has to be pasted unsigned on the first form and has to be cross-signed on the PP forms.
  • For filling the individual items in the form, the guidelines are available in the Passport Information Booklet section of the website. Just make sure that you fill each of the information carefully and correctly.
  • The following information as available on the passport website is important wrt filling this form.

    * Use capital letters only. Particulars given in the form will be printed in the passport. Therefore, please be careful in filling up the form and avoid any mistakes.
    * Use black/blue ball pen only
    * Do not fill the form with pencils or ink-pen.
    * While filling up the boxes, kindly leave one box blank after each completed word.
    * Write clearly within the box without touching the boundaries.
    * Adjust the information to fit within the number of given boxes.
    * Do not write anything outside the box.  Avoid over-writing
    * Incomplete application will not be accepted.
  • The application form can be filled in two ways
    • Online
      • For doing the same, you need to visit the passport online registration form page and fill all the relevant information.
      • Once you submit the form, you will be allocated the date and time for visiting the passport office. The allocated date is typically the first available date that you can avail.
      • In case you are not comfortable with this date, you can opt for a later date using the pop-down date list. Once you select your date and time, you get a form number ( a kind of reference number ).
      • You can print your form after this step. The form will also list the date and time of your visit to the passport office on the right side. If you do not wish to take the print out at that time ( eg if the printer is not connected ), you can take the printout of the form using the above reference number later.
      • The online form has the Application Form No. 1 as well as the Personal Particulars ( PP ) form form in duplicate. So a single print will yield you both the documents.
    • In Paper

3. Proof of DOB( Date Of Birth )

Attach one of the following:
Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths;
Date of birth certificate from the school last attended by the applicant or any other recognized educational institution; or an Affidavit sworn before a Magistrate/Notary stating date/place of birth as per the specimen in ANNEXURE ‘A’ by illiterate or semi-illiterate applicants.
N.B.: In the case of applicants born on or after 26.01.89, only Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Authority or the Office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths is acceptable.

This would typically be your matriculation certificate which mentions your date of birth. This date should be the same as the date of birth mentioned in your form. Take at least two photocopies of this document and attach with your form.

4. Proof of residence

Attach one of the following:
Applicant’s ration card, certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head, water /telephone /electricity bill/statement of running bank account/Income Tax Assessment Order /Election Commission ID card, Gas connection Bill, Spouse’s passport copy, parent’s passport copy in case of minors. (NOTE: If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of address out of the above categories).

You should attach at least two photocopies of the above document which should mention the same address as specified in the form.

5. Photocopy of old passport

Old passport in original and photocopy of first four as well as last four pages of the old passport are required as follows.

Old passport in original with self-attested photocopy of its first four and last four pages, including ECR/ECNR page.

6. Verification Certificate

In case you want to renew passport under tatkaal, the passport office wants to ensure that you are a credible individual. It is possible to prove in either of the two ways

  • Annexure F -- The wording/content of this annexure is available on the passport website. This verification certificate is essentially an endorsement of your credibility by an individual which is considered as an authority by the passport office. You need to get the form filled in duplicate. Some important considerations while filling this annexure are as follows.

a) Note that you need to put your photograph on this Annexure which has to be attested with the stamp of the issuing person.
b) The Annexure is supposed to be on original letter head of the issuing authority and has to be submitted in duplicate.
c) It should contain the Id No. of the issuing person.
d) As per the Annexure, it should even be supported by the photocopy of the Id card. However, in a few cases eg if the issuing person is an Army office, giving photocopy of the I-Card is not allowed -- so there it is OK even if you do not have them.

  The applicant’s passport size photograph is also required to be affixed on the Verification Certificate and attested by the officer issuing the Verification Certificate with his/her signature and rubber stamp in such a way that half the signature and stamp appear on the photograph and half on the certificate.
2.       If the applicant has resided at more than one place during the last one year then all previous addresses with the relevant dates should be mentioned.
3.       This Verification Certificate may be got signed by any of the following:
(i)       An Under Secretary/Deputy Secretary/Director/Joint Secretary/Add. Secretary/Special Secretary/Secretary/Cabinet Secretary to Government of India.
(ii)      A Director/Joint Secretary/Additional Secretary/Special Secretary/Chief Secretary to a State Govt.
                  (iii)    A Sub-Divisional Magistrate/First class Judicial Magistrate/Additional DM/District Magistrate of the district of residence of applicant.
(iv)     A District Superintendent of Police, DIG/IG/DGP of district of residence of applicant.
         (v)      A Major and above in the army, Lt. Commander and above in the Navy and Sq. Leader and            in the Air Force.
         (vi)     The General Manager of a Public Sector Undertaking
         (vii)    All members of any All India Service or Central Service who are equivalent to or above the rank of   an  Under Secretary to the Government i.e. in the pay scale of Rupees 10,000-15,200 or above.
        (viii)     Resident Commissioners/Additional Resident Commissioners of all State Governments based in Delhi.
        (ix)      Concerned Tehsildars or Concerned SHO’s  for an applicant staying in the area under his/her jurisdiction.
        (x)        The Chairmen of the Apex Business Organizations i.e.FICCI, CII and ASSOCHAM in respect of owners, partners or directors of the companies that are members of the concerned Chamber in prescribed performa as at Annexure “J”.
  • 3 out of 14 Documents -- If you  have 3 documents out of a list of 14 as mentioned below, you are considered credible enough

The applicant also has the option to obtain a passport under Tatkal Scheme on submission of three documents from the Fourteen documents as mentioned below, provided one of the three documents is a photo identity document and atleast one of the three is amongst the documents indicated at (a) to (i) and a standard affidavit (Annexure “I”)  on non-judicial stamp paper duly attested by a Notary:
    (a) Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC);
    (b) Service Identity Card issued by State/Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings, local bodies or Public Limited Companies;
    (c) SC/ST/ OBC Certificates;
    (d) Freedom Fighter Identity Cards;
    (e) Arms Licenses;
    (f) Property Documents such as Pattas, Registered Deeds etc.;
    (g) Rations Cards;
    (h) Pension Documents such as ex-servicemen’s Pension Book/Pension Payment order, ex-servicemen’s Widow/Dependent Certificates, Old Age Pension Order, Widow Pension Order;
    (i) Railway Identity Cards;
    (j) Income Tax Identity (PAN) Cards;
    (k) Bank/ Kisan/Post Office Passbooks;
    (l) Student Identity Cards issued by Recognized Educational Institutions;
    (m) Driving Licenses; and
    (n) Birth Certificates issued under the RBD Act.
(All above documents to be produced in original along with self-attested copies)

As per the information on the passport website, you need to have either of Annexure-F or the <3 out of 14> documents. However, when I did my research for the same and consulted a few folks who had renewed passport under tatkaal, I got to know that Annexure-F works more then the <3 out of 14> option. In a few cases, Annexure-F was requested even when the 3 documents out of the 14 described earlier were provided. [ EDIT - Refer the comments section below  - it looks like 3 out of 14 does not work anymore ]

In my own case, I used Annexure-F option. I would also recommend that even if you are putting Annexure-F, add as many documents from the list of 14 above ( photocopies ) to support your passport request. I added the ration card, bank passbook of SBI and PAN card as additional supporting documents even though they have not been explicitly mentioned. This helps to further cement your credibility claim.

Note -  If you are submitting Annexure-F, you would be given two additional forms at the passport office counter. These forms are  corresponding to each of the two copies of Annexure-F( duplicate copies ) that you submitted. These forms are actually the communication that the passport office will send to the person who has issued Annexure-F to you. These documents mention that the passport office has recieved Annexure-F recommendation for <Applicant’s Name> and whether it was sent by the issuing person only or not. You will need to fill your name in the <Applicant Name> and the address of the issuing person in the column provided.

7. Annexure I

The Annexure I is a kind of self declaration on non-judicial stamp paper and has to be signed by the notary public. This annexure is required to be submitted in original with one self attested copy.

I submitted it on a 10 rupee non judicial stamp paper. The best place to easily get this Annexure made is like from a place like Nehru Place where they have all the formats etc ready and it hardly takes 10 minutes to get the job done.

8. Annexure D

If your old passport did not contain your spouse’s name and you want to get that added in the renewed passport, you need to have Annexure-D in your supporting documents. From the face value it looks to be applicable only for women applicants. However, it is applicable also for male applicants who want to get their wife’s name added in their passport. In my case this document was required even more because I did not have a marriage certificate.

Again, you should be able to easily get this document made from Nehru place notary public office. They have the format ready and it takes just a few minutes. Note that both husband and wife need to be present when this annexure is made as their signatures are required. A passport size photograph in landscape format having faces of both husband and wife needs to be pasted on this annexure and has to be stamped by the notary. I got this made on a 10 rupee stamp paper at Nehru place.

9. Annexure B

This Annexure-B document is required only if you are  a Government/Public Sector/Statutory body employee. This has to be provided in duplicate on original office letter head.

10. Supporting document for ECNR

Refer to the Passport Information Booklet which lists the various categories of individual under column 15 which are eligible for ECNR. In my case, being an engineer -- I added a photocopy of my college engineering degree. For your reference, following is the text for column 15.

COLUMN 15: Please write Y or N as applicable. It may be mentioned here that Indian citizens categorized as ECR before leaving the country are required to get a clearance from the Protector General of Emigrants. Applicants in ECR category will have the ECR Stamp put on their passports. In case the passport booklet does not have ECR stamp, the applicant would be deemed to have been granted ECNR status. No ECNR stamp will be affixed on the passport.  An applicant would be  eligible for ECNR status if he/she falls in any one of the following categories and provides documentary proof thereof:
(I) (a) All holders of Diplomatic/official Passports.
(b)     All GAZETTED Government servants.
(c)     All Income-Tax payers (including Agricultural Income-Tax Payees) in their individual capacity. Proof of assessment of income tax and actual payment of income tax for last one year or copy of PAN card to be insisted upon, and not merely payment of advance tax. However, in most cases as an assessment order is not issued separately by the income tax department, income tax returns which are stamped by income tax authorities can be accepted.
(d)    All professional Degree holders, such as Doctors holding MBBS degree or equivalent degree in AYURVED or HOMEOPATHY, accredited Journalists, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Lecturers, Teachers, Scientists, Advocates, etc.
(e)     Spouses and dependent children of category of persons listed from (b) to (d).
(f)      All persons having educational qualifications of matriculation and above.
(g)      Seamen who are in possession of CDC or Sea Cadets, Deck Cadets;
         (i) who have passed final examination of three years B.Sc. Nautical Sciences Courses at T.S. CHANAKYA, MUMBAI; and
          (ii)  who have undergone three months Pre-Sea training at any of the Government approved Training Institutes such as T.S.CHANAKYA, T.S. REHMAN, T.S. JAWAHAR, MTI (SCI) and NIPM, CHENNAI, after production of identity cards issued by the Shipping Master, MUMBAI/KOLKATA/CHENNAI.
(h)      Persons holding Permanent Immigration Visa, such as the visas of UK, USA and Australia.
(i)      Persons possessing two years diploma from any institute recognized by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) or State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT) or persons holding three years’ diploma/equivalent degree from institutions like Polytechnics recognized by Central/State Governments.
(j)       Nurses possessing qualifications recognized under the Indian Nursing Council Act. 1947.
(k)     All persons above the age of 50 years.
(l)     All persons who have been staying abroad for more than three years (the period of three years could be either in one stretch or broken) and their spouses.
(m)    All children up to the age of 18 years of age. (At the time of re-issue at the age of 18  years, ECR stamping shall be done, if applicable)..
(II) No emigration clearance is required for visiting Bangladesh, Pakistan and all countries in Europe (excluding CIS states), North America, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa and Singapore.
The eligible category should be mentioned in the blank space provided under this column and supportive documents should be attached with the application. It may be mentioned that with effect from Oct 1, 2007 Government of India has abolished Emigration Check Required Suspension (ECRS). With effect from October 2007, ECR passport holders travelling abroad for purpose other than employment will be allowed to leave the country on production of valid passport, valid visa and return ticket at the immigration counters at international airport in India. For employment purpose, such passport holders require emigration clearance from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POEs).  Otherwise, they will be stopped from travelling at the port of exit.  Applicants are, therefore, advised to apply for ECNR, if they are eligible, to ensure hassle-free travel abroad. It may be noted that the passport booklet will only have ECR category stamped and in case the passport booklet does not have ECR stamp, the applicant would be deemed to have been granted ECNR status

Regardless of the list that I have mentioned above, always remember to double check your attached documents using the checklist provided on the passport website. Typically all supported documents have to be self attested.

At the passport office

The passport office at Bhikaji Cama place opens from 10 AM to 12:30 PM. You have a window of 2.5 hours to get your job done. In case you forgot to get any photocopies done, there is a photocopy shop just next to the passport office. Note that because of rush at the passport office, if any document is found missing by the officer on the counter, he will simply reject your application and you will have to apply with a new form and come all over again. There is no point in arguing with the officer at the counter. You just need to be patient and polite. The day before, just go through your checklist and ensure all supporting documents and photocopies are in place. Carry additional photocopies, photographs etc with you. You may also carry a glue stick/stapler just in case it is required. On a lighter note, I even had my marriage card and album handy just in case it was required!!( I had Annexure-D for getting my wife’s name added in the passport ). A few important points regarding the passport office that I feel deserve a mention are as given below

  • If you have not applied online, then you need to go to the back side of passport office and obtain a token from them. Once inside the passport office, your token number would be displayed on one of the counters and then you have to go to that counter with your documents.
  • If you have applied online, you do not need any token
  • There is a common line for both online and paper form applicants which gets formed well before 10:00 am in front of the passport office. I would recommend that you reach the passport office by 9 AM. You will be able to get the parking in case you are coming by your vehicle and also won’t have to stand too far off in the line. Basically the earlier -- the better.
  • Once the gate opens at 10 am, enter the passport office. If you have a token, wait for the token number to appear on any counter( or in case token number display is not working, just find out if you can go and stand in some line ). If you have given the online application -- then there are separate counters with <Online Submission> written on them
  • The officer at the counter would check your application and all the supporting documents. Keep your originals handy as he will ask for them to verify. If he is satisfied with the application and documents, he will guide you on the further procedure. For example, in my case -- my old passport was from outside Delhi, so they wanted a separate document to be attached with my application which was a small bit information on my old passport as available in their online database. For getting the same I was redirected to some room 7D on first floor of the passport office. Once I got that document, I was re-directed to Hall no. 2, counter 2 where the officer signed my application ( He also signs on the two forms that are given with Annexure-F).
  • Once this formality is complete, you need to pay the fee and would get a receipt that would contain a tracking number which can be used to monitor the passport progress online.

The passport fee structure for tatkal as available on the Delhi passport website is given below. In my case, I paid a total of Rs. 1500 + 1000 = 2500 for renewal in cash. Following is the excerpt from the website.

The TATKAAL fee is in addition to the applicable passport fee and payable either in cash or DD in favor of Passport Officer concerned.  The additional fee for out of turn TATKAAL passport, would be as follows:

Fresh Passport

1.Within 1-7 days of the date of ApplicationRupees 1,500/- plus the passport fee of Rs.1000/-
2.Within 8-14 days of the date of ApplicationRupees 1,000/- plus the passport fee of Rs.1000/-

Replacement of Passport (in lieu of Lost/Damage Passport)

1.Within 1-7 days of the date of ApplicationRupees 2,500/- plus the duplicate passport fee of Rs.2500/-
2.Within 8-14 days of the date of ApplicationRupees 1,500/- plus the duplicate passport fee of Rs.2500/-

Re-issue cases after expiry of 10 years validity

1.Within 3 working days of the date of applicationRupees 1,500/- plus the passport fee of Rs.1000/-

In general be polite and patient as I mentioned earlier. If the officer on the counter rejects your papers on account of some reason, there is no point in getting angry or arguing. These guys handle the passport applications everyday and would have a valid reason to reject your application. Just make sure that you follow the checklist, and have the photocopies as well as originals for verification handy. Carry extra photocopies, plain sheet of paper, a couple of pens in case either of them is required. Also keep a check on people who would be ready to jump the queue and move ahead out of line on the counters. You need to politely request them to come in the queue ( unless of course they have valid reasons ). There would be another set of people who would claim to be staff and move ahead in the queue ( this happened in my case ) -- this guy was just trying to save his time by claiming to be from the office staff!!. Coming back to your application, once the application is accepted for renewal, you will get your old passport back with the cancelled stamp on it.

I hope all the above information will be useful for anyone who is going to either renew or get a new passport issued in Delhi. In case you feel, any of the above information is not correct, do update us in the comments. If you have any specific question, please discuss them in the comments section.

Edit August 11 2010 -- Today I received my passport for which I had submitted the application for renewal on 5th of August using the above procedure. The passport was delivered through post on my permanent address.

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  1. Gia says:

    Thanks for the info. Wish i had found this article before i visited the Delhi RPO last week. As it turns out, my passport expires within a few weeks and as i need to travel asap i have no option but to apply for re-issue of my passport under tatkaal.

    My first attempt was last week…i had all my docs in order, online app form filled and 3 out of 14 required docs. After waiting 2 hours in line, i was told at the counter that the procedure had changed 7 months ago (not mentioned on the website or in the printed booklet that comes attached to the passport app) that Tatkaal via Option B was no longer valid (ie 3 out of 14 docs) instead it was mandatory to get an Annexure F. I wish they update the info on the website…a lot of other people in line with me were also unaware of this change.

    Well its taken me a few days to get this additional document, and i plan on re-applying online for a fresh appointment…but before i brave the crowds i want to make sure i’ve covered all my bases:

    1. As my previous passport was not issued from Delhi, i’m guessing i would also be required to fill in the additional document that u did in room 7D…what exactly was this form…can i pre-fill it to save time…will i need to carry anything specific with me towards this.

    2. I know u’r passport was sent by speedpost. Is it possible to have my passport picked-up personally by me instead of having it sent by Speed Post. Do u have any idea if this option is available…will i need to fill out a form/ submit a letter?

    3. My Annexure F has been verified by a senior Army officer, and he cannot give me a photocopy of his I Card as its against the defence dept. policy…u say that it won’t be an issue, well i’m hoping so too, but just incase the passport office makes a fuss can i carry another ID doc, say his PAN card?

    Hope u can help answer my queries.

    • Syam says:

      I applied passport (Tatkal) at RPO Cochin. I got an unexpected engagement at Pune, and I left from my permanent residence after 3 days of submission of passport application (my parents and brother still in my permanent residence).
      Now the passport reached to my permanent residence and I can’t collect the same from postman. I can go back to my permanent address after 2 months.

      Please let me know urgently, what is the solution if addressee not available to collect passport.

      • Syam – Why do you think you cannot collect the passport? Is it that the postman came to your place but refused the delivery on account of you not being there. For instance in my case, I was in office when my passport was delivered. The postman just checked a valid id proof ( I left my voter id at my home ) and requested for “bakhshish” – delivered the passport and left!

      • rajaryan says:

        did u used ANNEXURE F for tatkaal passport?.. i need urgent help plzzzzzzz..

  2. Thanks for sharing that [ 3 out of 14 ] is not working anymore.

    The form that you get from room 7D is not something that you can pre-fill. Basically there is a guy who sits in 7D who would take your old passport number and get information related to your old passport from PISON ( Passport Information Services on Net ). There they have a database of the passport information indexed by the passport number. He will give you a printout that you need to then go back and give to the guy on the counter from where you were redirected to Room 7D. This printout would have some miscellaneous details about the old passport. The problem in my case was that there was no one in this room for 45 minutes and i was just waiting there. Then when I went downstairs ( 7D is on 1st floor ) and told this to a few folks on the counter – they told me that someone has been sent there. When I went back I saw that someone was there now and also there was a queue of 5 people who were not ready to accept that I was waiting there earlier :). This wasted about 1.5 hours of my time and taking this printout was just a 1 minute job.

    I think by default the passport is sent by speed post only. If you would like to collect it personally – i think you would need to talk to someone in RPO. I am not sure the guy at the counter would really help too much – you may need to catch the RPO officer and explain to him. Good luck for that since dealing with these folks could be a pain at times.

    I also used Annexure F provided by an army office only. I could not get the copy of his I card for the same reason as you mentioned. However the Id card number should be mentioned on the Annexure-F; the print out of which should be taken on the army letter head. It should also have your photograph with the stamp of the officer. I do not think you need to take any pan card or anything else of the officer. Just make sure that your name, address and other details are correct on every supporting document that you take.

    Wish you all the best and do share your experience here after you visit the RPO office.

  3. Gia says:

    Here’s an update of when I re-applied last week on 17 Sep 2010:

    1. I was allocated a 10.45am appointment by the online system. Reached early and there was a line snaking its way from the RPO gate to the main road. I did not need a token (a small boon of having applied online) but one still needs to get in line to enter the building, and yes, every person is asked to show their token/online form by the gaurd.

    2. Inside i stood in one of two online submission ques for about 2 hours before my turn. Yes, it was a long line, but the delay was compounded due to several incomplete forms – the online system fills in only a few fields and the rest of the application needs to be filled in by hand. As a lot of people don’t know/read through their applications they had blank fields which just held up the line. Also u had rightly mentioned – names in supporting documents must all be exactly the same and match your application details or else it gets rejected -and no amount of arguing/ pleading/trying to correct it at the counter etc helps. U will have to re-apply and come on another day.

    3. My process was a breeze – handed over these docs:
    Annexure F ( you need 2* of them)
    Annexure I
    Annexure D
    Old Passport + photocopy
    Address Proof (as i do not have anything in my name, i submitted my spouse’s passport copy + electricity bill in his name + property papers in his name…the only thing with my name was my stanchart credit card bills, i know this does not count but as i had so many other docs it too was stapled in with the others)
    ECNR proof (degree certificate)
    DOB proof (school certificate)
    PAN card
    Tatkaal Covering letter*
    Letter requesting counter delivery*
    *i had these thanks to u’r info – i also did not submit my EPIC as it had errors in my name/dob

    the counter person was very polite. I was not asked of ID proof for the Army Officer. I was given 2 forms to fill with the name and address of my Annexure F signatory (i.e. Army Officer). Was told to go to Hall 2, counter 2 and have my application verified/signed by the passport officer, and to mention to him that my name was on my spouse’s passport which had already been police verified at my permanent/current address. He told me that only the Passport Officer was assigned the authority for counter deliveries.

    3. Waited in another line in Hall No. 2…a lot of people did cut in line, despite that the wait was relatively short. The Passport Officer went thru the application, signed the relevant pages but when i requested counter delivery he refused telling me that address verification had to be done and i will get my passport via speed post in 5 working days. I kept pleading but he was adamant. I told him that i need to travel asap, and that i was requesting only a counter delivery and not objecting to verification. He then scribbled something on top of my application and gave it back.

    4. I then had to return with my application to the previous online submission counter I handed over my application. Paid Rs.2500. Was given a receipt with my details (made sure there were no mistakes) and had C 21/9 scribbled on it…which meant counter delivery on 21st Sep…was told to come at 4pm to counter 4 on said date. Yes, in 3 working days…i wanted to do a little jig in delight.

    5. On 21st Sep i arrived at the RPO, 15 mins ahead of the time i was verbally given. The gaurd at the gate would not let me enter the building, and told me to return at 5pm. I saw several other people also being turned away. Some were told to come at 3pm by the counter person. That’s another thing – no where – not even the Delhi RPO website- is it mentioned what time counter delivery is At 5pm i went to Hall 2, counter 4…waited along with 12 other people which means that the RPO really do follow the speed post norm. At 5.20pm i was given my new passport…a swell of euphoria washed over me.

    A few differences in our experiences – i was not asked to go to Room7D or get any additional info though my previous passport was also a non Delhi issue. I’m assuming that applying online had something to do with it. IMO applying online is a better option as the lines are shorter, printing errors/mistakes are slim as u self-fill the data and u’r line rotation is limited to just 2.

    So in the end it took a total of 3 visits; 3 working days and tada…NEW passport re-issued. Now all i have to await is my police verification and then i’m done 100%.

    Thanks for your inputs and for giving me a forum to share my experience.

  4. Great to see that you got your passport in quick time. I do not think going to 7D has anything to do with online form – as I also had applied online only. As I read from your description, rest of the procedure was same except for room 7D which somehow happened in my case.

    In any case, all is well that ends well. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and providing useful information which would certainly be relevant for the people visiting this page in near future.

  5. ashbey says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Thanks a ton for such detailed info. I am going to apply for tatkal in few days. I am sure with the info you have provided, there will be no glitch, fingers crossed though ;)

    As I understand, police verification is done after issuing of passport.

    Can you please tell me when or how it is done? (I might have to leave for few days after applying so quite worried)

    Thanks again

    • @ashbey, Glad that you found the information useful. Do share you experience once you go through the process as it might be useful for future applicants.

      As per the passport website, the verification is done even in case of Tatkaal. However, I also received my passport in in early August and there has not been any police verification till now which is good 1.5 months. Some other folks who had applied through tatkaal also told me that they didn’t undergo any police verification. So I am afraid I can’t tell you how/when is it exactly done. As it stands now – it appears that police verification might not be happening anymore for tatkaal applicants.

      Additionally, do not take too much load about it. If you really look at it, as long as you get the passport in your hand through tatkaal, it really does not matter. Even if someone comes for police verification and do not find you – there is nothing to worry. If you have all the relevant proofs to support your credibility, you can eventually contact the police station of your area later and provide the information. I do not think I need to explicitly tell you how to take care of such a situation :-). It might be handy if you inform any neighbors in the area about such a possibility( if you are not going to be in town) as police verification typically also includes checking out with the neighbors as well.

  6. ashbey says:

    Thanks Shivam for the quick reply. I assume that tatkal passport will be eligible for Visa application as soon as I get it in hand.

    I will definitely share my experience here. I hope to score better than @Gia :D

    • shital says:

      Hi Shivam,

      The details provided by you in the article is very informative. I’ve to apply for reissuance of my passport in Bangalore as I would like to get my spouse’s name added and also my surname changed in it. My address captured in my existing passport is of Ahmedabad which I would like to change. My queries are as under:

      1. I’ve gone through the document requirement in the PSK website for tatkaal option and no where there is a mention of the Annexure F. Can anyone inform if it is mandatory for reissuance cases under Tatkaal?

      2. We have changed 3 house in the last 1 year do I need to provide address proof for all the places or only the current residence? ? My 2 previous houses were rented one for which I could provide rental agreement which is no where in the doc list.

      3. one of the doc accepted is “Certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head”. But in the note they have mentioned that it should be on letter head and should not be computerised print-outs. My company only provide computerised certificate for address for which maximum I could get seal and sign from some HR manager but not at all on original letter head. Will that do? Any one from Bangalore who can respond if the same were acceptable in the PSK here…

      4. The doc list (For Address Proof – Tatkaal) asks for submission of any 1 documents. Is only 1 document is actually required or 2 is mandatory?

      Awaiting inputs…


      • @Shital – You need the Annexure-F for tatkaal passport. Please refer/search for updates in the comments section on this page by @ Ninad who got the tatkal passport procedure done via Marathahalli PSK in Bangalore.
        The implicit expectation of the passport folks is that you should have been staying at the specified address for at least an year. This can get tricky since you have been staying on the current address only for a few months. Nevertheless keep the rental agreement of the older accommodations handy so that they can be used if required.
        Refer document list submitted by Ninad – I think it will address your queries 3 and 4 up to some extent

        @Ninad – Appreciate if you can pitch in and provide any other inputs to help Shital

  7. @ashbey, Your assumption is right. As soon as you get the passport in your hand, you are all set for applying for any visas. Tatkaal just means that they issue it quickly as compared to the regular procedure.

    What you get in the end is a passport that would have been same regardless of whether you had applied normally or via tatkaal. Just make sure that when you collect your passport – all names and details are mentioned correctly ( spelling and all )

    • rajaryan says:

      is it necessary to ANNEXURE F from where i m residing currently or getting it signed from permanent address will work.? i don’t have contacts in city where i am living but i got annexure F from my permanent address….plzzzzzz help me…….

      • @rajaryan – there is no experience on this forum where it has been found to be an issue if the Annex-F was from a different place. So based on that it shouldn’t be an issue. However – I would request other members to pitch in and share their views.

  8. ashbey says:

    Thanks again Shivam. Since you are so generously helpful, I shall take slightly more advantage :D

    The “Educational Qualiications” field, is it required to present the degree for that? Was it asked for?

  9. @ashbey – Please feel free to ask any query. I will be more than happy to respond.

    I took the degree because of ECNR and not because of the educational qualification field. If you look at eligibility for ECNR, a degree like MBBS, Engineering makes you eligible for that ( refer the post content above ). At the same time, I would say that it’s a good idea to take it along if you have it since it is a supporting document for the information that you have filled in the form.

    Essentially don’t shy away from taking any additional supporting documents. It’s better to carry extra documents then to realize having missed on one at the passport office :-) ( Do remember to take a couple of photocopies of each )

  10. ashbey says:

    Great, going to get “F” annexured tommorrow and to the passport office on day after tommorrow.

    I have real bad experience in past dealing with public sector depts: telephone, electricity etc(lol, who has not). It is the kind of negative / morose attitude of these people which make me loose control and say things (offcourse not unprovoked) which complicates the matter. This is the reason I hate to deal with them.

    Seems I am all set for a different experience this time :)

  11. @ashbey You must read my [be polite] advice in the post above :-). I do not deny that dealing with public sector deptt can be pain at times but things are definitely changing/improving for better. Be positive and do not forget the checklist. Good luck.

  12. Ishu says:

    First of all thanks a ton for the detailed article…i got my passport under tatkal in just 5 days with all the procedures mentioned on the forum….now another question i need information is for my baby girl (3 months .i need to apply for her passport under tatkaal…do i need annexure I and Annexure F for her as well…please reply quickly..appreciate the work you are doing…

  13. @Ishu, I do not think that Annexure F is required in case of minor but I am not 100% sure about it. You should have a look at http://passport.gov.in/cpv/checklist.htm if not already done so ( point 3 ) and http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/shifting-gears/42500-tatkaal-application-passport.html#post904954 . In case you get to know concrete information about this, do share it here for benefit of other folks.

    • Rajarshi Sen says:


      I really appreciate the way you have given a detailed information with regard to Passport Issuance. I have certain queries with regard to my wife’s fresh passport.
      1. She wants to take her maiden name as well as my name at the end. In the Marriage Certificate, its her name and then my name. Would that be a problem out here since there is no supporting document to prove her name with her maiden name as well as my name.
      2. She has no proof post marriage with regard to staying with me. I have a LIVE & LICENSE AGREEMENT but I am not getting a NOC from the Society since we are tenants. I had been to the the Police Station who were unwilling to verify without a NOC. Would it be possible to get the passport in her old address before marriage when she stayed with her parents?

  14. ashbey says:

    Here goes my first attempt:

    I had an appointment at 11:15 AM. reached passport office at 10:20 AM. The guard let me enter the gate after viewing the online form. As you enter the hall, there is online form submission counters on left hand side.

    There was a queue of around 10 people ahead me. The line moved fast (do not know how many of them were getting rejected ;)). Took me around 10-20 minutes to reach the counter.

    All documents were in place (a big thanks to Shivam) except, in online form I had prefixed “Late” to my mother’s name(In my old passport it is also like that). Seems this is not the right way to go. Got my application rejected, going again day after tomorrow.

    Do not want to comment if it was justified to reject the whole application on that basis. Just want to get my passport done and say good bye to PO for next 10-20 yrs.

    I hope this info helps someone to save an attempt.

  15. @ashbey Sad to hear that you would be required to go again. Hopefully everything would go smoothly next time. Good luck for that.

    I agree with you that there is no point contemplating whether the whole application should have been rejected just for the name issue. Probably that is how this whole passport procedure works.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure it would be beneficial for other folks who plan to apply in future. Good luck once again for your next visit.

  16. Tiger says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Thanks for sharing a plethora of valuable information here.

    I have 3 queries

    1. I do not have PSU bank account or mtnl phone line. However I live in a apartment owned by me for 4 years. How to prove my address for tatkaal scheme?

    2. I have reissued my passport 2 times in last 20 years. This is the 3rd instalment. The spelling of both my parents names was wrong in all my passports. It’s high time to get it rectified as it is interfering with my residency application at the embassy. How to get this done along with the passport app in tatkaal scheme?

    3. How to get a vc if one does not know anyone. Will it be prudent to walk in my local police stn and request them?

    Thanks in advance for yr answers

  17. @Tiger – The most credible address proof would be a voter id card if you have one. Does you driving license have you current address on it?

    Based on my understanding, in case your passport has expired and you are renewing it, the names that get printed on your new passport would be taken from the new application form that you fill. So if you are filling a fresh application, make sure the spelling is correct.

    Could you elaborate, what are you referring to as VC here?

  18. Tiger says:

    Dear Shivam,

    By vc, I meant a character verification certificate. I do know someone personally who will issue me one. Should I walk in the police station and ask them for one? Will it be too bold?.

    Thank you for other information.

    My driving license is 15 years old but I need to get it changed to present address of noida from Delhi address.

    My voters Id card issued this October.

    The electricity bill is issued by society for my apartment nd not by a govt office.

    I have pan card and ration card with my new address but both less than 1 year old.

    Looking forward to yr reply.

  19. I am afraid you cant walk just like that and get a VC unless you have contacts. You can give it a try may be – the only reason someone might do it for you would be for money I guess but I wont advocate that way.

    Yes, I have also heard that if the address proof is less then 1 year old, they don’t accept it though it is not documented anywhere. In you case, may be you can try to use you voter id/pan and apply for tatkaal. Worst case they would reject your tatkaal application and then you at least would not regret not trying it. I am saying this since I don’t remember that the guy at the counter had really checked any dates on my id proof(voter id).

  20. ashbey says:

    so here is my concluding part (please refer previous comment for my first attempt story)

    I filled the form online again (corrected the mistake with my Mother’s name by removing the Late prefix) and took an appointment for 1st october.

    All the papers were already checked previously so there was no anticipation. In the submission oline, the guy infront of me had done the same mistake, he added “dr” to her wife’s name. His application got rejected.

    The person at the counter checked my paper and sent me to hall no 2 for paper verification. The pasport officer in hall no. 2 was a thorough gentleman. I was really honored and glad too see him in a public sector setup. As my travel requirements are urgent, I requested him to allow me a counter delivery. I do not know what clicked but he was kind enough to allow me the counter delivery on 5th october. That is just 2 working days. Amazing!!!

    I went to passport office on 5th october. The time is 5-6PM. I reached there at 5PM. I had to wait for sometime since the passport was not arrived. At last it arrived and I was almost off with it when to my horror I noticed that my wife’s name space was blank and in place of my mother’s name my wife name was printed.

    I was quite disappointed. The counter person sent me with peon, few floors above to talk to the oficer. As usual the first weapon for them was denial. They were simply not ready to accept that they have made a mistake. There reasoning was that since the form was filled online so it was not in there hand to do any changes. I showed him the printed form (which was in the passport file) where it was correctly printed. A junoir staff with his oozing intelligence told me that this form does not matter, what matter is online data. I was patient enough (thanks shivam) to remind him that this form is print out of the same online data. Some how this brought them to senses. The gentleman officer about whom I talked earlier was nearby and he was kind enough to get me new passport issued then and there.

    The passport is valid till 2020 so a burden off for next 10 years.

    Now I have to apply for US visa, that is going to be another story ;)

  21. @ashbey Whoaaa!! What a roller coaster ride to finally get your passport under tatkaal. Glad that finally you got your passport with the correct information. I must admit that you have been extremely fortunate to be able to get the name modified and a fresh passport made there and then. You should thank your stars and the gentleman officer for this stroke of luck.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It surely will help future readers of this page. Good luck for your US visa. May be you should detail the US VISA process down and guest post the procedure on Inficone :-). I am sure it will be a very useful reading for many.

  22. ashbey says:

    Thanks Shivam.

    “May be you should detail the US VISA process down and guest post the procedure on Inficone”

    Will definitely think of, if it is this colorful :D

    So just one last reminder to all the people:

    “Never leave the passport delivery counter, without chceking all the details carefully.” I almost missed it, since all I was just checking the spellings.

  23. Jo says:

    Hi. Can you please tell me where I can go to get Annexure I? I live not far from the Bhikaji Cama RPO. Are there notaries who sit outside the RPO itself? That would be more easy for me. (By the way, there are lots of “Public Notaries” listed as companies in Bhikaji Cama Place – Can I go to them or will I get overcharged?) If I need to go to a court, where?

    Also, how long does it REALLY take for a tatkal passport to be delivered? And does it come to you in the post?

    • @Jo, There are infact a lot of public notaries listed and you can go to either of them. However, it is better to go to the notary which do passport kind of stuff ( making various annexures/ know the details and have upfront fixed charges for the same ) on a daily basis. I got the same done from Nehru Place and must admit it was an extremely swift process and will strongly recommend it. The whole procedure of making the annexure and getting it in your hand takes hardly fifteen minutes. If you reach Nehru Place around 10:15 AM or so ( this around when these guys open their shop) , you most likely be on the way back before 11AM.

      To be frank I am not aware of notaries around Bhikaji Cama Place and I did not notice any around when I went to the RPO. My advise would be to get it done at Nehru Place. It my consume an extra hour over all in your commuting time but atleast you would know that your annexure would get properly made. Whenever you collect the annexure, make sure each and every detail like name, age, DOB, marriage date etc is correctly filled.

      The tatkal passport comes by post. It takes around 4-5 working days on an average.

  24. Gia says:

    Just had my passport police verification done and thought i would share key points:

    1. Yes, there will be a police verification done post your Takaal passport being issued – unless signed otherwise by the Passport Officer at the time of application. My understanding is that this step is skipped if your passport is a re-issue case and there is no change of address from the old passport address.

    2. When/ how soon this verification will be carried out depends totally on your local police station – and the cop assigned to do this duty. In my case its been exactly 3 weeks since i received my Takaal Passport. Infact i recall it took exactly the same time frame for my spouse’s passport as well. So i guess that’s the schedule my local police station has adopted – IMO pretty quick and efficient considering all else;-)

    3. You have to be present. The police person will not ask around/check with neighbours. He needs to see you physically there. And to make sure the assigned cop does not slack off, they have to submit a copy of your address proof along with their verification report. So you need to meet him in person to hand this over.

    3. After taking your address proof, he will give you a form to have signed by two neighbours, and waits in your house whilst YOU get this done.

    4.Going by the police person who visited me, he said that if a person is not at home/unavailable he will make another attempt to contact – but in most cases not, as they are swamped with work;-) 2 attempts is what they assign each case. Also a phonecall is considered an attempt, so don’t ignore unrecognised numbers on your cellphone.

    5. If you are not available even on the second attempt, he will send back the form to the RPO saying applicant does not reside here. In that case the RPO simply cancels your Takaal passport. So your passport will be invalid if you try to travel on it. If u were travelling overseas during this time, then when u re-enter the country you will have issues at immigration – not a great experience – they may impound your passport and you will then have to run around trying to rectify this at the RPO. Guess i was truly lucky to have been at home and NOT travelling.

    6. In my case things seemed to be going smoothly, untill the cop raised an issue about needing to have stayed at the current address for 5 continous years. NOT 1 yr as stated by the RPO. I have lived at the current address from 2002-2004 (2yrs); USA for 4 yrs; then again at this address from 2008 onwards (over 2yrs). But he kept saying that he needed to get letters from the US cop station where i resided – and as i had lived in 2 cities in the US, both cop stations needed to give me verification letters. After much discussion where i re-explained to him that neither the US cops nor the US embassy was going to give him any such letter, he reluctantly agreed to drop it. When my spouse went through the same process in 2008, the assigned cop never mentioned any such thing, and at that time we had just returned from the US, so we had less than 1 yr continous stay at our address. All they wanted were the US address details. So i guess it eventually depends on who you get assigned for your verification.

    After i handed over the form signed by 2 neighbours, the cop continued to sit for 15 minutes, shuffling papers in his file, writing things on his palm – it was awkward as i wasn’t sure if he was expecting something. Complete silence…and then he got up, i thanked him again and he left. I did note that he hadn’t even taken a sip of his water. After the silly debate, i’d thought he would need it;-) So hopefully this is the final chapter to this passport application saga – already dreading going through this in another 10yrs!

  25. ashbey says:

    Thanks @Gia for this help ful information.

  26. @Gia, Thanks so much for taking time out and providing such detailed information regarding verification in case of tatkal passport. You also made an important point regarding the number of verification attempts(2) done by the police and need to be physically present at that time.

    Surprisingly, it has been 2 months since I got my passport but no verification has happened as yet. In my case, there is change of address wrt the one in the previous passport.

    Its funny that every person has his own set of rules with no explicit documentation anywhere. On one hand the RPO says that you should be staying at your address for atleast 1 year while the police officer expected you to be staying for atleast 5.

    All is well that ends well. Thanks once again for sharing the information on Inficone.

  27. Jo says:

    Thank you for the info re: notaries etc.

    Just to add to that, simpler is what I finally did. Not to advertize for anyone, but JustDial (011-22222222) has proved to be the single most useful service I have used in Delhi. I called and asked for notaries in Munirka, very close to where I live, and found one. Yes, Annexure-I took only two minutes. It also took 120 bucks for something on 10 buck stamp paper, but it was worth it because of the convenience.

    This whole post and subsequent threads have been extremely helpful, keep up the good work.

  28. @Jo thanks a lot for sharing the information. It’s important that you go to a notary who handle making of these annexures regularly so that there are no unnecessary glitches and looks like you just found one like that through JustDial. I am sure there would be many other places in Delhi where you could get these annexures made correctly – its just that we sometimes do not get that information in the public domain.
    I am glad you found the post and discussion in the comments section useful. Keep reading Inficone.

  29. Folks, today about 2 months after I received my passport on 11th August – finally I underwent the police verification. Someone from the police department turned up around 1 pm in the afternoon. He requested the following documents
    a) Photocopy of the previous passport ( he wanted the front and back page ) – this means you should preserve your old passport and keep the photocopy handy
    b) Photocopy of two residence proofs ( I provided copy of voter id and ration card and showed him the originals )
    c) Name and signatures of two neighbors on a form which I got done. He did not accompany me to the neighbors. He just waited while I went and got the signatures done.

    It took about half and hour overall and after providing all documentation, that guy left in a hurry without even indicating that he is expecting money. It was good to see pretty professional working there.

    I asked him that I was wondering if police verification will happen at all. To this he responded that the delay happened as police was busy with the commonwealth games duty. As soon as it has got over, they are working to clear the backlog.

  30. Gia says:

    @Shivam – was your verification done over a weekend? Did the concerned police person call you before visiting?

    Based on our varying experiences, i guess it will be wise for those who are yet to go through the process to have photocopies of atleast 2 resident proofs + old passport handy + BE PRESENT + be ready for any curve balls that are lobbed;-)

    Cheers that everything ended on a great note for you too. Wish you happy travels for another decade…or when u exhaust your passport pages, whichever happens first.

  31. @Gia – Yes the verification happened over the weekend and that too on Sunday ( 17th Oct ). I received no call intimating that someone would be visiting.

    You are absolutely right – one must keep old passport and it’s front and back page photocopy + photocopy of 2 residence proofs along with originals.

    Thanks for your wishes and do wish the same for you as well!

  32. Sunny says:

    Shivam, I need to first and foremost thank you tremendously for putting up this post. You listed out everything in detail,and that really helped someone like me who is a staunch perfectionist. This morning I went and submitted all my forms under tatkal for my passport renewal and I just thought I’d post my 2 bits…

    I reached the passport office at 10:15 AM (i know its late, but am sick and down with viral hence could’nt get up early…thanks to the antibiotics) Taking the token from the counter behind the passport office was a smooth breeze…I was prepared to stand in line for a really long time, but to my surprise didnt find anyone standing there. There was no token given to me, except a stamp made on my passport application stating the time and some other jibberish which I couldnt read thanks to the stamp ink quality. Apparently that stamp was the token. I went inside the office and was directly straight to Hall 2. The token signages were not working, so everybody basically stood in line. Now there are two counters for tatkal applicants that were operating today i.e., Counter 3 & 4. After like waiting in line till about 12:00 finally my turn came. The verifiying officer went through my docs, I had both Annexure I & F ready along with residence proofs. A side note – I have actually changed my residence and have been staying at the present address for less than 1 year hence the Annexure – F. So for people who are in the same boat as me please ensure that you mention these details: Permanent Address, Present Address and “Previous Address” in your respective Annexure – F. Do remember to list out the duration of your stay in brackets. The reason why I am mentioning this is because a lot of people didnt read the fine print in the notes section in the form and only mentioned Permanent address and Present address that too without any details around duration of stay and hence during their verification process (i.e., the passport officer briefly skimming through your docs) they were told that the Annexure F was not complete and were hence sent back. Now when the PO (i.e., Passport Officer) was going through my documents he stamped a few places in the form and asked me to sign there. The stamp said “Applicants signature” etc.. Am not sure if someone who is submitting forms for someone else, will be be authorized to sign on their behalf…perhaps someone could shed some light on this.. I also had a unique situation wherein I didnt have any address proof with my present residential address. The PO did ask me for some proof with my name on it which has the new address. I had actually presented all my residence proofs which had my mothers name on them i.e., electricity bill, telephone bill etc. Thankfully I had a copy of my IT filing for last year which had the new address and that did the trick. I also attached my HDFC bank statements whic had the new address as well but am not sure if the document carried any weight cos my guess was that usually officials prefer a nationalised bank account statement. I did follow Shivam’s advice though and carried every blessed document that could prove my identity, residence proof, educational qualification etc. which helped tremendously. So do take a note of that.

    Once I got my documents verified I was asked to proceed to counter 2 where apparently a senior officer went through my documents and signed in a few places. I could make out that his is a senior chap, by just looking at the size of his chair..it was one of those typical hindi movie boss’s chairs :) .. After him verifying my documents I went straight to counter 1 and paid the fees in cash. Now while I was standing waiting for my turn I noticed these half torn notices stating that the tatkal fees needs to be paid in cash only. Apparently they dont accept cheques/DD’s etc.

    I am now awaiting my re-issued passport to come. The chap at counter 1 told me that it should take 1 week. Lets hope for the best… A last note…please please please be extremely courteous and patient with the passport office staff. Trust me ..if you are polite with them, then they themselves will help you out if you by any chance get stuck in a situation such as wrong proofs, changes required etc. Shivam you are right being polite does help cos I saw an individual trying his “Delhi way” of doing things by unnecessarily yelling and screaming and that didnt help him at all. On the other hand there was a couple standing in front of me who were not carrying some proof etc., and the PO really helped them out.

    One other point..I know I have typed enough but just remembered this and throught its worth mentioning. I actually went to the Passport office on friday last week and had a chat with the gentleman who is manning the enquiry counter. He was really helpful. I discussed the change in the rules for the tatkal scheme i.e., the whole confusion between Annexure F and Annexure I and the previous option of submitting your passport for renewal with just Annexure I and 3 id proofs. He had a look at my passport and saw that my passport expiry is only in February 2011 which is like 4 months away, so told me that i could actually submit my application with just Annexure-I and 3 id proofs and that should do the trick. Now I didnt try that option cos as i had mentioned earlier i had changed addresses so had to get the Annexure F arranged.My guess is that if your address mentioned in the passport has not changed then you could perhaps try this option. Do remember its just my guess, cos I had to still arrange an Annexure-F for myself since I didnt have much time left and couldnt take chances.

    For those of you who have already gone through the ordeal of arranging Annexure F you know its not a easy task at all. The only option that one does have is to pick up the phone and just call relatives/friends etc. and see if there is someone that they know who can issue a Verification Certificate a.k.a Annexure – F for you. All the best… and I hope you get your passport issued/re-issued soon… I am keeping my fingers crossed…lets hope for the best..

    PS: Shivam thanks once again bro…!!!

    • @Sunny – Thanks a lot for sharing your experience here on Inficone. It is inputs from folks like you which really translate a piece of knowledge to wealth of information. What I have put down in the post is just what I went through – but it’s really the experiences provided by various other people like you in the comments section that really have created value here.

      I think its a very useful piece of information provided by you – that you should mention your permanent, previous and current address with associated durations in Annexure F in case you have not stayed for last 1 year on the same address. For the benefit of other folks – here is the note from Annexure F which also mentions the same “If the applicant has resided at more than one place during the last one year then all previous addresses with the relevant dates should be mentioned.”

      Additionally, you mentioned that you used address proofs having your mother’s name. Did you also add any separate copy of photo id proof of your mother or any other supporting document to ensure that mother’s name can be accepted as your own residence proof?

      Thanks a lot once again for sharing the info and wish that you get your passport ASAP.

  33. Sunny says:

    @Shivam – I basically attached our utility bills (telephone, electricity etc.) which were under my mothers name and didnt have to attach a separate copy of any photo id of my mother. What I did though was that I also enclosed my bank statements which were from a private bank i.e., HDFC and my IT filing returns copy which were under my name and at the present address. Am guessing, that did the trick. When the Passport Officer did go through the address proofs of my mother in my application he did ask me, for atleast one id/address proof that was in my name.

    BTW, I received my passport yesterday. To my surprise it actually took 3 working days (i.e., 5 days in total including sat & sun)The only thing that I do see missing in my passport is the ECNR stamp. Am guessing since my old passport did have one and this one is a renewal they haven’t stamped it again. In all likelihood people usually staple their old passports to their renewed ones so am guessing it shouldnt be a problem….thoughts ??

  34. @Sunny – Thanks for the clarification. My understanding is also that the older passport has to accompany the renewed one for stuff like visa and ECNR. However, it would be good if someone with practical experience on the same can comment.

  35. Srivats P. says:

    I submitted fresh tatkal passport for my parents at the Bhikaji Cama Place passport office, New Delhi and this post has been invaluable! Thanks Shivam and all the commenters!

    To add to the wealth of information on this page, just wanted to say that I did not apply online and did not need to take a token either, since there is a dedicated counter for senior citizens and they don’t need tokens. I wasn’t sure if the senior citizen counter would cater to tatkal applications also – but they do.

    We reached the passport office by 9:30AM; there is a separate queue outside the office for senior citizens and govt. employees. The office gates opened at 10:00AM, the counter person came at 10:15AM. We were 3rd in line and after going to another counter for verification and back to the senior citizen counter for payment of fees, we were free by 10:45AM. There is also a dedicated counter for government employees and they also don’t need to take any tokens.

    @sunny, @shivam: Regarding the ECNR, the default has changed to ECNR. If your passport doesn’t have a ECR stamp then it means you have ECNR stats. Quoting from http://passport.gov.in/cpv/column_guidelines.htm -

    Applicants in ECR category will have the ECR Stamp put on their passports. In case the passport booklet does not have ECR stamp, the applicant would be deemed to have been granted ECNR status. No ECNR stamp will be affixed on the passport.

    @gia, @shivam: You should retain your old passport not just until the police verification, but all passports – old and new should be kept together, preferably stapled as one booklet with the latest on top – not sure if it is a requirement, but I’ve seen people doing that (and seems to be the safer option!)

  36. Tiger says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I have a query on the address proof.

    I have been living in a society for 4 years.

    I am the owner of the house and I get the electricity bill on my name

    However, their is a slight twist to the tale.

    The bills are issued by the society’s RWA. The government sends the combined bill to the society. Will the bills generated by RWA be valid? I have the bills as old as 3.5 years ago and also current bills! i also have Pan card, Ration card, private bank statement for the same address.

    In the process of updating my driving license and election card in the coming month BUT they would be brand new however of the same address.

    would this help?

    To add, I have MCD date of birth cert, property registry papers on my name etc

    Would this help? in your opinion?

  37. @SrivatsP – Thanks so much for sharing your experience at the passport office and also clarifying ECNR related query. I am sure this will be helpful for the future applicants especially if they are senior citizens.

    @Tiger I think you have a lot of documents to support your claim for the address. I recommend that you should use the Ration Card + Electricity bills as your primary proof and put rest of the document photocopies as supporting documents along with them. Unless you encounter an officer at RPO who is having a really bad day – I do not think there should be any problem. End of the day – they want to ensure that the applicant is credible and you seem to have enough proofs for the same. Just in case the officer asks for any clarification, you can explain the RWA story. In fact, if it is possible, you can also try to arrange a photocopy of the combined bill sent to the society to support your story. There have been incidents in the past where the address proof have been rejected for various reasons and hence there is no concrete guarantee that the above will be accepted. However, I feel there is very good probability that they will be. BTW – Are you planning to apply right away OR going to wait for a month to get your voter id and other stuff? I feel it will be better if you have voterid also while applying.

  38. divya says:


    First of all, I am really thankful that you thought of writing this post :). I think you should suggest the passport office site folks to take inputs from this post and make some editions to their website to information (and I mean it with good intent and in a positive way…being in IT, I believe in re-use :)). I do have a query of my own…

    My permanent address is in Delhi which is on my current passport. However, my work location is Chennai. I returned from US a week back after 3 years. Now, I have an immediate need to apply for a new Visa for 2 years because the project I was working on got moved to another location/country. However, my passport expires in Sep 2011; hence, I have suficient time to apply for re-issue but I am in a fix…

    1. If I apply for a 2 year visa on my current passport, the consulate might stamp it only till the date of validity of my passport which is Sep 2011. Hence, few months down the lane I would need to go through the hassle of visa renewal.

    2. If I apply for a new passport under general category, it would delay my Visa processing which would affect my project/job. Hence, I am thinking of applying in tatkaal but as I mentioned, I have been out of India for 3 years and my work location is Chennai.

    What should I do…help me!!


    • @Divya – Thanks for your kind words. It feels satisfying when people like you see value in the content.

      If you are applying for tatkal, you should be using the address for which you have all the proofs and all. If that is your Chennai address so be it. As long as you can produce proofs like voter id, ration card, bank statement of a public sector bank etc for that address – it should work. The fact that you were not in India is not something that requires to be explicitly told. IIRC you need to mention an address and a date from which you are residing there. So you can mention the address X eg your Delhi or Chennai address( for which you have relevant proofs) and then mention that you are staying there from the date D which is the date from which you actually started living there eg after completing your graduation and getting the job ( in between which you might have went abroad which doesnt need to be mentioned ). With the relevant address proofs and the annexures it shouldnt be a problem. If the address that you would use is same as the one on your current passport – then it is even more credible and easier.

      While the above explanation was for the tatkal part, an alternate view is to get your new passport and visa from abroad itself. I have heard from many folks that getting your visa stamped or a passport re-issue is extremely easy and done very professionally by the Indian embassies if eg the expiry of passport is going to happen while you are abroad. It is hassle free and you are spared from the attitude of the sarkari babus. Try to find from your colleagues if they have any experience on this.

      You need to take care that the police verification happens before you leave for abroad ( after getting the tatkal passport ). I am not sure whats the procedure if police verification person does not find you at the address on which passport has been issued.

  39. Srivats P. says:

    Update: I recieved the Tatkal passport of my parents on Saturday exactly 5 days after submitting them on Monday. Now the wait for the police verification begins …

    • Thanks for the update. Do inform us when the police verification happens. It will be a good measure of how long is it taking currently. In my case the delay of 2 months was attributed to police being occupied with common wealth games.

  40. Sunny says:

    @Shivam – A quick update. I got a call from the Cops this morning regarding my passpot verification. This is exactly 23 days post my passport issue date. Now remember, I dont really have any clear address proof’s and the only thing that I do have is my income tax receipt for this year at my new address (others: please go through my previous post to get a rough background). The cop suggested that I get a official letter issued from my company confirming my new address. I reached my office this morning and have got that letter issued. Now i am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that these 2 documents along with the photocopies of my old passport suffice the cops need. will keep you guys posted. The Cop told me that he will call back/visit once again. I asked him for 2 days to get this letter arranged. Hope all goes well.

  41. @Sunny Great to see that the verification is happening pretty fast. Do not worry – if the cop has told you to get the official company letter for address; the job would be done. Just be confident in front of him, do not make him feel that you are scared that you do not have the right proofs. At most he would expect something from you for getting this particular case of verification done and you know the best how to deal in such cases :-). Good luck!

  42. Prateek says:

    Hi Shivam,

    My heartiest wishes for the great effort in writing and maintaining this blog. Also, I have this interesting query for you. Please guide me for the same:

    I am getting married in the first week of next month and my would-be-wife is not having a passport. She is a Delhite with all proofs for her current residence. Currently I am staying with friends and we both would be shifting to new rented apartment after marriage. Now we wanted to apply a passport for her under Tatkal, but am confused thinking what would be result of police verification if they visit her parents home after marriage? Further, I don’t think that we would be having any bill or address proof for our new apatment except of the rent agreement. So I think it would be difficult to apply even from the new address.

    Please share your views over the same and help me in getting a passport for my would-be.


  43. @Prateek Glad that you the liked the content.
    Regarding your query, my recommendation would be to get the tatkal passport made from your individual permanent addresses and then get the spouse name entered later separately. As we are noticing in comments above, the passport comes within 5-6 working days and the verification happens within 30-45 days. So say if your marriage is going to happen after two months, you have sufficient time in hand so that your to be wife as well as you can get the tatkal passport made from your own permanent addresses as well as get the verification done.

    If you move to a rented accomodation post marriage, you will have problems as the address where you stay is expected to be occupied by you for atleast 1 year in case of it being used in the passport.
    Once both of you get your passports made, you can then get the spouse name added and if you are keen on the address thing, can also get the address changed later separately.

    If other folks have a different opinion on this, I welcome them to comment here and help Prateek out.

  44. Prateek says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Thanks for your reply. However, I already have my passport, but I wanted a passport for my fiance. As explained above, I think it might be difficult if the police verification happens at her place after our marriage.

    Anways m planning to go to Passport office to their opinion. HoOwever, if someone else reading this thread is planning to visit in day or two could ask this qusetion on my behalf, I would be greatly thankful.


  45. @ Prateek Yeah – I missed out that you were looking at passport only for your fiance and not for yourself. BTW How much time is left for your marriage? If you have a couple of months in hand, I still think this can be done.
    I am curious to find out whether passport office will have a good answer. This query is a bit subjective and could be more dependent on the individual who comes for verification from police side. In any case let us know what you figure out. Good luck!

  46. Anshuman says:

    Hi! Anyone can tell me , as i want to apply for a fresh passport in delhi and currently i am residing in a goverment which is alloted on my uncle’s name. For Address proof, I have Election Commission card , MTNL Phone bill, For Identity PAN Card , For Bank Statement, i have with SBI and for DOB , i have the Matriculation Certificate. I Just need to know whether a letter from my uncle is required or not as the flat i am living is alloted on his name.

    Please Suggest..getting confused

  47. @Anshuman I dont think you would need a letter from your uncle. As long as you can prove that you have been staying at that accomodation for significant amount of time ( read > 1 year ) and have all relevant proofs as you mentioned, I do not think it should be a problem.

    I just have one doubt, you mentioned that you have voter id/MTNL bill/SBI bank statement in your name. What is the address on them? Is it the same as this address or some other address?

  48. Sunny says:

    @Shivam – So here’s the latest on the police verification process. On Sunday which is 8 days after the first attempt (phone call) made by the cops, the verification officer showed up at my place. I explained him that I had just moved in 9 months ago, to which he just responded by saying that dont worry, please tell me all the proofs that you have. Instead of just taking 2 address proofs (i.e., my income tax filing for this year and a company letter stating my new address) he took additional copies of my electricity bill, telephone bill, my license photocopy which on the previous address (this was to prove that i was staying in the previous address), house allotment letter. The utility bills were in my mothers name so he just plain and simply wrote “Mother” on each bill. I offered him tea but he politely declined. He didnt roll any eyes and was so well behaved that I was totally…in for a suprise. It took me about 10 minutes to get the witness forms signed by my neighbours and once that was done, the officer left my place saying “thankyou”. I offered him tea once again, and he declined once again. So now am guessing the verification process is done. I can patiently plan my travel in the coming months.

  49. @Sunny Good to hear that there were no hiccups. The good thing to see is that cops/govt officials are becoming more reasonable rather than harassing the common man on account of rules which are meant to prevent fraudsters from getting valid documents made. Good luck for your passport. Do update once you receive the same and thanks for sharing this update.

  50. Tiger says:

    Hi Shivam,

    I am finally back in India.

    About to actually start the “tatkaal” process.

    I have a query about applying in ghaziabad office.

    My present passport is issued from Delhi as I lived in delhi. But last 4 years I am living in Ghaziabad. Will it delay the tatkaal process considering my main file is in delhi passport office.

    My electricity bills are from the society and not from a govt, office. Will this suffice?

    Anyway, I have the election card and ration card and own the apartment.

    I have no MTNL bill or a SBI bank statement though.

    What is your opinion?

  51. @Tiger Since your earlier passport is from Delhi, the RPO might want to validate your credentials based on your earlier passport. Search for PISON and 7D on this page and you should see some details. But it is not something that will cause any delay.

    I think voter id card, ration card and property documents should be good enough. Good luck for your application. Do share your experience with us.

  52. Tiger says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Can you tell me exactly where in Nehru Place, the affadavit preparing guys are sitting?

    what all should I carry from my side?

    Do I need to carry the templates? or will they know what to type?


    By the way, I just received my election card last week and guess what…they input wrong spelling of my family name and also made mistakes in my address. So do you think, it would be prudent not to present the election card at all rather than confusing the passport chaps and giving a document which is NOT matching with the rest. if this matters, the data on election card can only be rectified after dec 20th or so,..meaning i almost await a month. So it would be prudent to proceed just with my property papers on my name with the electricity bills issued by the RWA of the society, the HSBC and Vodafone address records for 3 years. I know its not exactly what they want but what the heck! i also have a ration card lucking with the correct address. What do you think?

  53. @Tiger – In Nehru place, the notary public is available @ R. K. Legal Counseling & Documentation Centre, Gf-12, Meghdoot Building, No-94, Nehru Place, New Delhi

    They have all formats with them – you do not need to take any format with you. But take stuff like pen, photographs ( eg on Annexure D passport size photograph of husband wife in landscape is needed ). If you can just type your name, address or any other details that have to be filled in the annexure on a piece of paper – it will be helpful for avoiding spelling mistakes when the matter is typed. Once you get the annexure – double check names, address and spelling before leaving the place

    If you voter id details are incorrect I would recommend not to include it in the proofs unless the mistake is very minor( which doesnt look to be the case). I think you have enough proofs with you – just put them all together and hope for the best.

  54. Sandeep says:

    Thanks for a great and informative post !!

    I actually applied online, but after reading this post I can now understand that I dont have the annexure F.

    Is there any way to reschedule the appointment , or do I have to do a fresh online application ?

    Secondly, when the printout of the online application comes, the “Fee Amount” is prefilled to 1000 Rs. Can I still take Tatkal in this case (by paying the full amount, of course). I’m just worried that the online application counter will refuse Tatkal since Rs 1000 is mentioned on the form.

    Thirdly, what sections of the online application form had to be filled by hand ? If you can let me know, it will be very helpful.


    • I am not sure there is a way to reschedule the appointment. But you can do an online booking for a different date now.
      IIRC, when you take an appointment online – it is not asked whether you are applying for tatkal or not. So as long as you have all supporting docs for tatkal – it shouldn’t be an issue
      I cant remember on top of my head what all I filled with hand but what I remember is that some fields came pre-filled and rest of them which were not filled were the ones where I made entries with hand. If you are asking for some specific field, please mention the same.

      Sorry for the delayed response. I hope it will be useful.

  55. chandrakanth says:

    Does tatkal facility really reissues the passport in 7 days?

  56. Aditya says:

    This is an informative post. I appreciate you all in providing your feedback and special thanks to Shivam to initiate this post. I am going for Tatkal reissue of my passport but do not have a online appointment so I guess I would have to get a token first. Also I have got the draft made for entire amount of Rs2500. Not sure if they would accept DD so I would carry cash too.

  57. Sumita says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Saw this link while searching through google. You are doing a pretty good job!!
    I too have some queries – I have a approx 3 yr old passport which was issued in Delhi under Tatkal scheme. I already have a B1 visa & have received approval for H1B from US – for which I have to go to the Consulate for stamping. My passport accidently got damaged by water. There are some ink marks on the front & last pages, though nothing got erased. I have to apply for a duplicate passport now. Problem is that I have been staying at a different address (state) since 2 & 1/2 years. I work for an IT company (MNC) and do not have any valid address proof.
    I have an Airtel landline connection(using Airtel Broadband since past 1 year but there are mistakes in the address in the Broadband/Phone Bill), have a 3- yr old ICICI account with new address, but it’s not a nationalized bank), have a private Gas connection. Will these work as address proof?

    • @Sumit – I am not 100% sure about the duplicate passport issue procedure. What I know for sure is that in renewal if you do not change the address ( from the one in your previous passport ), there is no new police inquiry but you still need to provide the address proofs for this address during renewal. I guess similar would be the case for duplicate issue. Do you still have any address proof for the older address? From the proofs you have, I am afraid possibly none would work though it could be worth a try at the passport office. An alternative is to call a passport agent and ask over phone if these proofs would work – this way you could double check. Good luck and do update us about your findings. As per the passport website, the following is admissible ( it doesnt mention govt banks or what kind of gas connection though! )

      Proof of address (attach one of the following):

      Applicant’s ration card, certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head, water /telephone /electricity bill/statement of running bank account/Income Tax Assessment Order /Election Commission ID card, Gas connection Bill, Spouse’s passport copy, parent’s passport copy in case of minors. (NOTE: If any applicant submits only ration card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of address out of the above categories).

  58. Aditya says:

    I reached to the RPO office at around 8:45 AM IST. There were just 5-7 people standing in a queue in front of the RPO waiting to enter and majority of them were those who had submitted the application form online. However the scene behind the RPO office (place where you get the token) was totally different. There were two long queue with 33 and 47 people standing in respective queue which got doubled by 9:30 AM IST (time when token counter opens). One queue was for Tatkal application and another one for general category. Do note that these two queues are different. If you stand in queue meant for general category than your application would be stamped with General token number (Yes it is a stamp category and serial number which is actually a token). Then either you would have to change the queue or your application would be stamped with General category. Once it is wrongly stamped, one would have no other option but to fill in another form to get the Tatkal token number. Once the counter is opened it does not take long to reach counter as the guy at the counter quickly skims thru the application. Basically he checks for three things (1) Annx F i.e. Verification Certificate (2) ANNX I i.e. Standard Affidavit and (3) residence location to ensure it falls under RPO jurisdiction. He also provides a blank form and does not say what to do with it. Actually you have to fill in this form and keep it handy.

    Once you get the token number quickly come at the front. I had my brother with me so he joined the entry gate queue and that actually saved time for me. At around 10 AM the gate was opened and I was allowed entry to RPO (My brother was not allowed to enter as he did not have an application. So in case you are planning to take a companion along, he\she would have to wait outside).After gaining entry I quickly went to hall number 2 (Take left immediately crossing the security check) just to find that the hall was empty for RPO officials. For Tatkal applications there are two counter i.e. counter number 3 and counter number 4. For those who are govt employees or senior citizens the counter number is 7. at 10:15 AM RPO official arrived at counter number 4 and told us that the token number would be displayed at the signage ( yes it was working!). So I had free time at my hand. The scene inside the hall was quite chaotic as people were not aware of the requirement of application for requesting issue of passport under Tatkal scheme (Thanks to Shivam for mentioning this) while few were not having correct verification form. I utilized my time helping others with application while waiting for my turn. At around 11:10 AM I got my turn. Officer at the counter checked my application and associated documents. Cancelled my existing passport and stamped at application and asked me to sign few areas mentioning that I have got my passport back and that I agree to pay the Fee of Rs2500. I was then directed to counter number1 which is tagged as “Tatkal Superintendent” It took me another 10 minutes in queue and this officer again looked at the application form. He did not ask for original documents but I strongly suggest taking originals with you. He also signed on my application form and asked me to pay the fees at counter number1.
    As expected, they don’t accept DD and asked for cash. It took me another two minute to get the receipt. I verified it and by 11:40 I was free and relaxed of anxiety. Now I wait for my passport to arrive and the post police verification.

    Few Important points:
    (1) Token counter number 10 is for Tatkal application while token counter number 9 is for general applications
    (2)Do not put your application in file. Just staple the documents with the form
    (3)Ensure that the photos on police Verification form are signed by applicant across
    (4) Annex F should have the applicant photo stamped and signed across by the person who is issuing the verification certificate. The language should be same as mentioned in the docket
    (5)Fees have to be paid in cash. Currently they are not accepting drafts

    Agent Traps:
    (1)I was approached by agents who promised to get an early token for a service charge of Rs100. I don’t think this is required unless you have some extra money ;)
    (2) There are agents who promise to get your form processed at priority inside the RPO. Not sure how effective they are but I would recommend not to fall in their trap. I was told all horrifying experiences so that I can hire them for their services.
    (3)Do not argue with the officers inside. It’s not worth the effort. However if you ask politely for some clarification they might help
    (4) Keep your documents in a bag with a zip. I found many people dropping their belongings while they were nervously looking for some missing document. You may not want to lose any documents there

  59. @Aditya, Glad that things went smoothly for you. A big thanks for sharing your experience in great detail here which I am sure would be extremely beneficial for future applicants. Good luck for your passport, do share when you receive the same.

  60. Amrit Kaur says:

    i got marry with my husband in last april 2010, and i am from delhi and my husband is live in punjab, now my passport is expired in dec. 2010, i want to renue my passport, bt with my husband name with my delhi address, please tell me exact way from which i can renue my passport as early as possible’

    Amrit Kaur

    • @Amrit, You would need either the marriage certificate or the Annexure-D to get your spouse name added to your passport. It will be handy if you have a copy of I-card of your spouse with you as well. For the Delhi address, you need to have sufficient proofs like voter id card, govt bank passbook, ration card etc. Of course you need Annexure-F if applying in tatkaal. Rest of the information is available in the post content and the comments section. Do let us know if you need any further information.

  61. Aditya says:

    Update: My passport which I applied on tatkal on 31 Jan 2011, was received on 05 Feb 2011 with no errors…hurray!!! The irony is that postal department took longer to deliver than passport deptt to generate a new passport.and despite of this the postman asked for “inaam” (reward) for delivering my passport to me…wow what an expectation!!!!

  62. @Aditya, Congrats on getting your passport! Do check out the documents required for police verification in the comments section above and keep them handy. Good luck & Thanks for sharing the information on Inficone.

  63. SMM says:

    Hi, do you think a verification certificate signed by the serving DIG/ IG of the Indian Coast Guard would be accepted for issue of fresh passport under tatkaal scheme?

    In addition, I have the following documents for ID proof-

    1) Pan card in maiden name and at parents address
    2) Driving license in maiden name and at parents address
    3) Voters id card in married name and with married address (issued in Sept. 2009)
    3) Marriage certificate
    4) Birth certificate
    5) Degree certificate (LLB)

    I don’t have the time to run around or make many visits so I want to be absolutely sure that I am carrying all the relevant documents the first time itself. Do you have any inquiry number where I can call and ask my queries?

  64. @SMM – Please refer the list of folks under the post content ( Heading 6 – verification certificate ) to see the who all can issue an Annexure-F. Coastal Guard doesnt seem to be mentioned here – though my gut feel says it should work. You seem to have sufficient id proofs. Also take along any PSU bank passbook having your address if you have the same. Good luck!

  65. SMM says:

    Hey Shivam. Thanks for the reply.

    Unfortunately, a PSU bank passbook is the one thing that I don’t have. Also can I get the standard affidavit made at Bhikaji CXama only on the same day?

  66. If there is a notary available which makes the affidavit, you would be able to definitely get it on the same day. Essentially try to take along as much supporting documents as possible with you ( photocopies as well ).

  67. SMM says:

    Please carry your matriculation certificate as dob proof. They do not accept birth certificates. I got turned away the first day because I didn’t have my matriculation certificate and had to go back the next day. So please make sure you carry your it. Carry your birth certificate too, but matriculation is what they asked to see at both counters.

  68. SMM says:

    Also it is advisable that the same photographs be used in the application form, Personal Particulars form and your verification certificate. A couple of people were turned away because of there were different photos on the form and the verification certificate

  69. @SMM Many thanks for sharing this useful piece of information. It will surely help folks who are applying in future.

  70. Sandeep says:

    today my application for tatkal renewal was accepted. However, I had to go around a couple of times… this will help others in the same situation.

    1. I got married in between my last passport and this one. Since I wrote my spouse name in the online form, I have to have my marriage certificate for this (even though I’m the husband). However, the passport officer was kind enough to tell me to go and get it from home and he will accept it out of turn till 1:30 PM.

    2. I took a “jumbo” passport – which I think has 60 pages. I had to pay Rs 500/- extra for this… but it will save me the trouble of revisiting the passport office before my 10 years are up. In total my passport cost came to Rs 3000/-

    3. IMPORTANT – make sure that your photograph fits in the box that was provided for it (3.5X3.5). I simply took my bigger photo and cut it to size. This is a bit random – I have seen people being accepted and other people getting rejected for this.
    Also the photograph on the main passport application form (not the 2 personal particulars form) SHOULD NOT have a sign across it. The other two need to.

    In general if you are applying for the passport for the first time, the PAN card is very useful to have since your fathers name is checked across it.

    Also please get your SSC (10 or 12) marksheet for age proof. They are rejecting everyone who doesnt have it.

    Now, let me see how long before I receive it.
    Anybody know the current “bakshish” rate for the policeman who comes to verify ?

  71. @Sandeep, Thanks for sharing this useful piece of information. Good luck for your passport. I was not required to pay any bakshish to the police guy who came for verification, so really can’t comment on the same.

  72. Ayush says:

    Hey ,
    Thanks a lot .
    Your step by step has really helped me out in preparing my documents .

    But though i am facing some problem , and looking forward for your suggestion in the same case.
    I am 17 years old and applying for the Renewal of passport (Will be expired in a month ) .

    Which affidavit should i prepapre? H, I or G?? really confused on this case .
    Proforma For EC …what the hell is this and when and where and what should i submit ?? please help me in this case

    You can mail me @ ayush.j32@gmail.com


  73. @Ayush, I think you would require Annex-H as well as Annex-I. BTW which proforma are you referring to – can you point to the web link for this?

  74. Ayush says:

    HEy ,
    Thanks a Lot for your swift reply .

    Bro , Do i need both the affidavits H as well as I ? Yesterday i got annex G made ..lol ..
    Sir Proforma For EC link http://passport.gov.in/cpv/miscell.pdf (3rd page) .
    I am actually 17 , and people say that i will be needing an ECR that allows me to visit abroad .But my earlier passport doesnt contain any such stamps . If u have any idea about how to deal with this , please notify me.

    Thanks and so nice of u to reply bak .
    Your Friend ;)

  75. @Ayush Checkout http://passport.gov.in/cpv/checklist.htm. It says that Annexure G is used when passport is being applied for by single parent or legal guardian otherwise Annexure-H(signed by both parents) is to be used. Please refer to bullet 2 in post content headed Application Form. There I have mentioned – For the case of renewal of passport, you would need two forms. One is the Application Form No. 1 and other is the Personal Particulars ( PP ) form. So the Form no. 2 you are referring is not required. It is needed only in specific cases – refer http://passport.gov.in/cpv/Forms.htm.

  76. Ayush says:

    Hi bro again ,

    Thanks for the concern again .
    Regarding the Annexure ure right as when i went to the Notary office today , i was informed to get The ANNEXURE H as well As I (to be made in leu of my father) . So got that made .

    Regarding the Form . As u linked me . There is a line wrttrn in the renewal point : (Renewal is a zero fee service and the application should be made in Form No. 2). but above u wrote form 1 ? what should i do ? should i fil both of them ? heheheh ..

    Thanks !

  77. @Ayush – Read through the wordings carefully on that page. What we are referring to as renewal in context of this post is what they are calling as reissue( which doesnt require form -2 ). The definition of renewal as per http://passport.gov.in/cpv/Forms.htm is as follows
    Renewal of passport means that a passport which was originally issued for a short validity of one to five years - under certain emergency conditions on the part of the applicant - is now required to be extended to its full validity of ten years from the date of issue of the passport.
    Was your old passport issued under emergency conditions for a validity of 1-5 years? If not – you don’t require Form-2.

  78. Ayush says:

    No mine was i guess as per the norms of the Govt . to submit a 5 year passport to minors …
    U used the Form 1 in ure case ?.
    I guess ya ure right …

    Thanks Bro alot … I toh would have come bak home achieving nothing tomorrow …. :P :D

    Thank u !! Hi 5

  79. @Ayush – Yes I used Form 1 in my case. You owe me something now :-) – which is to share your tomorrow’s experience here for benefit of future applicants! Good luck.

  80. Ayush says:

    Hahahaha…. ya surely that i i will ….. and good amount of credit will go to u ;) (and some more relatives who helped me out ) … really performing this task for the first time is really achieving WC trophy ( cricket season ) lol !!!

    As soon as i will be done with my passport applicartion filed .. i will do comment back to you .

    Thanks !! :)

    • vijay goyal says:

      Hii Everyone..
      I just finished my BTech from a govt college in kanpur,UP. When I applied for tatkal passport, my current address was my Hostel Address. Yesterday I received my passport at my hostel address.But after 2 days I have to leave Hostel and my police verification is still not done. Is there any procedure to shift my police verification to my permanent address instead of my current address. I used a Verification Certificate for applying to Tatkal Passport…Please Help me..I have to go to US after 10 days..
      Thanks in advance

  81. Ayush says:

    hey ,
    Sorry again for disturbing u ..

    In this form http://passport.gov.in/cpv/ppapp1.pdf (Form 1) , facing 2 problem
    POINT 15 and 16 ?

    Please see if you can help me out …

  82. @Ayush. For point 15 – refer http://passport.gov.in/cpv/column_guidelines.htm, under heading “PERSONS ON WHOSE PASSPORTS ECR STAMPS WOULD NOT BE AFFIXED”. You will have to fill yes in point 15 and supporting doc would be your matriculation certificate. Point 16 seems straight forward – you just need to fill information about passport of your parents ( if none of them have it – don’t fill anything , if one has it fill his/her details )

  83. Ayush says:

    Hey Shivam bro .
    Finally Accomplished my application … (lets wait for the result) :)
    Thanks a lot ..

    Now guys here i am sharing my experiance of how to aplly for application for renewal of passport FOR MINORS (15-18) who want a 10 years passport .

    Almost more or less all the steps are same , the diff is for the AFFIDAVIT and SOme more documents (menitoned below)

    The Form must be filed as Directed br Mr . shivam in above steps .
    For the attachment of AFFIDAVIT : it will be made from the applicant father side (signed by father itself) stating I f/o (applicant name) …. (notary officer can help you ) ..Make sure you get the ANNEXURE “I” made along with “H” duly signed by parents .

    For EC … answer it yes and attach a maticulation certificate .

    The application letter also is made on parents name on behalf of he applicant.

    I guess thats the main problem i faced … i Hope any other youngter aged 15-18 will def be helpful through this …

    AND MOST IMPO “PLEASE TAKE ONE PARENT ALONG ” i reached there alone to file the application but was not given a token no, ( being a minor) and then called my mother , due to which i had waited 2 long hours on the footsteps of the token line listening music . :D :P

    Thanks once again Shivam !!! :D

  84. @Ayush, A big thanks for sharing your experience on Inficone. It will surely help future applicants who would be in similar situation as yours. Good luck for your passport. Do update here when you receive the same.

  85. SMM says:

    Hey just a follow up on when the cops came for the verification. He came last Sunday. He called ahead to confirm that I was home and that mu husband would also be home when he came. He very clearly stated that if my husband wasn’t home, then he would come later. I assured him my husband was home. He told me he would come around 6:30 on a Sunday evening, but he came around 7 pm. He asked to see my residence proof in original and I showed him my voters ID card. He asked for copies of residence proof and proof of ownership/ tenancy of house. The house is in my FIL’s name so I gave him copies of my residence proof, marriage certificate, husband’s pan card (showing father’s name), FIL’s pan card and electricity bill in my FIL’s name. He asked to see originals of all documents and then accepted the copies. He also wrote a statement that he had confirmed my particulars with the neighbours whose names I had mentioned in the Personal Particulars Form. I took it for signatures. one neighbour wasn’t home, so he left that statement with us to get it signed and we submitted it the next day at the Police Station.

    Also, inform the person from whom you have taken the VC to expect a call/ fax from the passport Office because in my case they did it within 48 hours itself.

  86. Ayush says:

    @ SMM ..
    hey thanks for the information regarding the verification, but i doubt :? that is there a personal verification too on applying On TATKAL scheme .
    I thought The Person who issue VC is verified and thats all , and then the passport is delivered in 1-3 days .
    Anyways lets see what happens …

    Thanks ! :D

  87. @Ayush – Police verification happens irrespective of whether you got your passport under tatkaal or not. Its just that under tatkaal you would get your passport quicker.
    @SMM – Thanks for sharing you police verification experience on Inficone

  88. Shikhar says:

    Today, the passport officer came for verification – and it was a BIG, big mess. This is in south delhi.

    First, he came without calling on sunday evening. He wanted photocopies of old passport and all address verification documents. This caused a lot of running around, because most of the shops were closed on sunday (that added to his aggravation, no doubt).

    second, he refused to accept any private bank, telephone, even Income Tax letters. I had an extra verification F form – he took that but said it was not enough. I sort of gave him signals to ask whether he can “get it done” – but he was completely ignoring direction.

    So, he asked me to come to the police station… and as it stands now, my documents are marked “incomplete”.

    I think the best way to deal with this kind of crap is to get a sbi account opened and have some money in it. Secondly, make sure you get all copies, etc made on the day you application is accepted… because verification can happen anytime.

  89. @Shikhar, Sad to hear that you faced issue in verification. You should have kept photocopy of old passport and address proofs handy. I had mentioned about the same in my comment dated 17 October 2010 in the comments section above. I think I was lucky that I had voter id card and name in the ration card.

    BTW – I still do not understand what will you do by going to the police station ( unless the only objective is minting money ) – As I understand above, the cop thought that you didnt have the documents that could have marked the verification as complete from his perspective.

    Do keep us posted on the developments by updating here.

  90. Ayush says:

    Hey bro …

    U would be glad to hear , I finally recieved my passport … :D :D

    Thank alot !!!

    U rock mann …


  91. @Ayush, Congrats on receiving your passport. Keep your old passport photocopy and address proofs handy for police verification.
    You know what ? You are the 100th commenter on this post. Thanks for stroking the comment century for this article. Good luck!

  92. Varun says:

    Hi Shivam,

    First of all great post with useful information.

    My passport is expiring 4 months and have to travel abroad next month urgently.I have a valid US VISA on my current passport.

    I decided to apply via Tatkal here in Chennai and have all the required documents apart from the Annexure F letter. I was told by the Passport office they can’t accept application for tatkal renewal without that letter.

    I don’t know anyone who meets that requirements. Do you suggest any solution to that ?

    Also does the new passport come really within a week if all documents and particulars are supplied correctly ?

    Is there police verification for the renewal/re-issue ?

    • @Varun, Glad you liked the content. The passport office wont accept the application without Annexure F. You need to see through your contacts if you can find a person who can endorse you. That is your best bet. Yes, the new passport typically comes within 5 working days. A police verification happens for tatkaal renewal ( I hear it doesn’t happen that if your renewed passport is having same address as previous passport but not 100% sure )

  93. Rajiv says:

    @ Shivam, thanks for this post & u really are taking care of like ur own baby. Simply great work. thanks to all for keeping it alive with really good suggestions/experiences.

    I am applying for Re-issue, with a new address of less than one year. Have noted down all relevant experiences mentioned throughout this post. Thanks everyone.
    I have got 2 copies with I-card copies, of annexure ‘F’ with permanent, present & previous addresses & period mentioned.

    1. Plz advice do I need to mention the ‘Previous address’ & the period of stay, in annexure ‘I’ also?
    I have got Rs 10/- non-judicial stamp paper & printing out the ‘I’ on it. It is coming in 2 sheets (1 judicial paper & other plain). I shall get them ‘Notorised’.

    2. In Re-issue case, where I already have the ECNR, do I have to submit my ‘Degree certificate’ again?? same do i need to enclose my school certificate for the ‘Birth-day’??? Plz comment.
    I personally feel all these should not be required, as I have been giving the passport as my most authentic proof of date of birth, parents’ & spouse name,etc. & now again to verify it?? It all so crazy & involves so much unnecessary paper-work.

    awaiting an earliest possible input from all.

  94. @Rajiv, Glad that you liked the content.
    Previous address details are not required on Annexure-I, they are required only on Annexure-F. Refer updates from Sunny and myself in the comment section for 20th Oct 2010.

    For DOB proof, you need to provide your school ( matriculation ) certificate and do add it in the supported documents. To support your eligibility for ECNR – you should also put Degree certificate again. Basically – if you have the documents do add the same – its better to have all documents in place rather than giving officer a chance to reject your application and requiring you to come again. Consider that your old passport is history for the passport office – they will evaluate your application solely based on your new application and supported docs. This sounds crazy but thats the way it is!

    Do update here on your experience at the passport office OR if you have any other queries. Good luck!

  95. Rajiv says:


    I went to the Bhikaji Cama Passport office early at 9 am & got my ‘Token’ no. for Tatkal, stamped on page 1. The line for Tatkal was longer than the one for the General one & someone told me that they issue upto 180 nos. for the day only.

    Apart from this post, I also studied the passport site – for RE-ISSUE of Passport on expiry of 10years, as also the ‘Tatkal’ scheme. I also noted ‘how to apply’ for filling my application form & ‘check-list’ for the attachments.

    In my case, I had changed my residence from the address shown in my expiring passport, to my current address & have not yet completed One year here. My expiring passport was already stamped for ECNR status.

    List of all papers I submitted:

    1. A Covering Letter (Thanks to this post)

    2. Passport form: duly filled with unsigned photo of 3.5×3.5 size with light background.

    3. Two sets (total 4 pages) of the PP form, all with the same photo with my signatures across it.

    4. Annexure ‘I’ on Rs. 10/- paper, got it Notorised first, then took two photocopies, One copy I ‘Self Attested’ and deposited along with the original notorised affidavit & the second copy I kept for myself, for my record/police verification.

    5. Annexure ‘F’ in two original copies along with I-card copies of the Govt official, who was kind enough to sign it. Had to fill the form, which I got when I got my Token no. (already mentioned in this post, earlier)

    6. Two sets of Self Attested photocopies of First Four & Last Four pages of my passport.

    7. Two sets of Self Attested photocopies of my ‘Gas connection’ & receipt of delivery (bill/invoice), as also airtel landline bill & electricity bill of the private developer. All as documentary proof of my new residence. Actually only One proof is required.

    plz note that in my case I mentioned on the photocopy of the passport, as proof of my Birth, place & of my parents’ and spouse names, as also my ECNR status.
    While depositing the fee, the staff/officer checked the details on the system after putting in my old passport/file no.

    Everything accepted & receipt issued & max time 3.30 hrs. in total (9.00am to 12.30pm). Now waiting for the Passport & the Police verification. Hope it comes soon.

    My input to this post is that in case of Re-issue case in Tatkal, there is no need to attach un-necessary photo copies. Fill the forms fully & do the ‘check-list’ as per passport site. All our previous passport records were police verified when they were issued, so it is an authentic proof. Maybe they are required in my coming police verification, I shall let you all know.

    I would like to state that we probably have the best manpower to undertake tasks of such cumbersome processes. Every person was extremely efficient & quick in his work, be it be token no. issuance, papers verification, supdt. rechecking or cash depositing. Total 4 places to line up. But, the infrastructure is bad. They should have atleast four times bigger halls which are properly cooled & well-lit & the staff should have a ‘uniform’, etc. (so that no person in civil clothes goes & sits on the other side).

    Also for such an important govt dept., where it has to deal with so much public, there is no dedicated parking space. The parking contractors/attendants are fleecing the public. I had to pay Rs.40/- where as the authorised is only Rs. 10/-. It is not the matter of the extra 30/- but our Govt. does not do proper planning for the public conveniences. Be it be this office or other public places say eg. like Rohini courts, there is no dedicated parking for the public. Outside where we park is basically ‘footpaths’ for the residential areas around it. We, the public, should get much better treatment & respect.

    Anyways, we are now used to these problems & can not do anything about these.
    Thanks, once again, to everyone, who has contributed & specially Shivam, to this most friendly & informative post.

  96. LALIT says:

    Submitted a tatkal application for resissue of a passport on 15th April. I too had a good experience at least during submission. Got lucky with the queues and after just 40 minutes I had my receipt for Rs 3000 (a jumbo passport). However…till Friday the 22nd no new passport in hand even though the PRO had written 19/4 on my receipt. So I went on line to check my status using the key number on the receipt.

    Nope the status window was blank. No indication of status.

    So I tried the SMS route. Received a reply alright but…no status. The text of the received SMS just had my file number in it.

    Now its the weekend. Plan to check with the local post office on Monday if they’ve received anything. Will keep you all posted.

    One point to be noted…I am 54 and don’t have my school leaving certificate. This is my 4th application for reissuance and in the past my old passport has been used as proof of dob. Only for my very first passport I must have submitted my school certificate (about 40 years ago).

  97. @Rajiv – Many thanks for sharing your detailed experience ( including the submitted documents ). I agree with you that space inside the passport office as well as parking facilities are not up to the mark. Good luck for your passport. Do update us when your receive the same. Also keep address proof photocopies handy for the police verification. Good luck!

    @Lalit – It is surprising that that the passport has not been received yet. Do check with your post office and if it does not come in another 3-4 days, you can visit the passport office and talk to the officer there. They generally help you out. Good luck!

  98. LALIT says:

    @Shivam – What document do you think I should produce in order to gain access to the main building? Thanks!

    • @Lalit, You would have got a receipt on some paper indicating expected date of receipt of passport. You can take that along as well as the application number.

  99. LALIT says:

    Hey People…My passport arrived at home via SpeedPost today! Looks like PP office mein der hai andher nahin.

    15/4 Tatkaal application submitted (after online appointment)
    19/4 promised date
    20/4 PP issued
    25/4 PP despatched
    26/4 PP received

    No agents were contacted at any stage. Did not make the 2nd trip to the passport office after all.

    All the best Guys (and Gals).

  100. Aditya Garg says:

    Here’s my scenario:

    My name is mentioned as Aditya Garg in the Given Name field while the Surname field is empty (while it should be populated as Garg and given name should be Aditya). I had my passport issued in 2006 and this never seemed to pose a problem until now when my company informed me that it is mandatory for the surname field to be populated for applying for L1B visa. Now I googled a lot and found that many people had the same problem in their passports and had it got rectified by getting a simple observation or endorsement by the Passport office. I visited the Delhi Passport Office and was told by the Grevience Officer that “NO Observation would be made as my passport is 5 years old and is already stamped with a visa.” He asked me to get a new booklet issued. Now I am not entirely sure what procedure to follow to get this done. I know I would have to fill in Form Number 1. Here are the main concerns I have:

    1. Since my address remains the same, would I be subjected to Police Verfication all over again? If not, how much time would getting the new booklet take tentatively?
    2. Is there a tatkal option for my case as well.
    3. I am reasonably certain I filled the form correctly and the mistake has been made by the Passport Office. Does this make any effect?
    4. How much money would all this cost?
    5. Do I need any affidavit?
    6. Clearly I am not changing my name or its spelling. It’s just that the name should be split correctly into Given name and Surname.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  101. LALIT says:


    Quick answers -

    1. Yes, unless you submit a Verification Certificate. If you do submit one then 5-10 days.
    2. Yes, and you must use this option or else Police verification will be required.
    3. No. The details should have been checked when the PP was issued.
    4. Rs 3000/- for a 60 page booklet.
    5. Yes.
    6. You have to apply for a new passport even though just name split is required.

    Highly recommend an online application in order to save time and inconvenience.

    Hope this helps.

  102. @Lalit, Many thanks for pitching in and helping Aditya out. It is great to see the community helping each other out through the comments section on this post. Thanks again – You rock!

  103. Rajiv says:

    Hi! all

    Submitted documents on 18th april, promised date wa 21st, despatched on 25th, received by speed-post on 27th April. Only one visit required & submitted the minimum number of documents, as per my previous post. Now I await the Police Verification.
    Thankyou everybody who all contributed to this post & specially to Shivam. great work.

  104. Pooja says:

    I got my passport re-issued (after 10 years expiry, AND address change from old passport) thru Tatkal in 2008.
    No-one came for my Police-verification, or chances are they came and found no one at home.
    I then went to US and returned India in the same year (2008), but did not face any problem in immigration that time.
    It’s more than 3 years now, and still no signs of Police-verification. I need to travel to US again now, and am worried if I could face some problem in Immigration, and whether my passport is still valid or not ? Is there some way I could verify if any problems with my passport?
    (I have a valid US Visa from my last travel).
    I talked to a few agents and they think if I did not receive any letter or notice in 3 years, I should not worry.
    Thanks !

    • @Pooja, Three years is a pretty long time. I am not sure you will be able to get information about the passport verification status from govt department at this time. On the contrary, you might end up waking up a sleeping tiger :-). Just be positive and go ahead with your travel. In all likelihood, you would not face any issue. Do share your experience here.

  105. Pooja says:

    Thanks Shivam.
    I am also afraid, enquiring about it might wake them up, and they may ask me to surrender my passport (till Police verifcation is done). I should be travelling by end of this month. So, I would just go ahead with travel, and will try not to think too much :-)
    Yes, I will certainly share my experience.
    I read ur other blog abt 100+ comments, and I must say I preferred to post on this site because I see it is very helpful and interactive and you still participate. Plus, no one responds negatively to each other.
    Thanks so much again.

  106. LALIT says:


    Sometimes the passport office waives the police verification in Tatkal cases. I don’t think you need to worry, however, as a cautionary measure, do carry an extra address proof like a driving licence just in case.

    All the best.

  107. Pooja says:

    Will do so. Thanks Lalit.

  108. Aamir Khan says:

    I have apply for passport in regular system(not in tatkal). but now i have an offer for good job in out of india.so i need my passport as soon possible. please give me the suggetion what should i do ?

    • @Aamir, Since you have already applied for passport, your application would be under process. So if you want to change it to tatkaal,- that original non-tatkaal application process needs to be stalled and tatkaal application needs to be applied for. I am not sure if it is straight forward to do this. I would suggest go to the passport office and speak with the RPO there about your situation. Take along any receipt/application number etc related to your passport application. Do share with us the outcome on this. Good luck.

      • Pooja says:

        @Aamir, for faster processing of your passport in case as yours, some Agent advised one of my friends that you get a letter from your employer abroad, and take it to RPO and request them if your application can be processed faster. You can also speed up process from your side, by visiting your Police-station at some intervals, and asking them if your file reached them for verification. Sometimes, they would keep it untouched for a week or so, due to work-load or other reasons.
        Else, as Shivam says, you need to withdraw the current application, and then apply new for tatkal.
        Best of Luck.

  109. Harsha Kavuri says:

    Hi All,

    I have applied for tatkal passport last month in the Delhi office and have received it within a week. I was at the address mentioned in the passport till may 13th. Yesterday I came back permanently to my parents place in A.P. as I am relocating abroad for a job. Yesterday I got a call from the police verification guy on my home land line number in AP and I mentioned that I just moved back to AP. He said that he is going to write that and send it back to the passport office. I have to travel to Dubai for my job on 28th of May. Do you think I will have problem at the immigration?

    I was supposed to go to Dubai for this job in March but because my passport was expiring in next 5 months my visa got rejected. My employer extended the offer and now I am expected to go on may 28th. I am really worried, please let me know your suggestions/thoughts on how to deal with this. I do not even have the name or the number of the guy who called as it came to the land line number.

    • @Harsha, The verification guy in all likelihood would have come from the local police station of the area where your Delhi address was located. So your best bet is to be contact the local police station and check for the same.

      But despite that I am not sure how much time you would at your hand to take care of this. Just make sure that when you travel, you take along some address related proofs of your Delhi address as well as the AP address. These might be handy just in case there is any problem where you would be able to justify your situation with the supporting documents. I am assuming you would anyway be carrying a letter from your employer regarding the travel.

      Good luck and keep us posted on how it progresses.

    • Harsha Kavuri says:

      Hi Shivam,

      Thank you so much for your response! This is what happened. I went to Delhi this Monday. The police guy called on my mobile, I told him I am in Delhi. He said he wanted to meet me and asked me to be at the address mentioned in the passport. I was there at the flat, got the keys from my owner/caretaker. The police guy came in and had a look at the place. He said this is not going to work, since I vacated the place. But after some 30 mins of discussion he asked me to write a letter saying I lived here for one year and I am a good citizen with no criminal track record. He asked me to get the letter signed by two people who live in the flat and vouch for me. I got the letter and the signatures and gave it to him. I think this is fine and I am hoping I will not have an issue with it.

      • @Harsha, First of all congrats on handling this situation.BTW did you setup an appointment for Monday from the police folks in advance? I am both surprised and happy that the cops have become reasonable today to understand that for genuine person/situation, they may not necessarily go by the book only. From your response, it also doesn’t look like any bribe was involved. This makes me feel all the more glad. Good luck and have a safe travel!

  110. Ninad says:

    My passport is getting expired next month and I have booked a slot for 26th May under NORMAL scheme at Bangalore (Passport Seva Kendra).

    But, I have to travel to Europe urgently for business requirements. Now, what do you suggest ?
    1) Can I use the same appointment and request them to consider my application for tatkal on 26th?
    2) Should I try and fill up another application for tatkal, while keeping the current appointment in hand as well?
    3) I have marriage certificate, do I still need to have Anex D for getting wife’s name endorsed?
    4) I work in a Public Limited company, so its ID card can be used for tatkal application (as Id proof)?
    5) Do I still need to carry print of the form I filled & submitted online or they will have it on their system?
    6) Is Anex F must ? Can’t I go only with Anex I & three ID/doc proofs (As in Option B for tatkal)?

    • @Ninad
      1) I think you can use the same slot for tatkal. IIRC the form doesnt have any field asking what kind of application form you are filling ( normal or tatkal ). Were you required to provide any such information when you applied? BTW it is not clear whether you applied online or not?
      2) Based on 1) I do not think it is required.
      3) If you have marriage certificate, Annexure-D should not be required. It is typically needed only when you do not have a valid marriage proof ( read marriage certificate )
      4) Typically voter id card, ration card are considered as good proof. Public company I card should also work unless the officer at counter has some other ideas ( it is subjective )
      5) Of course you need the print out, read the post above – you will need one application form -1 and Personal data forms in duplicate
      6) In comments section, folks have given feedback that 3/14 document is not getting accepted. You need to have Annexure F. That is even mentioned in the post ( please refer above )

      • Ninad says:

        Thanks Shivam !

        Yes, I have applied it Online.

        Based on your suggestions; I need to get following things done:-
        1) Utilize my current appointment for tatkal
        2) Get Anex I & F done for tatkal

        Thanks a lot…I shall keep you guys updated on the progress.

        • Ninad says:


          You said – I need to carry print of the online form that I filled in.
          But after logging into the system, there is no option to print your form.

          System only allows your to print the ‘application receipt or appointment receipt’.

          Can you comment on this ?

          • Ninad, I am surprised at this. I had also applied online. Please refer to the sub-heading “online” under [2. Application Form] above. Once you fill in some details, an online form got generated which contained both Application Form-1 as well as personal data form in duplicate – I just took print out of the same. Can you share the URL which you are trying this at?

          • Ninad says:


            I checked with one of my friend who also got his passport through online system.
            He did not take any print of the form.

            I guess if at all we have to take print of the form, it has to be done before you click ‘SUBMIT’ button.
            After that, as I can see…you only have option to take print of your appointment. Nothing else !

          • Ninad says:

            just to add more on this ….

            I did register for 2nd time online and filled another form for Tatkal. (My 1st application was through online – under normal quota)

            1) You have option to print your form just before clicking ‘SUBMIT’ button.
            2) Since links for Bangalore and other cities are different, you may see different processes / links while filling up the form online.
            3) System automatically detected my earlier appointment (being the passport number & same name) and did not allow me to schedule another appointment.
            4) But, now I should be able to utilize my current appointment (under normal qouta) for tatkal as well (Since, I have filled two forms seperately – one for normal & other for tatkal). So, they should allow me to apply through any (if I wish).

  111. @Ninad, Many thanks for providing clarification on this. So looks like for different cities, the online interface is different as well. Good luck for your appointment and keep us posted on how it goes.

  112. NS says:


    thanks for the hugely informative post which has attracted a lot many more people to post their comments which are also immensely useful.

    My experience: I went for a passport renewal (re-issue after 10 years) in Delhi on 16-May. The procedure was as follows (I had not taken an online appointment)
    I reached the passport office at around 8 15 am where there was already a line with 25-30 people standing. Apparently the token system has been done away with and there is a single line where the token is issued at the entrance and then you can enter. The passport office opened at 10 am, the senior citizens and govt. servants who were in a separate line were allowed in first. At around 10:15 the line where I was standing started moving. The person at the entrance giving out the tokens was doing a basic check of all documents. People having the wrong photo etc were not given a token and asked to go back from the entrance itself. By 10:30 I got in and went to hall 2 where there were 2 lines (counter 3 and 4) which were there for tatkal document checking. The line was extremely slow and took about an hour for me to reach the counter. The person at the counter checked all my documents and stamped the documents, passport and asked me to stand in the next line (counter 2) for verification of documents. (There were people who were rejected from the earlier line – this was in case the documents were not complete). It took me around 1.5 hours to reach the counter for the second line. The officer again cross checked all the documents and gave a go-ahead by stamping the documents again. Post that I paid the fees (within 5 minutes) and left by 1pm

    I got my passport delivered through speed post on 23-May (7 days since I applied). All in all it took me 5 hours on a working day but i was glad that i did not have to pay anyone extra to get this done – a great deal of thanks to your blog for guidance on the same

    In terms of documents, the ones mentioned in your blog are the only ones I had taken

    • @NS, First of all many thanks for sharing your experience and updating us about the change in the token distribution procedure. Glad to hear that you found the post useful for your application. Congrats on getting your passport. Do keep your documents handy for police verification. Good luck!

  113. Tina says:

    I’m unable to understand one thing… CAN WE or CAN WE NOT apply for Renewal of passport under tatkal ? My passport was first issue under tatkal for 5 yrs and need to know if i can AGAIN apply it under the scheme?

    • @Tina, AFAIK – You can always apply for tatkal renewal as long as you have the relevant supporting documents. It does not matter whether your existing passport was also issued under tatkal or not. Hope that answers your query. Please feel free to ask/share your query/experience here.

      • tina says:

        Thanx for answering me promptly… Can u also explain… While u say that to renew the passport we need to fill form #1 and ppf in duplicate… The website of passport office asks for form #2!! Its a bit confusing to me!!!

        • Can you point to the URL where your are seeing this?

          • Tina says:


            Reissue means an application for another passport in lieu of an existing one which has either expired or is about to expire. An applicant may apply for a new passport in lieu of an expired/ about to expire passport upto 3 years after and 1 year before the expiry of the Passport. Re-issue of passport should not be mistaken for renewal of passport. Renewal of passport means that a passport which was originally issued for a short validity of one to five years – under certain emergency conditions on the part of the applicant – is now required to be extended to its full validity of ten years from the date of issue of the passport. (Renewal is a zero fee service and the application should be made in Form No. 2).

            I know you will say its application form ! .. but what does the ‘Form 2′ means in the last statement .. is confusing me.

          • Tina says:

            same page also says:

            Application Form No. 2

            Application Form No. 2 is for making application for Police Clearance Certificate, Deletion of ECR Stamp, Inclusion of Spouse’s name and change of address. The same Form is used for renewing a short term validity passport to its full term validity.

            Check the last statement!!

  114. What we are referring to as renewal in context of this post is what they are calling as reissue( which doesnt require form -2 ). The definition of renewal as per http://passport.gov.in/cpv/Forms.htm is as follows

    Renewal of passport means that a passport which was originally issued for a short validity of one to five years - under certain emergency conditions on the part of the applicant - is now required to be extended to its full validity of ten years from the date of issue of the passport.

    From your earlier comment I see that you got the tatkal passport issued for 5 years. This is different from the regular 10 year validity passport that eg I got as part of my tatkal application. Was your old passport issued under emergency conditions for a validity of 1-5 years only? If not – you don’t require Form-2.

    • Tina says:

      Thats wat i said na!! … My passport was issued under tatkal for 5 yrs as i had to travel the same month back in 2005. now that its expired in 2010… can i renew it under tatkaal? .. and i’m guessing with application form 2 ? … and how long will it take to be renewd and sent to me as i need to travel in july 3rd week ?? … u sound an expert thats i;m a lill eager for your replies… :D

      • @Tina yes that was indeed what you said :-). To be frank, I do not know the exact answer. However, based on the information I have gathered over a period of time – tatkal scheme is also used eg to get a new passport issued in case the current passport is lost. To get the passport quickly, you need to pay the relevant tatkal fee.

        For a typical tatkal renewal case where eg the old passport is about to expire, the total fee to be paid is passport fee + tatkal fee ( eg 1500 + 2500 ). In your case since the renewal is a 0 fee process( as per the website), you should be able to get the new passport using tatkal by paying for the tatkal fee.

        Do share with us your findings for this very case. It will definitely help the community. Good luck!

        • Tina says:

          Hmm… I guess i’ll have to visit the office ready with anything and everything … but ur blog really helped….i will be sharing my (rough??) experience soon.


  115. shankar says:

    The Passport Application status has not been updated since 13th May ???? Any Idea ?? I am talking of Delhi RPO

    • @Shankar, It sometimes takes 10-12 days even in case of tatkal as per experience listed by other folks. In case you do not receive the passport in another 4-5 days, I will recommend checking with the local post office. The passport comes via speed post – make sure someone is at home to receive it around this time.

      • shankar says:

        Thanks for your kind reply . Your postings were of great help for me ; I do not have words to thank you ,
        Me & my Wife have applied for reissue on 20th May ( Tatkal ) @ Delhi RPO ;( Followed your valuable inputs and suggestions which helped us )
        Has been promised for Posting on 25th May for both of us . by RPO official ,

        Lets hope for the best ;-) Will update you !!

        • @Shankar, Happy to see that you got benefited from the post. You can always thank me by following on twitter, liking on facebook and subscribing to my RSS/Email :-)
          Wish you good luck for the passport. Do update us on the progress and keep the documents for police verification handy once you receive the passport.

  116. Sonal Dhir says:

    hey this seems like a hit blog!
    can u tell me one thing just – do I as an applicant need to go and present the form and documents, or my dad/or someone else can do it for me? and in case yes, then do I need to write a authorization letter or smthng? pls reply soon!

    • @ Sonal – Glad you found the content useful. AFAIK, there are only two ways which are either to go in person or send the application through speed/registered post. In case you send through post – all the document copies need to attested by gazetted officer.
      Having said the above. I have not seen any instance where someone has not applied in person. I would request other folks to help Sonal out here if they have any information on this. Sometimes what is mentioned on the website does not work in practical and hence this request.

      • Sonal says:

        Cool, thanks…I guess Ill have tot take the day off and go myself! phew. And thanks for the wishes too :D
        Last question…is it open on saturdays? ::D

        • @Sonal – AFAIK – passport office is open only monday to friday i.e It is closed on saturday. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions – the whole idea of this post is to aggregate the information on the subject and help out the community!

  117. Sunny says:

    Hi Shivam, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the incredible work that you are doing Bro. You are an excellent moderator, and are doing a phenomenal job in helping out people with their queries. I posted my experience with the passport office way back in October’10 and have been following this thread religiously (thanks to the email reminders). Keep up the good work man. God Bless..!!

    • @Sunny, Thanks so much for your kind words – just the kind of motivational dose I need to keep going :-). On a serious note, the real heroes behind the content on this page are folks like you who were kind enough to take out time from their schedule and share their experiences here. Its indeed the varied experiences in the comments section as opposed to the content in the main post that has created value here. Nevertheless, If you appreciate my efforts, help spread the word about Inficone via twitter, facebook and other social media. Thanks once again and I really feel humbled that you took the time out to come back and write here.

  118. Himadri says:

    Dear Shivam,
    I would like to congratulate u for such a wonderful blog. I am a PhD scholar at JNU, New Delhi and I just had my application closed after a two year hassle due to some unwarranted circumstances. I need to apply afresh. Could u tell me if I can apply for a tatkal in lieu of the ordinary passport. Will my positive police verification in the previous application be considered as valid. More importantly, how do i complete the online registration for a tatkal passport? I can only find the link for the ordinary passport. Are both the procedures the same because the file (PDF) carries the amount as Rs. 1000. Please let me know….thanks a ton.

    • @Himadri, Thanks for your appreciation. I did not really get what you meant by application getting closed earlier.
      You can definitely apply in tatkal for your new passport. I think police verification would happen again. The forms are same – for tatkal you need to pay extra tatkal fee and attach additional annexures.

      • Himadri says:

        @ Shivam: An application is closed if the entire procedure takes more than two years after the initial application. There arose some confusion between the police and the hostel authorities during verification as I was often out of town due to research work..
        About the application, thanks for the prompt response. The doubt in my mind is the fact that there Rs.1000 written on the application..which i fear assigns the registration to an ordinary passport. I am really doubtful about it.

        • Are you applying under Delhi RPO? Can you share the URL please?

          • Himadri says:

            Dear Shivam,
            I am sorrry I could not reply earlier. I was out of town. I could not find the URL you wanted. I was, however, informed about the needful at the office of the PRO, RPO Delhi. I think I also read it somewhere, but I just cannot find it.

  119. Ravi Teja says:

    can any one help me…… my problem is i apllied for passport 4 months back and also completed my police verification 45 days before . but in status it is showing that my police verification report is still under pending… now my problem is my company is asking my passport within 1 month… how can i get my passport now… can i apply as tatkaal now?……please answer me……..


    • @Ravi, I will recommend you to visit the police station and check with those folks if your verification has been forwarded or not. If it has been already forwarded, visit the passport office and talk to the RPO about your case there. They would be able to give you some assistance on this. I don’t think you can re-apply while you already have a pending application for which you have not still received the passport.

      • ravi teja says:

        @shivam . thank you shivam…..very fast response… u r doing very nice work.. good.. keep it up.. once again thank you soo munch

  120. shankar says:

    Hi Shivam
    Received my wife’s Passport yesterday and mine today ie exactly 7 days & 8 days ( including Saturdays & Sundays ) from the date of Application. :-D

    Now waiting for the police verifications .
    Thanks Again Shivam for guiding us with your valued suggestions ,

  121. shriti says:

    Hi Shivam,

    I got my first passport in 2004 and it’s validity was 5 years and it got expired in 2009. I am married now and will need my new passport to my new address and surname. Will this be considered a reissue or renewal? Also, can I get it also by tatkal using same method you mentioned above ?


    • @Shriti – The typical passport validity is 10 years. Why was your first passport’s validity 5 years – Was it because it was made under some emergency situation where you were required to travel immediately?
      Re-issue is what we are typically referring to renewal in context of this post ( Refer http://passport.gov.in/cpv/Forms.htm ). Refer this link and check this text

       Re-issue of passport should not be mistaken for renewal of passport. Renewal of passport means that a passport which was originally issued for a short validity of one to five years - under certain emergency conditions on the part of the applicant - is now required to be extended to its full validity of ten years from the date of issue of the passport. (Renewal is a zero fee service and the application should be made in Form No. 2). 

      So depending upon your case you could require form 2. My understanding is regardless of the way ( renewal/re-issue ) – you can get your passport quickly under tatkal by paying the tatkaal fee and attaching the relevant annexures/support documents as mentioned in this post. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  122. Saurabh says:

    I have to apply for new passport under tatkaal scheme n i would request u to clarify some doubts. I am a student of JNU and the documents that i can provide for verification are my University ID card, birth registration certificate, SBI bank passbook and ration card. Now since the ’3 out of 14 documents’ procedure is not followed now, can i provide the ration card issued in my mother’s name and also bearing my name as ‘dependent’ for verification if the passport officials ask for it. My voter card has an error in my name so i can’t present it n moreover rectifying it would certainly take ages. So, can u please tell me what documents will be the best for me to submit with my PP application form along with annexure I and annexure F.
    or maybe u can guide me about the docs i need to submit along wid my PP application, annexure I and annexure F at the counter.

    • @Saurabh, See the basic idea is to have as much supporting documents as possible along with Annexure-F.I think you have a good set of supporting documents. SBI passbook and JNU( which is a big name ) I-Card must be taken. Ration card is also an important document and hence do add it as well. If you are already a graduate, take your graduation degree as well. Annexure-F + all these documents should get the job done.
      Do update how it goes. Good luck!

      • Himadri says:

        @Saurabh: I am a student of JNU and though I had a lot of trouble (due to some weird circumstances), in getting my passport done, it is comparatively easier to get your passport while in JNU. If you are a hostelite, you need to submit your Univ. ID, a hostel residential proof (in original), a bank passbook front page (a color copy containing your photo and the bank stamp) and last updated page, your class x certificate (if born before 1990, else municipal birth certificate) for age and ENCR stamp and latest qualification marksheet (Masters/Graduation). If you a non-resident then add a current bill (electricity/phone) instead of hostel residential proof. Another thing I would like to mention is that; you should not add any document that contradicts any of your other documents. For address, all your documents should bear the same residential address ( I had a lot of trouble due to this). In JNU the set of documents I have mentioned are the only requirements…..do not add your Ration card (dependent) unless necessary (its not required). A PAN card would serve better as it has your father’s name. You can also speak to some of your seniors. All the best.

      • Saurabh says:

        Thanks for replying both of you. Himadri, I think I’ll be applying for passport through my home address because hostel isn’t gonna be there forever :). Well, after reading your valuable responses most of my doubts are clear. But can you please guide me that since my home is registered in the name of my mother and all the docs including ration card and electricity bill bear her name, can i still submit these as residence proof? Won’t they ask for docs specifically in my name? All I have decided right now is that I’ll submit following documents along with application form and annexures:
        *For identification:
        1. My JNU ID card
        2. Dependent card issued by Air Force HQ for the children of retired defense personnels.
        3. ECHS medical card having both my name and present address (another defense document).

        *For address proof:
        1. Document 2 & 3 mentioned above
        2. Ration card and electricity bill (in my mother’s name), if they ask for different documents in case my dependent card and ECHS card don’t get the job done.

        *For birth proof:
        Municipal birth certificate

        *For ECNR:
        My JNU ID card and a copy of latest marksheet ( thanks to Himadri! )

        Please do write to tell what you feel about these set of documents. I’ve booked my appointment on 13 June at 1.15 p.m. Thanks once again. Will be waiting for your replies eagerly!

        • Himadri says:

          @Saurabh: I think the documents are fine….On another note, why don’t you apply under the tatkal scheme. Your have an army background in your family and I think you can get your verification done from an army officer. That will save you a lot of hassle (will cost you more). Give it a thought since you still have time and the forms are the same.

          @Shivam: What would you suggest?

          P.S.: Please read about the tatkal scheme in details before you apply.

          • @Himadri – First of all thanks for helping Saurabh out – You all are such beautiful people! Thrilled to see the comments community helping each other out.

            @Saurabh – Your document set looks good to me. What is the address on your SBI passbook? If its your home address – do add that as well. Also I am assuming ration card does have your name in it. Take your 10th marksheet copy also along. Good luck and keep us posted.
            Regarding opting for tatkal, its your personal choice – if you can arrange for annexure-F easily – I will recommend going for it. However, if you are in no urgency of getting a new passport early – its ok if you apply in non-tatkal mode as well.

          • Saurabh says:

            Thanks guys again. Himadri, I’ll be going for tatkaal option. Shivam, I do have my name printed in the ration card. Unfortunately, my SBI passbook has JNU address, so deriving from previous responses of both of you, I won’t submit it lest it causes some contradiction and jeopardizes my chance of striking gold in first attempt.

            My appointment is scheduled at 1.15p.m. I think I’ll line up in queue by 11.00a.m. Is 11 o’clock good enough to stand in line?

            Thanks once again! Love u both!!

  123. shriti says:

    Isn’t it neccesary to submit verification certificate now since 3 out of 14 documents procedure is not allowed anymore? If yes, Can I submit my Pan card, ration card of my father (please note I am married now), dob certificate, learner’s driving license ?

    Also, in this whole procedure do I

    • @Shriti – Somehow your comment has got truncated when you posted. Regarding your query – yes verification certificate is mandatory and it has to be submitted. Along with Annexure-F, it is good to take along supporting documents that reinforce your credibility eg voter id card, public sector bank passbook, PAN card, ration card, graduation degree, driving license, DOB certificate etc. Add a photocopy of these documents along with the application along with Annexure-F.

  124. shriti says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Who created and signed the verification certificate for you?
    Who how much time this whole document collection, signing, and submission process took?

    I have never done this type of work before, and I am very much confused.

    • My verification certificate was signed by an Army officer.
      First of all do not take any tension about the effort. End of the day if you are clear about the set of documents required – its no big a deal. The whole idea of this post is to provide that clarity. For Annexure-F, you will have to find a contact who can sign the annexure-F for you. For any other affidavits if you need, you can get that done at Nehru Place. It hardly takes half an hour for that thing. No need to get confused, take the plunge – there is always a first time – Good luck!

      • Chimmy says:

        Hi Shivam,
        It’s really great to read all this but unfortunately I have found this only after applying and taking so much pain in the process.
        In my case I some how manged to get annexure ‘F’ but it was partially printed and partially handwritten by me and under secretary who has signed it.On arrival at counter tatkaal checking I handed over all docs. along with copies of pancard ,voter’s ID,nationalised bank’s passbook address part and for addition of my wife’s name a notorised copy of marriage cert.
        To my amusement the girl before me was turned away by the officer saying annexure ‘F’ should have been on original letter of signing person.I was happy to know that atleast mine was on original letter-head and not knowing that it partially hand written.But when my turn came I handed over my application very gently with a greetings knowing that he is irritated due behavior of another person.
        He replied my greetings and after checking my docs. politely replied in a gentle manner “Beta annexure ‘F’ haath se likha nahin chalega’ I was still patiently listening to him and he said don’t worry I will accept your application based on your old passport as it was issued at Delhi and returned the annexure original ‘F’ and copy of the I-card of issuing person..I was very happy to know that but now I am little worried about the result whether my passport will be issued on time or not.
        Although I have submitted my application on 02/06/2011 and today on 03rd June it’s online status says “Pending for want of Police Report’ .
        My only query on this if anyone can answer is this that ………When exactly my passport will delivered and what we should expect if the person at Taltkaal counter had accepted my application without the annexure ‘F’ then it’s all Ok with application.

        • @Chimmy, Yours experience has been definitely been different in some way. However, as long as the application has been accepted by the passport office, I do not think it should be a problem. Based on the experience of various folks here – it takes around 7-10 days from date of applying to get the passport. I assume you paid tatkal fee as well. You mentioned date of submission to be 2nd June – by any chance did you mean 2nd may?

      • paul says:

        can you please send me the format for bank covering letter

  125. Sonal says:

    Hi Shivam!

    Just got back to office – Finally the application for tatkal PP is submitted happily :D…Now I wait for the PP to arrive.
    So from my experience.
    1. Go for the online submission thing, it saves hassle. IF you get a slot around 11am lets say, still its a good idea to reach at 10, as the slots don’t affect the queuing.
    2. Make sure you have 2 residence proofs handy. I had only my Dad’s Ration card, was asked for another, but thankfully my PAN card sufficed.
    3. This blog really helped me! :)

    Thanks and Good-luck :D

    • @Sonal, First of all thanks for sharing your experience here. Glad that the things moved smoothly for you. Sometimes these folks have problem with ration card – they always want an additional supporting document to complement the ration card for the address purpose. Now that the first step is done, keep your documents handy for the police verification.
      Good luck and do share how the police verification went. Thanks once again.

  126. shriti says:

    Hey Shivam,

    I have few questions, can you please answer them-

    1. Can you explain what is ECNR?
    I read somewhere this- “If applicant is eligible for “ECNR”, attach attested copy of supporting document if the old passport does not have ECNR stamp or it was issued when the applicant was a minor. ”
    In my case my last passport was issued when I was a minor, so do I have to submit any documents?

    2. I wanted to ask if a high court judge is an appropriate person for Verification certificate?

    3. Since I am married now and want to my passport to have my new surname, so on all forms shall I write my new surname or old one ?

    Thanks a lot…

  127. Saurabh says:

    @shriti: ECNR basically intends to check whether you are a skilled and educated person or not. I would advise you to append your latest qualification/degree certificate with the application. Say if you are a graduate or have a masters degree, add a copy of it with your application. Even a matriculation passing certificate will also be good enough in my opinion. So, don’t worry too much about ECNR…focus on other documents. I am not sure about other questions you have raised.

    • @Saurabh – Thanks for pitching in . Appreciate that a lot.
      @Shriti, For ECNR – your graduation degree is good enough if you have one – else add your last educational degree eg 12th or 10th certificate.
      High court judge is not directly mentioned on the passport website( refer below). However if you have a good contact with a judge – directly ask him. If he has been signing Annexure-F previously – it will work.

       A Sub-Divisional Magistrate/First class Judicial Magistrate/Additional DM/District Magistrate of the district of residence of applicant.

      The passport would be issued in the name mentioned on the form. So if you want new surname – put new surname on the form.

  128. Ninad says:

    This post will help – if you are applying in ‘Tatkaal’ mode.

    I got an appointment online on my 4th attempt.
    It was on 31st of May at PSK, Marathalli – Bangalore.

    My Case:-
    Renewal of passport (Due to expire)

    Documents submitted:-
    1) Old passport xerox copy
    2) Company letter head (Original for address proof)
    3) One year bank statement with bank seal on all pages (Original for address proof)
    4) Annexure I (Original)
    5) Annexure F (Original) and xerox of person’s ID card
    6) Marriage certificate (Xerox) for adding spouse’s name
    7) Company ID card (Xerox)

    1) I arrived on time at 8.30 AM, I was let in by 9 AM and at token counter, he checked all documents (did not ask for Annexure I &F here)
    2) At 9.15 AM, they collected files of all tatkaal applicants and asked us to wait.
    3) At 9.30 AM, they started calling tatkaal applicants one by one and called me as well.
    4) NOW – They said, “my records are not found on the system and hence if I have Annexure I & F, then only I can go for tatkaal.”
    5) I showed them Annexure I & F, which I had got. He found out that – Annexure F is not on ‘Company letter head’. I argued that ‘seal’ is there, but getting it on company letter head is not possible – as the person belonged to a Govt organization which cannot issue such certificates for outside purpose on letter head. But, he didn’t listen to this.

    Though he said – you get it from somebody else and reach here before 4 PM and I shall allow you with the same appointment (TODAY ONLY).

    6) With lot of difficulty and running around the city, I got Annexure F done again – from one Defence personnel with all required things.
    7) I was allowed to walk in and issued a token. Now, at Counter A (1st hall – where they scan all your documents); the person found that my passport does not have my Father’s & mother’s middle name. But, I had mentioned their middle names in Annexure I & F both. So, he said ‘NOT ACCEPTABLE’. I requested him and asked what I could do?

    He said “I will accept your application, fees and put your case on hold; you get Annexure I & F with correct details again (Anytime – within one year ) and you are allowed to proceed.

    7) I got Annexure I & F done with correct details again and reached PSK next day afternoon. I was let in and after checking both documents, I was issued a new token.

    8) Finally, my application went for processing and re-issue was ‘Granted’.

    Huh !

    So some suggestions (My learnings):-

    1) Let it be – filling online form or getting Annexure I & F, make sure your details (Name, DOB, Parent’s names – word to word matches with those details on your PASSPORT)
    2) For tatkaal, you must have TWO address proofs (Take originals & xerox both)
    3) Better to have Annexure I & F while applying for tatkaal. (They dont ask for these, only if your records are present in their system. I guess, for people who have got their passport from Bangalore, they will have your records – but never take chances).
    4) For Annexure F, make sure you get it on the Person’s / Organization’s letter head with seal and xerox of his ID card. Make sure you have his details with you / on Annexure F (ID number, Office address, Tel, Fax and Mobile number). Letter head must have some file number / registration number for reference (I dont know, what it is – but while accepting the Annexure F, they filled all these details on their system at PSK).
    5) If spouse’s name to be added, either marriage certificate or Annexure D (original & xerox) is must.

    I must say, if you have all the document in order; the process is real smooth. TCS is doing a great job and the experience of visiting Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) was good.

    • @Ninad – What a roller coaster of a ride ! First of all a big thanks for sparing time and typing your detailed experience here – appreciate that a lot. I think each of the five point you mentioned above are absolutely important for anyone who is applying for tatkal and a must read.
      And you rightly said, the whole process is extremely smooth. You just need to have the right set of documents and the job will be done. Good luck for quick receipt of your passport and thanks once again. Do share when you receive your passport.

      • Ninad says:

        Got my passport today – On 8th day after submission. :-)

        • Great! Do check all the details mentioned on your passport thoroughly to detect any mistakes. Keep us posted on how the police verification goes.

        • Keval says:


          I want to know who all can issue me annexure-F in vellore, tamil nadu. I need help in finding the person who can issue me verification certificate for tatkal passport as I don’t have any contacts. Please help me regarding this as its very urgent.


  129. Ruchi says:

    Hi All,

    Lifesaver this blog is!! I went in for passport re-issue today with all necessary documents and the unpleasant lady at Tatkal counter had no mistakes to point out. TOUCH DOWN! Now a few questions:

    1) In PP form for police verification, I just mentioned “DLF sushant lok 1″ for police station did not mention any phone number. Also, mentioned neighbour’s name but not phone number. Hope that is ok. Should I go to the Police station in a week or so to check on it?

    2) I will not be home when the passport comes by speed post. What documents should I leave at home for my family to collect it on my behalf?

    3) To show to police officer, Can I use – Gas connection + gas bills in my husband’s name + marriage certificate, HDFC bank account statement ( is Nationalized bank mandatory?) , rent agreement made on Rs 100 stamp paper? Will he need photos?


    • @Ruchi – Glad that you found the information on this page useful. Regarding your queries -
      1) As long as you have provided your complete and correct residential address in the form, do not worry about the police verification information – it will get forwarded to the right police station.

      2) Just leave your valid id proof at home eg voter id or pan card or some other photo id card. In my case, the postman was more interested in his “bakshish” rather than the documents – so I do not think this should be a problem.

      3) In police verification, they require copy of documents corresponding to proof of address. So rent agreement should definitely work. And so should the gas connection bills + marriage certificate. In nutshell, just try to keep all documents that can prove that you are resident of the given address handy so that even if one doesn’t work you have more cards to play with! Additionally I was asked copy of front and back page of my old passport.

  130. Prashant says:

    Hi ,Shivam,
    Today only the status of passport has changed on the site saying it has been delivered via postal Registration Number 157844.Could you please guide me how & where to track that registration.Pease help….

    • @Prashant, If you do not receive it your passport by Saturday, visit the local post office on Monday and check with those folks. Note it is usual for tatkal passport to arrive 10-12 days after the day of application.

  131. Ruchi says:

    What the heck!! Today I checked my tatkal status online and it says ” Application pending for want of police report” The stupid lady at the counter yesterday found no mistakes in my application, oakyed it without any questions..Now where does this police report come into picture since I had a Legitimate VC and all other required docs..Did someone else experience this?

    • Shankar says:

      Hi Ruchi.. Please do not worry about this status , it happened with many people, the status will change as soon as ur passport is despatched,pls check after 2/3 days, in my case the updation was confusing , but it changed after 2 days,

  132. shital says:

    Hi All,

    For annexure F its mentioned that “A District Superintendent of Polic, DIG/IG/DGP of the district of residence of Applicant” has to certify; or “A Major and above in Army can certify the Annexure but it doesn’t say whether the Army Personnel should be posted at the same district/city. Can any one inform whether the Army personnel posted at other city (than Bangalore) can also certify my Verification Certificate (Annx. F)


    • @Shital – My understanding is that you can get the Annexure-F signed by an army person even if its not in the same district/city. I will request whoever reads this comment to help Shital out if they have any information on the same.

  133. Ruchi says:

    The online status is now..dispatched vide postal registration number? How to track this? I tried on Indian Post website but there seems to be no way to track the passport via this number.

    • shankar says:

      @Ruchi —- As I had mentioned to you that the status will change within 2 days ……………….and hence it has . It happens with many applicants ,
      Regarding the postal registration no. showing in the status …………….please note it is not the tracking number of speed post . It is the RPO’s own despatch reference number . Do not worry u will receive your passport within 1-2 days , :-)

  134. Shekhar Parekh says:

    Hi Shivam,

    I have been going through all the comments here to find a solution to my problem…I am still not sure if I am clear with the address proof and documentation for re-issue process. My case is as below :

    My PP expired in November 2010. I have been staying in the rented apartment for last 11 months in Pune. Before that I was staying in a rented apartment in Mumbai for close to 2 years.

    I can get a NOC letter from the owner and the society stating my Tenure ( 11 months ) for my current address along with a telephone ( BSNL) which has my name and address on it. However , I do not have the telephone bills for all 11 months. Also, I am in process to get a address proof from my Company. Will this be sufficient ?

    Also, Since I am missing 1 year mark by a month. do I have to submit any proof for my stay in Mumbai ?

    And please confirm the below forms I have to fill up :
    1. Form no 1.
    2. PP form for current address
    3. PP form for previous address.
    4. Annex F
    5. Annex I

    Thanks a lot and appreciate your time and help.


    • @Shikhar, Is it possible to get the phone bills online from BSNL site? If not which all bills do you have – I mean which is the oldest bill? Do you have a copy of lease agreement mentioning starting tenure of your rent? For your query regarding address of Mumbai/Pune, refer to Question 16 @ http://passport.gov.in/cpv/faq.htm. The list of documents you put above looks fine.
      Good luck for your application and keep us posted on the progress.

  135. shriti says:

    Shivam, I am unable to find anyone who can sign verification certificate for me, Is there any other way to apply for tatkal passport ?

    • @Shriti, Annexure-F is mandatory. From the updates by few folks in the comments section on this post, it looks like 3 out of 14 documents are no longer getting accepted.

  136. shikha says:

    Hi All,

    My query is regarding Annexure F. I have to apply for reissue of my pasport with married name, spouse name addition and address updation (From Surat to Bangalore). Passport was initially issued in Surat, Gujarat.

    I’m very confused as when i called the customer care they state that only docs mentioned as per the website is only required i.e. 1 doc out of 15 listed doc. Yes 1; seems this change has happened recently as few days back the website mentioned 3 docs from the listed 15 docs. I have around 3 documents from the list. They informed that Annexure F is not mandatory. Also I’ve tried getting Annex F from court… but the agents are asking for Rs. 6000/- and Army personnel are also not agreeing to provide the same…just forwarding to some or the other offices… what do i do?

    IS Annexure F actually mandatory??? What if I can provide 3 documents for address proof. I don’t understand why i need to submit credibility certificate now… if i was not credible enough why they would have issued me passport in the first place… also how can Annexure F which any one can get after bribing the so called elite list of people be considered more important than the other documents submitted by me like bank statement, gas bill, my employer’s certificate etc.
    Awaiting response…

    Regards.. Shikha…

    • @Shikha – Based on the feedback so far from all participants on this page, 3 out of 14 ( 3 out of 15 ) document things was not working at the passport office for tatkal case. However, you mentioned that you verified from customer care – I am assuming you called up at passport office and checked this. If those folks are mentioning that Annexure-F is not required and the documents shall do the job – I don’t think you should worry.

      Remember that these things keep on changing and such information is not updated on the website. Calling them up is the best option ( if at all the call is picked and answered ! ).
      Keep us posted on the developments.

      • Sunny says:

        @Shikha – I remember having the same doubt when I was applying for a re-issue of my passport in October 2010. It seems that you are changing your address from Surat to Bangalore, and I believe in this case, MOST LIKELY the passport guys may ask you to furnish a Annexure-F. The rules are quite weird. I was told in my situation that as long as the address has not been changed and you are staying at the same address which is mentioned in your passport then there is no need for an Annexure-F. However, if you require or need to change the address in your passport (RE-ISSUED PASSPORT) then you would require an Annexure-F. Apparently details such as these need to be clarified in the form itself (under the Instructions section) however the authorities told me that perhaps…when the form goes through a revision then maybe they would include such details clearly. Your best bet honestly would be to just pick up the phone and reach out to friends/colleagues/relatives/neighbours etc..to help you out in locating someone who can issue a Annexure-F for you. Beware of touts, they are honestly out there to rake in loads of moolah from people. I know it myself, since I lived in bangalore for 3 years (till 2008). There is a huge list of people who can issue an Annexure-F, I would encourage you to try reaching out to others (besides courts, army personnel etc.) Keep faith and loads of patience… Trust me ..its no easy task..!! I know it myself…!! It will happen.

  137. shikha says:

    Thanks Shivam and Sunny!

    Could you inform whether the Annexure F is required on the letter head (of the organisation where the attesting authority like magistrate/army/ works) or a plain paper with necessary stamp of the attesting authority would do?

    Regards…. Shikha

    • Annexure-F is required on the letter head and in duplicate. You also need the stamp of the officer signing the same on it along with your photograph. Refer the details in the post above

      • Sunny says:

        @Shikha – You also need to have a photocopy of the Official ID Card of the official signing the Annexure-F for you. Please do remember that this is definitely required. This photocopy also needs to be stamped and signed by the official/authority.

        • Thanks to the following input from Lalit Manaktala. Somehow I received it as an email to me rather than a comment on this post.

          Army officers are not allowed to provide photocopy of their ID cards, so I used a pan card copy and this worked in Delhi. However in Mumbai they did not accept pan card and wanted a canteen or other card as proof. Requirements vary.

          However for a Tatkal application Annex F is mandatory.

          And a Tatkal application IS recommended otherwise the issue just takes too long!

        • SMM says:

          However if the person who has provided the Annexure F is a defence personnel, they cannot give out photocopies of their ID cards, which the passport officials are well aware of. However, as a precaution ensure that you have at least 2 originals of Annexure F on the letterhead

  138. shikha says:

    Sunny and Shivam thanks again…

    Any idea what usually is the TAT if the reissuance is applied in ‘Normal’ mode… I don’t think in that case Annexure F would be mandatory.

    Regards… Shikha

    • @Shikha – dont have the information off hand. However when I had applied for tatkal – one of my friends got the passport via normal mode in around 5 months.

  139. Ravi says:

    I’ve applied for passport under tatkal scheme @Delhi office few days back. I hope I’ll be receiving it soon.
    Actually that is not my only concern, I am concerned about the police verification part as well.

    As I noted from few of above posts, that police verification date is not fixed, it can happen on the next day or may be few months/days after, and in some cases didn’t happen at all.

    My company has planned to send me for official training @Mumbai due to some urgent reason, which I have to obey, and as a trend in my company this training will go for 6 months or so.
    Now two concerns here :-
    1) If passport comes in my absence, Will the postmaster hand it over to my Parents??
    2) If someone comes for police verification, Is it ok if my parents shows all the required docs, and get the neighbours signatures as well ??
    If not, can they request the police officer to come on some other day, so that I can fly back home on that day for that purpose?


    • @Ravi – For 1) The passport would be handed over to your parents by the postman even if you are not there physically. It will be good if you leave any Id proof of yours at home so that your parents can show it if required.
      For 2) Your thinking is right. You parents can request the verification officer to come on a particular date and time. They should also take his contact number. You should call him once before traveling to make sure he visits while you are there.

  140. Binoy says:

    I want to know how I can correct my father’s name in my passport . How can this be corrected and how many days it take ?? I need do this so that I can renew the passport without anymore confusions ?? Any ideas??

    • @Binoy – Sorry to disappoint you but I am not aware of the procedure to do this. I will recommend you to visit the passport office and talk to RPO about your situation. Something should come out of that. If somebody is picking phone at their number – try calling and asking for this information. Do keep us posted on the developments.

  141. Apurva says:

    Hi Shivam,

    This Blog is really superb! Has got lot of information for people applying for passport.

    Like many of other people my query is regarding Annexure F. Can a General manager of State Bank of India or Union Bank of India i.e. Public Sector banks be considered as the approving authority for Annexure F.

    Note# (vi)of the Annexure states that The General Manager and above of a Public Sector Undertaking can signoff the certificate.

    Also the Gen. Manager should be of the same city or any city would do? No clarity on this has been stated… I’m assuming it could be any city as for Magistrate and DIG they have specifically stated that they should be from the same district/city.

    Thanks a lot in advance….


    • @Apurva – Thanks for liking the content. Regarding you query, My understanding is same as yours. For General Manager of public sector banks – it is not explicitly mentioned that they need to be from the same city/area. So it should work for you even if the GM is not from your city. Good luck and keep us posted on the developments.

  142. Satyapriyo says:

    @Shivam, Hi, I came to know about your blog through a friend who has applied for his passport.
    In my case, I have a conference in Malaysia this august. I want to apply for my passport via tatkal system.
    I have been a resident of delhi for over a year, I have the rent agreement as proof. I want to know whether an official (my mom’s senior at railway hospital dibrugarh, assam, where I am originally from, well above the scale of pay mentioned) can give me the verification certificate which I’ll submit in delhi, where I am applying for my passport from…

    • @Satyapriyo – Before I can clarify on your query – can you elaborate as to which category of officers would the officer come in through whom you are trying to get the Annex-F? I am referring to the list of officers as mentioned on the passport site as well as mentioned in the post above.

      • Satyapriyo says:

        @ Shivam, Hi,
        (vii) All members of any All India Service or Central Service who are equivalent to or above the rank of an Under Secretary to the Government i.e. in the pay scale of Rupees 10,000-15,200 or above.

        The official is the Chief Medical Superintendent of NF Railway Hospital Dibrugarh, Assam.
        Again it will be of great help if you could let me know whether the verification certificate from the above person in Dibrugarh be valid if I am applying for a Tatkal passport from Delhi….

        • @Satyaprio – From the wordings of the information on the passport website, it looks like it is not necessary that the signing officer for your case needs to be from the same place. So that way it should work. However, in all cases that I have seen as part of interacting with different folks via this post, the Annexure-F was made by the officer from the same place.
          So I do not have a working proof of annexure-f having been accepted when it was made from outside. I will recommend try calling the RPO and check if they can provide any information on this. Worst case, you can give it a try – that will be the only way left to know if it doesn’t work :-(
          Good luck and keep us posted.

        • Himadri says:

          @Shivam and Satyapriyo: I think the place of posting of the officer does not matter as long as he can vouch for you in case the passport office deems it necessary to verify further. In most cases (from people who have applied from JNU, New Delhi) the signatory has been posted either in Delhi or the applicant’s home town. So I think it should work.

  143. Rajarshi Sen says:

    I really appreciate the way you have given a detailed information with regard to Passport Issuance. I have certain queries with regard to my wife’s fresh passport.
    1. She wants to take her maiden name as well as my name at the end. In the Marriage Certificate, its her name and then my name. Would that be a problem out here since there is no supporting document to prove her name with her maiden name as well as my name.
    2. She has no proof post marriage with regard to staying with me. I have a LIVE & LICENSE AGREEMENT but I am not getting a NOC from the Society since we are tenants. I had been to the the Police Station who were unwilling to verify without a NOC. Would it be possible to get the passport in her old address before marriage when she stayed with her parents?

  144. @Rajarshi – Are you planning to apply in tatkal? The reason I am asking is Annexure-F actually takes good care of credibility part of the applicant.
    Regarding your specific questions – The name that gets mentioned in the passport is the name that you fill in the form during your application. Ideally the name that you fill there should match with the supporting documents that you add. However, in case of wife’s name – it is ok even if the names do not exactly match as it is obvious that post marriage – the name would undergo a change. However, this become subjective based on how the officer who verifies the document interprets it. I will say that it should not be a problem but be prepared in case this is pointed out as an issue. In such a case you would probably have to put the same name on the passport as on the supporting documents.
    Regarding the documents, along with marriage certificate add your own supporting documents as well as a proof that you are a resident of your address. Additionally – why don’t you get account of your wife opened in a nearby PSU bank so that you can use it as a proof of address even if its not an year old proof. Also see if you can get the name added in ration card if you have one. Getting a BSNL/MTNL connection in your wife’s name is another possibility.
    Good luck and keep us posted.

    • Rajarshi Sen says:

      thanks a lot Shivam. My problem is that even though I have a passport, I am living as a tenant in Mumbai along with my wife which is why I think the only solution is to get my wife’s passport done in her old residence address. She has ration card, driving license, bank statements in her maiden name in that address. So, I have no choice left in that scenario. My passport has the Kolkata address, so it would be a problem to ratify that part as well.

      • @Rajarshi – I understand your problem. I think it will be easier to get the passport from your wife’s old address. In that case you can even go for tatkaal as you would have all the proofs. Good luck and keep us posted.

        • Rajarshi Sen says:

          @Shivam – Just gave the documents for my wife in the morning. They stamped all documents and gave the receipt as well. We had a timeline for 1045 hrs. We reached by 930 hrs but there must have been about 100 odd people already in the queue. However, it went smoothly since I had filled all the columns with the supporting documents in her old address. By 1230 hrs, we were free :) Lets see what the police verification is all about now. Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Rajarshi Sen says:

      @Thanks Shivam. Have filed the application in my wife’s old address. Hope that would suffice for now.

  145. Hi,

    My name is Jaspreet Kaur and im livig in delhi for past 8 years.My family was living in Yamuna Nagar(Haryana),however 2 months back we have sold our property there and have shifted to delhi.We are living in a rented house so i dont have a permanent residence.I have to apply for a fresh passport.I just want to confirm if i can still apply for the passport.

  146. Sourin Nandi says:

    Please if anybody can help me out. I have a few queries.

    I have a SBI account since 2008 but with a different address. I asked the bank authorities if I can change my address by providing the bank with an affidavit and they said yes. But I need to know whether I can get my last 1 year transaction details in my new passbook with my present address.

    I came across a post where the PO officials said “Beta haath se likha hua Annexure ‘F’ nahin chalega” so which things should be printed on the letter head and which things can be handwritten. Like can i card no. be hand written by the officer.

    I can only provide the bank passbook as my address proof. Is it necessary to provide 2 address proofs?

    Please reply.

    • @Sourin – If you can ask the bank folks to provide you a new passbook with the new address – then it should be ok. You can get the new passbook updated with the last 1 year transactions. Check with your bank about this.

      Ideally – Annex-F is supposed to be typed on letter head of the issuing official. A copy of I-Card is required of the signing official( unless he is from army ). Try to see if you can get the I-car number also typed on the Annexure-F. Even if it is handwritten – it should not be an issue as long as you have the official stamp around it. See these things sometimes become subjective as these are at discretion of the officer evaluating your documents. The only reason I can think someone would object to this is that when you do not have the copy of Icard and he is suspecting you just filled in some random number as the id number on your own.

      If you have annexure-F, then a single address proof should also work.

  147. Nidhi says:

    i want to change my last name on my passport post marriage. This will be treated as the creation of a new passport and i want to apply it uder tatkal scheme. Since we are staying at a rented accomodation for less than one year and don’t have an appropriate address proof for that, can i show the address proof of my mom’s place (the same is mentioned in my current passport)? I am just asking this as one of teh agents has told me that passport office people will question me how can ur address is still the same after marriage and if u wish to apply under teh same address ur husband’s address proof for that address is mandatory. For this reason my husband and me has taken last six months statement of a nationalised bank account stating my maother’s address. Apart form this, a letetr from HCL stating the same addres for my husband. Just wanted to know will these proofs work in this case, or do i need to get some addtional proofs.

    I also want to apply to for my 15 months daughter’s passport and for that i have annexure-f and annexure I and birth certificate and other relevant documents. The question which comes on my mind is that is is necessary to have parents name endorsed in either of our passports. Actually, m applying for my and my daughtet’s passport at the same time and none of us have our names on each others passport, but we do have a marriage certificate and annexure D ready with us. Also, i would like to include my mothers address in my baby’s passport also (the same address mentioned in my passport, bt different from father’s passport)….is this possible?

    Pls reply ASAP…

  148. Binoy says:

    Finally..My application was accepted today ( I just changed the name on the online application and got a new affidavit with the complete name.)
    They told me I would get the passport on Monday 11th July :=))))))))))))))))))

  149. Binoy says:

    Thank you so much :=))

  150. Ashesh says:

    Hey Shivam,

    How are you?

    Any idea if the address verification is done for fresh passport of a minor (below 5 yrs)?

  151. Rakesh says:


    I applied for Tatkal Passport on 26th July, 2011 but till date I have not received the passport. Any idea how long will it take more ? Also the passport status is updated till 25-07-2011 on passport status site for Delhi office.


  152. akhil says:

    i am going to apply tatkal scheme,i have completed my form F and I.but problem is that in the case of form F the officer has not gave me the his icard xerox copy.is it valid if i will go to the passport ofice.and i m feeling the aplication form through online but i m getting the appointment date after one months,my question is that if i have to apply on tatkal scheme so y m i geting this type of date???and my another question is that on residence proff i have ration card,pan card,and bank statement is it will be valid????plz help me i am in so much tensn,i must have to get pasport within10 days.

  153. priya says:

    I want to apply passport through tatkal scheme but i dint have voter identity card i have birth certificate,pan card,passbook,rationcard and community certificate can i apply for tatkal?

  154. Ale says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Thanks a lot for putting up such a comprehensive knowledge about the entire tatkal system. I have found it extremely useful, yet it would be of great help, if could help me out with a few queries :)

    1) I am living with my parents, and the telephone/electricity bills are at father’s name. So will it serve the purpose or should i get a bank statement (I have an account in SBI). Although i have got a driver’s license with my present address, but the address is not written very clearly over there. So will it work?
    2) I am planning to get my Annexure F from ADM city, so would i be required to get a xerox copy of his ID card. (Basically i doubt infact, if ADM would agree to give a photocopy of his ID card)

    Can you please help me out :)

    • @Ale – Thanks for liking and appreciating the content. Regarding your queries – it is good to have the documents supporting the address proof in your own name. I will recommend get a copy of SBI passbook and driving license and also carry originals of the same while going to the passport office ( in addition to the electricity/phone bills in name of your father ). Regarding xerox of I-Card, what I know is that defence folks ( army ) don’t give the photocopy of their I-Cards because of security reasons. For the ADM case – I think you should request for the I-Card – I expect that ADM would be doing this stuff for other folks as well and would already be aware whether to give/not give the photocopy – so go by what he says.

  155. Rituparna says:

    first of all thanks a ton…all the information u have provided is really useful for a person like me who wants to apply for a new pass port under tatkal scheme..i have a few queries ..plz help
    i) i had earlier applied online for new passport (tatkal), but on going to the passport office they rejected it since i did not carry Annexure F. so i would like to know if i can re apply now online..
    ii) i need to travel to south africa,and as mentioned in the booklet we do not need the ecnr stamp for travelling to south africa..kindly enlighten me on this,if this is true.
    iii) i m getting married soon and in case i m not present for police verification after i receive my passport through tatkal,will it be a problem…i will need to leave india,as my to-be husband works in south africa.
    kindly help….

    • @Rituparna – Thanks for appreciating the content. I think you should re-apply and this time carry Annex-F with you. I think ECNR is not required for SA. If you are leaving out of country – the best you can do is leave all relevant documents that prove your credibility and address proof back at home ( i assume someone would be there ) so that it can be shown to the verification officer. Further if possible – once your application is through try checking in your relevant police station if you can intimate about this in advance.

  156. Harish Singh says:


    I have recently applied for correction into my passport and submitted application form 1 under normal process on 09th sept to RPO lucknow. I was assuming that my old passport will get canceled and within 7 days I will get the fresh passport. Now, when I check the online status it says police verfication is not received. I accept that the old passport was having mistakes into my wife names, since I have filled the application from the agent itself and he might have incoorectly provided the information. When I received my old passport I catch the mistake but since I have to travel to US I ignored the fact and when I came back it was more than six months.

    .Question :
    1. For correction into passport does the police verfication is still required. Although, the mistake was my side.

    2. I know I can upgrade my existing application to tatkal scheme. I have valid file no provide by passport office. I know what all documents are required to be sumbitted for the same. I just need to confirm do I need to submit new form again or just by showing the receipt of my file no they can upgrade to tatkal.

    Please help me.


    • @Harish – AFAIK – police re-verification typically happens only if address gets changed. I am afraid you cannot upgrade your existing application to tatkal. The best option for you would be to go to the passport office and talk to the RPO about your situation. Let us know about the developments.

      • Harish Singh says:


        You are correct in your assumation but I heard from some of my friends that If you are applying for the correction within 6 months from the date of issue of your passport than no police re-verification is required but if its more than 6 months than police re-verification is required. Although, I did not find anything regarding this on the passport offical website.
        Rgearding upgrade from normal to tatkal its possible this what I found on the offical website :
        “Tatkaal Scheme

        Tatkaal scheme was introduced for issuing out of turn passports with effect from 1st January 2000. Under this scheme passports would be issued on the payment of additional fee over and above the normal passport application fees.

        To apply for passport under the tatkaal scheme applicant must appear before the official at the tatkaal counter. Application made earlier can also be converted to Tatkaal if all requirements of tatkal are fulfilled.

        I am visiting to passport office lucknow this Monday. I will keep updated things here.

  157. Rituparna says:


    Thanks again for all the information.it will be of immense help,i am sure. I still have a few queries,kindly help:

    i) i heard that passport issued under tatkaal scheme,is restricted passport,ie. i cannot travel to all places with this passport.

    ii) someone also told me, that passport issued under tatkal scheme, has one year validity only, and that police verification has to be done again after that.
    thankx a lot,


    • @Rituparna, tatkaal passport is just like a normal passport except for you get it in a shorter time. There are no restrictions on places to visit etc at all. The 2nd point is also not true. It is issued for full validity period. A common notion is that no police verification happens for tatkaal – which is incorrect.

  158. Rituparna says:

    @ shivam

    thankx again. kindly let me know a few more things:

    i)do they conduct a police verification before issuing of Annexure F? i am asking this because in my case they are going to do that without which they will not issue it to me. also after doing such verification,the issuing authority,in my case the superintendent of police will sign in the PP forms, in the box written as ” for police use only”. is this going to hamper my passport issue?
    ii) i am a citizen of Meghalaya. However my place of birth is Assam which i have mentioned in my form. is this going to pose any problem. in my birth certificate my name has been given as Rituparna Deb Roy,however in all my other documents is Rituparna Roy, because of which i cannot produce my birth certificate for giving the documentary proof of place of birth.how will this cause any problem?

    kindly help.


  159. Avinash Sharma says:

    Hi Shivam,
    I have two queries:
    1: How much time will it take once the status showing that the passport has been dispatched on a particular date.
    2. If the father name appear Kumar Sharma Narendra instead of Narendra Kumar Sharma, will it create problem?


    • Nalineesh Chand says:

      Guys, I have a different experience of passport office in Mumbai. I submitted all my documents on 17.08.2011 at the Passport Offfice in Mumbai by Paying fees of Rs.1000/- . I waited for quite a fews days, nothing was being done, finally on 02.09.2011, i got my police verification done, till 28.09.2011, the status on the website was “Police Verification Report Pending”. In the meantime, i had an urgency to travel to US, so went to RPO office on 30.09.2011 to convert my passport into tatkal scheme, but clerks in the passport office rejected my application saying that it can be done only within 14 days of the application. I fought a lot with him, finally i requested the PA of RPO that i want to meet RPO, after rounds of moving i got the appointment of RPO, Mumbai. Shri Choubey, RPO was a very simple, down to earth person, he everthing what ever i said & then asked the reason why I need to travel urgently, on my application he wrote 04/10 & told me your passport will be despatched on 04/10 & guess what today the website, shows status as “Passport has been despatched on 04.10.2011″. I am expecting it to be delivered to me by today evening. So guys, this is also one of the best way to get your work done, directly meet da RPO.

  160. Shalini says:

    Hi Shivam

    Many thanks for educating us on the process
    I needed your kind assistance
    Im applying for a fresh passport n Mumbai and want to apply under tatkal scheme
    I understand that an annexure F is needed to be submitted which shud be duly stamped and signed by some govt official or gen manager of some nationalised bank.

    I can arrange for the annexure to be stamped and signed by a Major from the indian army ..and i believe this also is approved by the passport authority.
    However, can the army officer be from any location in India or has to be necessarily from Mumbai
    My passport agent says that the officer needs to be in mumbai itself …however these officers anyways keep getting posted ..so i feel they can be from any location in India .
    Can you urgently help me out please.

    • Shalini – I also hear the same thing. However – I know people who got it signed from army officer outside their native place and it was accepted. But remember – this is subjective as it depends on the officer who verify your Annexure-F :-)

  161. surender says:

    Hi Shivam,

    I have one doubt…I am applying for passport in tatkal. Do you know what exactly is the ‘reference number’ on annexure F? I did get a VC from a naval officer, but he did not mention any number there and i heard the number is required. Is it a file number or something else?

    • Surender – What I know is that the defence personnel cannot give copy of their I-Card( because of security reasons) in which case they can give the I-Card number. However in my case, the Annex-F was not something I took along with me, it was a format already available with the officer ( since he has been doing it earlier ). I would request other folks to help Surender out here with this query.

  162. Prateek says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Congrats and I really appreciate your efforts in maintaining this blog.

    I had applied for my passport and the police verification happened some 10 days back. Now my application status is showing as “Your Police Report is In-complete. Please submit 3 sets of personal particulars form alongwith request application quoting your file no to concern Public Relation Officer.” I have checked with the concerned police officer and he said that he had sent the correct report. What could be the reason for such an issue? Please advice. If other members in the forum have faced such issues, please share your experiences.


  163. Kapil Tandon says:

    @Shivam: There is one more confusion i have in my mind is that my File reference no. starts with DLH-D00****.
    I had discussion with one of my known person he says that the Tatkaal Passport Refernce generally starts with
    Does the reference no. have anything any relaion with the type of application(Tatkaal /Normal)?

    One more thing my status is still the same: “Application is waiting for the want of police report”

  164. kumari says:

    my mother and father are illiterate (under matric) I can sponsor them to visit Dubai for three months. their passports having ECR status. They both are of above 55 years. Is there any ECNR required in their case. I heard that people above 50 years of age are eligible for ECNR status. Then why RPO put ECR stamps on their passport made recently . .Awaiting your reply Thanks and regards ….Kumari

  165. Anitha Menon says:



    • @Anitha – Ideally all your documents should have the same DOB. Having said that – you should fill DOB in your documents same as that of document which you plan to use as proof of DOB and just hope this discrepancy does not get caught by the officer who checks the document in which case the only option is to make it consistent.

  166. Ale says:

    Hi Shivam
    Finally i got my passport yesterday :) It was great seeing the efforts finally bearing the fruits.However i have a query regarding the police inquiry.. As i pointed out ,in my first post, i was issued the Annexure-F by the ADM, but only after going through the extensive police and LIU inquiry. Infact the entire process took more than two weeks.So do you think, i ll have to go through the post police inquiry, after receiving the passport as well .I m a little confused about this.Please help me out.

  167. Rituparna says:

    hie shivam,

    first of all thanks a lot..it is only because of this blog that i could submit my aplication for passport under tatkal scheme successfully. i had submitted my application with all the neccessary documents,including Annexure F and Annexure I. however now when i am checking my status,they are saying that police report has not been received. what do i do now? plzzzzzzzzzzzz help.


  168. Ankit says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Thanks for all the useful information. This helped me ensure my application (for a fresh passport) was error free and got accepted on the first visit. A bit of information which I could not find before my application was whether a joint Bank Account with my mother (Being my only address proof) would work. So for anyone looking for this information: it is accepted as the address proof as long as you have the Bank Statement for the past 12 months.

    The next hurdle once I receive the passport is the police verification which may be tricky as I might be outside Delhi for the next 6 months. Anyway, would like to thank Shivam and everyone who has commented here for their help so far.


  169. Shekhar Parekh says:

    Today ‘ Finally ‘ my application for re-issue was accepted. ( I applied at Pune). If you apply for Tatkal make sure
    1. The VC has the reference number.
    2. Get photocopy of Canteen card if VC from Indian Military.

    Following docs submitted :
    1. Address proof – Letter from Company + ID card photocopy
    2. Educational mark sheets.

  170. Roshni says:

    Hello Shivam! First of all thank you so much for putting up such a detailed post. And the comments are tremendously helpful too. :) I want to apply for a tatkaal passport and the problem is that despite being 20 years old I have no residence proof and photo ID in my own name. Within a few days I will receive my Student ID from college which will carry my present address. Using it I can create a bank account in SBI in my name. I have been staying at the current address for just 8 months. All residence proofs of the current and previous addresses are in my father’s name. Since both my ID’s would be completely new, what are my chances of getting the passport? Would it help if I can show proof through my birth or degree certificates that I really am my father’s daughter? I am also using a notary signed document which states that I am so and so’s daughter residing in so and so address to get my Student ID. Would this document help in my passport’s case?

    Sunny, Ale and Sourin’s experiences have been very helpful. Sunny’s experience makes me hopeful that in case it is accepted then verification may not be a problem even when most of the documents are in my father’s name. He used his bank statements which had the present address and they were accepted even though he had lived there for just 8 months. I have no address proof IN MY NAME which are atleast a year old. Will my father’s name suffice? And should I bring address proof of my old residence (in father’s name)?

    Another query which I have is regarding the Annexures. Annex F has to be given in “duplicate” while Annex I in “original”. What does it mean? As you mentioned, whether Annex F is handwritten or not is a subjective issue. What if the entire body is typed and just the information below containing the ID number is hand-written? And does Annex I have to be printed?

    • @Roshni – Thanks for liking the content. As per rules – the documents should be in your own name ( unless you are a minor ). However experiences shared here indicate that eg documents in name of mother/father have also worked. But remember this is a bit subjective as it also depends on what kind of documents is the officer whom you encounter at the passport counter ready to accept.
      You need to have two Annexure-F in original and one Annexure-I in original. If you have handwritten stuff on the annexure – try to make sure that you get a stamp on top of the hand-written text which will validate its credibility ( that it was not written later )

  171. Shekhar Parekh says:

    My Mother does not have any proof of document for age and residence. How can I apply for her passport ?

  172. Sandy says:

    Can i apply to RPO delhi, though i am neither staying in delhi nor do i have permanent residence in delhi. I am working and staying at Pune. I have heard that RPO at delhi is very efficient, will they accept my form with Outstation address of Pune. Thanks in advance

    • Ankit says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Unfortunately you will not be able to apply through the delhi RPO if you are not currently residing in Delhi.
      In fact, on my visit last week I saw applicants from regions of NCR such as Gurgaon and Faridabad also turned away since they were not residents of Delhi.

  173. Karthik V N says:

    Hi Shivam,
    Thanks for the useful info. I have got a verification certificate (single copy) on the issuing authority official letterhead. By duplicate annexure-F do you mean a copy of the VC or another on original letter head.

    Also the officer from whom I got the VC had recently got transferred here to Hyderabad and he did not have his organization ID card. He instead gave me an attested copy of his PAN card. Would this be sufficient.

    Please clarify


    • Ankit says:

      Hi Karthik,

      Annexure F needs to be submitted as 2 separate original certificates on official letterhead, with seal / signature of the officer, date, reference number for the certificate, ID number of the officer and along with the ID photocopy.

      It is extremely unlikely that the photocopy of the PAN card would be accepted instead of the ID card.

      • Karthik V N says:

        Hmmm….Looks like I gotta wait another 2-3 weeks before I can get his ID as he has gone on vacation now. :(

        • Karthik V N says:

          Could you please clarify what do you mean by the reference number of the certificate. I dont get the meaning.


          • Ankit says:

            Hi Karthik,

            Unfortunately I’m travelling, other would have uploaded a scan of my verification certificate which would have explained the reference number. Basically, i think it acts as an identification number for the VC in the records of the officer who issued the VC to you. This implies it has been entered into their (VC issuing authority) files and they would be able to track and retrieve the details if needed for verification. If you look at the specimen Annexure F on the website, there is a place for the reference number at the top left. I think the VC issuing officer would understand if you told him that a reference number was needed for the certificate.

            Hope this helps.

          • Karthik V N says:

            Thanks Ankit for the help.

            Once you are back from travel it would be great if you could send me a scanned copy of the verification certificate to getme_vnkarthik@yahoo.co.in.


  174. Karthik V N says:


    I need to get my passport re-issued through Tatkal. I have been staying at 2 different addresses over the last 1 year. (Both are different from the adress mentioned in my passport including state and city). While getting annexure-F do I need to mention both the addresses as it asks for only present and permanent address. Please clarify.

    Also regarding the reference number mentioned on annexure-F is it mandatory to have one as the PA of the VC issuing officer whom I met did not have much clue regarding the reference number.


  175. SPS says:

    Hi Karthik

    Your Case is EXACTLY same as mine ( & my wife ) .We had 2 addresses in the last 1 yr and different from the one in our old passport .

    Yes you will need to submit proof of your both the address and in the VC the officer MUST mention both the addresses along with the period of stay .

    Reference No: Just use any reference number of your choice . This is just needed by RPO to specify ……….if they want to verify in writing in future regarding the authenticity of the certificate , you can use any reference no …………eg VC/2011/ your name initials etc ,

    Also please do ensure u have 2 copies of VC and his ID card photocopy ( attested by him )

    • Anirudh says:


      In case of more than one addressin an year, how many proofs for the previous residence is required. I have stayed at two places over the last one year. Will HR letter form my company be sufficient for the previous residence address proof.


  176. Ghanshyam says:

    Thanks you so much for helping folks like us with your elaborate and crisp writing. I had to apply for re-issue as my passport was about to expire in a month or so and I had an urgent travel need. I talked to few agents and they were demanding anything between 5-6k just to get it submitted (they asked me to arrange all the certificates/affidavits etc). So I decided to do it myself and found this article… this single page cleared all my doubts and I could go to passport office fully prepared… Today I submitted my application successfully and waiting for my passport :)
    Things like application letter, two original copies of Annexure-F etc are not mentioned in passport site clearly and many people were surprised and returned back, thanks again to you, I could prepare all the things in advance and submit the application successfully in first attempt :-)

    • @Ghanshyam – It feels so satisfying to read feedback like that. The whole idea of this post was to provide information not readily available on official website for the future applicants. But more than me, the credit is due to all the folks who pitched in with their queries and experiences that enriched the information available here. Good luck for your passport. Do share when you receive the same.

      • Ghanshyam says:

        Today I got my passport delivered to my current address exactly 7 days since I applied! It was really a very smooth ride starting from arranging documents to applying for tatkal in passport office, thanks to Shivam and all the commenters here for helping out and doing really great job! One thing I would like to mention to all future aspirants, is if you have all the documents and arranged in proper order with all the required photo copies etc as nicely explained by Shivam, the entire process works like a charm… No bribing…no approach…nothing… its great !!! I am waiting for the police verification now and hope it goes well also…

        • @Ghanshyam, Good to hear that the process went smooth. Good luck for your verification. Do share your experience once it happens.

          • Ghanshyam says:

            The police verification happened on 28th Nov-2011. The officer came very early in the morning (8:00 AM or so) and I was still sleeping :-). He asked for id proof (PAN card), DOB proof (X marksheet) and address proof (Tel bill) and one photo.. He didn’t ask old passport copy neither did ask any neighbor signatures. After all the documents done, he politely asked for ‘baksheesh’, I offered him 500/- straight away, but he was demanding 1000/- (he said just 100/- per year… how smart :-)). We settled for 700/- but still he was not very happy… I did ask if there will be more police verification and he said there will be one after we send the report by CBI approximately 2-3 weeks later… Is it so? Anyone have any idea? Thanks for all the help.

  177. Sj says:

    my issue is that my dad passed away few years back …should i mention “LATE” before his name on the form as we have nt updated telephone and electricity bills yet wid d preffix??My second qn is dat can i submit the application form on the date of appointment (the date given on the online application form)in case of Tatkal also?

    • @Sj – I think you dont need to mention LATE in the form since all other documents would not have that prefix. I didnt get the second question – you would anyway submit the form on date of appointment only – may be I am missing something.

      • Sj says:

        Thank you so much for the reply.
        will thr be any issues related to prefix during police verification stage,i mean they might ask the same…for nt adding Late before his name??

  178. Sreeparna says:

    Hi, I had 3 quick queries
    1) I have to apply for a 1st time issue passport under the Tatkal quota and I want to apply from Kolkata. Is it mandatory to fill up the online application or can I go directly to the passport office with filling up downloaded form along with all the documents. (I need the passport asap and hence dont have the time in between to wait for a scheduled appointment date)
    2) Wht is the reference number that is mentioned on the VC. Is it the same as the employee number of the person issuing the VC.
    3) I also heard that if one is applying for a Passport for the 1st time he/she has to apply under the normal procedure and post submitting the application he/she has to visit the Passport Office after 3 days and then submit the standard affadavit and the VC to get his/her application processeds under Tatkal quota. Is this ture.
    Request urgent help

  179. Karthik V N says:


    Recently when I tried to take an appointment for Tatkal a tHyderbad RPOon https://passport.gov.in I was unable to do so in the website. I called up passport office and they asked me to complete online application and apply at new website http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/welcomeLink. But under this website the length of the current address column is 36 characters which is definitely not enough to enter my address. The funny thing is that even the reference address allows entry upto 100 characters.

    My concern is that I have already got verification certificate with my complete address and if I shorten my address here whether the RPO would reject my application. It would be very difficult to get another VC for me. Could someone please give suggestions.


    • Karthik V N says:

      I have managed to talk to Passport helpline and they suggested that we enter whatever possible on the online application and change it at the passport kendra. I have submitted my application but I am unable to get an appointment for Tatkal. It says slots open up at 18:00 but I have been trying for last 2 days but I am unable to get an appointment. Has anyone faced the same issue. Please advise.


  180. saket says:

    the three out of 14 documents for tatkaal option does indeed work but only if the police verification was completed on the previous passport issued to you or when your passport was issued by a different passport office and you are applying for reissue from another i.e.for example,if your passport was issued in Bangalore and now you reside in delhi and abd are reapplying from there.This option will not work in case of fresh/new passports

  181. faizan says:

    Iam statying in bangalore ,iam applying for tatkal passport and the authorities have asked for Annexure-F can you please let me know from where i can get Annexure-F in bangalore.

  182. Sumit says:

    Hi Shivam ,


    i am getting a chance to go to U.S from my company and want to apply for passport under TATKAAL scheme. I have verfication letter Annexure F from an Army Officer (Colonel) and have my residence proof. I am missing my 10th passing certificate and doesnt have DOB on any other educational certificate. As advised by agent i have done a NCR (non criminal report) with police station for my 10th passing certificate and even got a SDM affidavit for my DOB. I dont have time in hand to apply for duplicate of 10th passing/ marksheet certificate. MY father has also sent me a birth certificate for my birth in 1984 which is issued by an army hospital. Will this birth certificate and SDM affidavit work for me. ANY ONE any idea ………… please help urgent.. I dont want to loose this opportunity and want a passport by 18th december maximum. Please reply Shivam.


  183. Ajit says:

    Shivam, kudos to you for patiently helping out people with their passport queries through the years. I have a simple query that I’m sure would be of interest to others as well. What happens if I’m not at home when my passport arrives via Speed Post on subsequent occasions? Both me and my wife are working and my parents stay in another city. Can the postman handover the passport to my neighbour? I can give my ID proof to the neighbour and have a big, bold note pasted on my house’s door requesting the Postman to drop the passport with them. Or is that too much to ask for? Else, can I collect it from the local post office? If yes, would you have any idea how I should go about it? Im concerned about missing out on my passport due to absence.

    • @Ajit, I think your best best would be the post man who covers your area. If you can catch him, you can explain him the situation, take his mobile number and coordinate with him. Of course, he would expect some “bakshish” in return :-)

  184. Sharninder says:

    Is it just me or has the online application form changed ? I can’t seem to find Delhi in the drop down list at all. Am I missing something?

  185. AF says:

    Hi Shivam,

    I read almost all the comments but could not find my case.
    If I am living in Bangalore and am a native of Mumbai.
    Can I apply for fresh passport in my native place?

    If yes, what extra documents I do require, if any?

    • As long as you have all valid documents ( read proof of residence ) for your native place, you can apply for the passport in Mumbai. The only problem is police verification – you have to somehow manage being physically available around that time in Mumbai.

  186. asel says:

    Thanks for the information which u have posted it helping us alot but i have 2 questions hope u will answer me
    1: I applied my passport through online in normal process now i want to apply it in Tatkal process what r the changes i have to do so plz tell me i got appointment on 23
    2:i dont have my birth certificate i applied in municipal corporation but they are telling that in that certification they wont mention my name . i will get only my date of birth and my parents name is it useful with out my name in birthcertificate for applying it for my passport plz help me its urgent

    • @asel – I guess you can take a new date for tatkaal application. I am not sure if they really have special procedure for tatkaal cases. In case you are getting the new tatkaal appointment at a much later date, you can try to go via tatkaal at your normal passport application appointment time. You need to have all the supporting docs.

      Regarding the docs, I will suggest take whatever you can get. Doesnt sound a great document if it doesnt have your name but something is better than nothing.

      • asel says:

        thank u so much for replying thank god i got my birthcertificate yesterday and endoesment letter also which is given by gov that they wont include name in birth certificate by showing that letter the passport officer will accept my birth certificate but i have i query hope u can ans me
        1:if i go in annexure F process then it will take long time. my bro suggest me to pick 3 out 14 doc in that i have chosen ration card,birthcertificate,bankpassbook
        but in ration card only my last name “asel” is there but where as in passbook and all certificate i have my full name “mac asel” is this create problem wht to do???

        • @Asel – As per the information by one of the fellow applicant, the 3 out of 14 procedure is no longer being accepted. Annexure-F seems to be a mandatory. Please go through the comments above and you will find it. You can nevertheless try it if you have no other option – because you never know when they start re-accepting it again.

  187. Juned Ansari says:

    Hi shivam,
    I am based at Aurangabad (Maharashtra). My current passport was about to expire in Oct-12, So applied for reissue of passport at Aurangaabd DPCC (Aurangabad has no passport office, but a passport collection centre). However, I want this to be applied under TATKAL scheme because I have to go on employment to UAE wef 07-Jan-12. But even as of date my police verification report has not reached the Mumbai RPO (Aurangabad is under its jurisdiction). Upon asking the Mumbai RPO, they told that I can only come for TATKAL document submission once the police report is received. It is already about 10 days since I appplied for passport on 12 Dec’11. How can they claim to issue the passport in 1-7 days or 8-15 days? How much one need to pay to get the Annexure F from the list of officers as mentioned on Passport office website? I am really in a fix.
    Can anybody guide?

    • Nalineesh Chand says:

      Hey Junaid,

      Even i am staying in Aurangabad and faced the similar problem ( as posted earlier).
      If I understand correctly, you had submitted your application at Office of Commissioner of Police, Aurangabad on 12-12-2011 & Your police verification has been done in Aurangabad.

      The process here is

      Your local police station ( where your verification has happend) will forward ur report to Office of Commissioner of Police, Aurangabad, they will forward to Mumbai RPO. You can find out by visiting either the local police station of Commisioner of Police Aurangabad’s ( they maintain a register), where exactly is your report as on date. There are two possibilities :-

      1) In case it has NOT been forwardedd to Mumbai RPO and still pending with Commissiner of Police,Aurangabad, then you can get in touch with Mr. Ashwin and request him to send it to Mumbai urgently ( Wed & Sun a person goes from here to Mumbai to give these reports) and also request him to get the same updated in Mumbai RPO’s database. Once it is seen in the database, if you go and meet Mumbai RPO ( Mr. Choubey) he will issue the passport in 2-3 days [thats my personal experience] .

      2) In case it has been forwarded to Mumbai RPO but not reflected in website, then you can get in touch with Mr. Ashwin and request him to get the same updated in Mumbai RPO’s database. Once it is seen in the database, if you go and meet Mumbai RPO ( Mr. Choubey) he will issue the passport in 2-3 days [thats my personal experience] .

      In either cases, you may not be able to convert ur passport now under tatkal, as after submission of application, within maximum of 14 days only u can convert it & ur 14th day got over on 26th December 2011.

      • Juned Ansari says:

        Hi Nalineesh!
        Thanks for such a comprehensive and detailed response. I am sure no passport office or CP office can provide such valuable information.
        I am in touch with my local police station at city Chowk and they have not yet forwarded the file to CP office. They are saying that the person responsible (who takes the file to CP office) is on leave and it cannot be forwarded until he returns. I know, it is a bit absurd reply, May be because, I did not paid a bribe to them during verfication process. But why should I pay? Anyway, this is not the place to discuss this.
        I already have sent an email to Commissioner of Aurangabad with my problem. However, no reply has been received.
        Regarding the 14 days problem, I will still give it a try by meeting RPO as I have got a letter from my foreign employer addressed to the RPO on their letter head, requesting the issue of passport in TATKAL. I hope this might help.
        Thanks a lot!

      • Juned Ansari says:

        Hi Nalineesh!
        One more thing:
        Is it not possible to approach Mumbai RPO, even before the verfication report reaches them?
        Secondly, Do I need to have Annexure F (Verification Certificate) for getting TATKAL passport?
        If yes, can you please help me in getting one.


        • Nalineesh Chand says:

          Can u please call me on 9221095516… i will explain to u in detail

          • Juned Ansari says:

            I teied calling you, but you did not picked the call. Whenever free, just give me a missed call on the last missed number and I will call you back..

          • @Nalineesh – Appreciate you helping fellow applicants out. Thanks.

          • Juned Ansari says:

            @Shivam: you are absolutely right. I talked with him at length and all of my issues have been resolved.
            I am thankful to Nalineesh and to this forum.

          • HIts says:

            I want to apply for Passport under Tatkal for my minor kid ( > 2 months). Do you think Annexure F is required. If yes shall It by parents or some other officer as mentioned on website.

          • @HIts – The Annex-F cannot be issued by parents AFAIK. It has to be signed by one of the officers listed on the website.

          • Nalineesh Chand says:

            Hey…Infact…we should really thank,,Shivam for creating this forum..since when i applied for my passport..i wasnt aware abt it and had faced lot of problem. But then after that I came across this forum and trust me. i applied for my bro’s passport on 05.10.2011 & was delivered on 10.10.2011.
            Thanks to Shivam & this forum who contribute to this forum.

        • Juned Ansari says:

          @Nalineesh and Shivam Vaid

          I am still expecting my passport. Now the status is being shown as “in progress”. What is meant by this?
          Does this mean that the passport will still take a lot of time? One of my friend who applied with me from Aurangabad has got his passport yesterday.

  188. najet says:

    Hi guys,
    Can some in pune guide me how to get VC?? if you know someone who can issue same, it will help me lot.
    Agent is asking for 16K :(

  189. Mahima says:

    Hi Shivam
    Can you please let me know that I wants to apply for passport in tatkaal scheme in jaipur passport office. Due to incomplete verification certificate I was sent back and it was delayed for more den 10 days.When I went again to passport office,I was told that I have to fill the online form again as form valids till 6 days and that was over. So now when I have registered the online form again the tentative date is of 4th January 2012. and I cant wait till then. Can i apply and go to passport office by Monday i.e 2nd Jan 2012..I hav an urgent trip to Australia on 27th jan …Do revert back soon.

    • @Mahima, I am not sure if you would be attended without appointment. Since your case is urgent, why dont you talk to RPO in the passport office and request him to help you out. Let us know how it goes.

  190. Sachin says:


    Just wanted to share information related to re-issue of passport in Mumbai. I had done this recently for my dad who is a senior citizen. The website mentions that for a scenario like mine (where there has been no change of address since the old passport was issued) requires only 2 copies of the old passport (first 4 and last 4 pages) and 3 sets of latest photographs along with the filled passport form and the fee. However the reality is that one requires 2 sets of documents as testimonials to prove that the address has not changed (the website does not mention that). One gentleman who had come to the office for submission on the same day had his application rejected as he failed to provide.the same. Luckily, in my case, I had casually inquired with an agent who had mentioned this to me. So in my case, I had taken 2 sets of copies of my ration card and 2 x 2 sets of my electricity bill (one is the latest and one is a bill of one year old). If any of these are not available, then either a letter from the society or telephone bill or any other utility bill or bank statement could also suffice as a supporting document for address proof. But its imperative that one carries the same for a re-issue even if the address has not changed. Thought of sharing this as it may be useful to others.

  191. Lad says:

    Hi Shivam,

    I am applying for Tatkal passport and I have the verification certificate signed by defence official from another area. Is this acceptable ?



    • @Lad, So far nobody on this forum has reported any issues with having VC signed by official from different area. So I am assuming that it works. If you refer comments above – you will see this query but none of the later updates point to an issue with this.

  192. Subhash Thapa says:

    This website is very informative and helpful. I hope many will be benefitted from it. I request you to keep updating and provide latest information.

    • @Subhash – Thanks for liking the content and your encouragement. Help spread the love by liking Inficone on facebook, sharing the link with your friends and following on twitter.

  193. Shekhar says:


    I have 2 questions..

    1. During my PP application (re-issue), I had opted for ECNR not required and submitted all the docs. I have received my PP, there is no stamp or page for ECNR not required which was present in old PP. Is this OK ?

    2. Now, I want to apply for my Mother’s PP ( re-issue). Since does not have any address proofs can I provide my PP as address proof ?


    • Juned Ansari says:

      Now, if the page does not bear any stamp concerrning ECR, it means your passport is ECNR. So need not to worry.


  194. Vinodhkumar M says:

    Hi Shivam,
    I am going to apply for reissue of passport (inorder to add spouse name in passport) through online.
    How long will it take to get my passport again.

  195. Koderok says:

    Dude !! Hats off to you for such a wonderful description of the entire process. I am applying for a new passport issue and wanted to know what would be better – Rs 2500 or Rs 2000 fees Tatkaal passport. Someone told me that the former one is issued in such a hurry that instead of 10 years validity, it may be issued with a validity of 1-2 years. Is that true??

  196. Suhas says:

    Hi Shivam, thanks for starting this thread, which has given a very beautiful and clear picture on the procedure of applying for re-issuing the passport. I am also planning to apply for my passpoer re-issue next week under Tatkal scheme. I have just one query i.e Can I get the verifaction certificate signed by the General manager of SBI or LIC in Karnatake, currently I stay in Pune for last 7 years?

    • @Suhas – It is preferred to have the VC from the same area. However on this forum no one has reported his application being rejected on account of VC from a different city. I think it may work. Do share on how it goes.

  197. ADITYA GORKHE says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need a tatkal passport but my town inspector is not giving me verification certificate .
    Pl suggest me something

  198. Ajeet says:

    Hey Shivam,

    Can you help me on a few queries listed below regarding re issuance of expired pasports -
    -Since I am staying these days in varanasi and my permanent address is of dehi, can i get a annexure F made by an official at Varanasi and submit the same at delhi passport office.

  199. Hi,

    I stay in mumbai, Want to apply for new passport – tatkaal basis. I had askd kandivali passport office they said “Go to mumbai office for tatkaal”. I visited enquiry counter in New Passport office ,mumbai.. HE said.. Submit ur form in kandivali office .. then get the receipt.. visit mumbai office .. bring along VC [Annx F], Annx I, Proofs.. n so on..
    Anyone have done this way.. i asked agent hes charging “12k”.. saying gov ko paisa dena padta hai… is it so… Plz help.. its ugrent.. waiting for valuable feedback/help/reference.

  200. AbhishekS says:

    I went to the passport office today for re-issue, and had to return back empty handed because of the lack of “Annexure D” (I dont have the Marriage Certificate yet).
    Now my questions are:
    1) The joint photograph is one single landscape photograph showing us together, or it could be 2 separate Passport size photographs side-by-side?
    2) If I provide Annexure D to add my wife’s name on my passport, is it mandatory to add my name on my wife’s passport too? Meaning, is it then mandatory to get the name of husband/wife on both the passports? Or my wife’s passport remains valid without my name on it?

    Please provide any information asap, I have close to one week to get the passport in my hands. :-( Short on time.


    • @AbhishekS – Sad to hear that you had to return empty handed. Regarding your question, a single photo with both of you is required. Your wife’s passport would remain valid without your name on it as well.

  201. Niv says:

    Liked your blog..
    Very informative but would like to say that inside things work differently. Depends on the person on the counter and how we approach him. I am applying for the reissue of a passport under the tatkal scheme, for change of address and I am in urgent need. But I didnt get an appointment and I need to wait till monday now. I have my ICICI bank statements on the present address and working out on the VC thing. I will carry my graduation docs and old passport with me along with the affidavit,I had police verification for the earlier passport.

    Can anybody tell me if I need to take any other document, and how much time will it take to get a new one if I apply on Monday?

    • @Niv – I will recommend take all documents as you would have taken on applying for a fresh tatkal passport to avoid any document related issue. The time taken I think should be similar to the time taken for the new passport itself.

  202. Pavitra says:


    My parents are staying in a rented accomodation as their building has undergone redevelopment.

    We tried applying for passport earlier but were unsuccessful. what is the procedure for applying as even if the police goes for verification, they will only come across a building which is under construction.

    • @Pavitra – The verification is typically done by local cops. In that case – they should be aware of this situation that the building is being re-developed. To be confident, you can check with local police station about this.

  203. jey says:

    Hi Shivam, I need your advice pls. I have submitted online passport (reissue) for my wife for adding spouse name in passport through her login id. We didnt get appointment even though I tried from 6 pm to 8 pm non stop from two computers. Now I have for my wife’s application Annexure F(from Deputy sec of Heavy Industry) + 1 year SBI bank passbook of hers+Her Voter ID+Her old passport with the same address where we live in for more than 1 year till now. Now as we have submitted online tatkaal but didnt get appointment ,can my wife just apply in person for tatkaal with fresh passport application and walk in to nearest PSK ? . If this is not possible and only way is click click like every day 6 pm and try my luck then can I pay Agent to get just appointment (may be they employ many to click?) …Please help as I need her passport for applying passport for my baby (1 yr) as with both parents passport it is easy to get for the baby passport in tatkaal.

    • @Jey – Its difficult to say if you can apply in person without appointment for tatkal. Technically – they just charge some extra fees on top of the regular application for tatkal and hence it should be possible to do that. However, we don’t have any experiences shared on this forum who have done this way. I will suggest give it a shot. Dont forget to share you experience here.

      • jey says:

        I got it I got it two times once for my wife and next for my baby. my wifes passport I got it today after 8 days of application in tatkaal. Now I am confident I can crack this 6.02 pm magic door for online appointment. Its just kaunbanega crorepati fastest finger first game. My technique as follows . I practised first typing the picture password displayed as fast as i could atleast 30 times between 5.20 to 5.40 pm and logged out..i logged in at 5.55 pm charged up for the 100 m dash and kept hitting the picture password and back of the mind saying “yes you will see in top in red font please book appoint from 6 pm on this day etc” This message will occur even after 6 pm (pls note) . Retry retry picture password entry (keep capslock on always) .dont even leave a second for retry until you a see a different page with 3 or 4 radio buttons with (10 -11 am ,11.15-11.45 ,11.45-12.30) etc .The moment you see this your game really starts now.Just click any radio button without leaving a second .Please dont enter picture password first and then select appointment.TCS software counts click on radio button (time slot) and blocks others when limit reached so do select time quickly first. Enter picture password now and select go . 6.02 pm is the exact time you will get appointment slots flashed if you were lucky till 6.02 pm. If you dont get through till 6.03 pm please dont waste your time on that day as its already taken..So try the next day…Please get another friend to login from other computer with the same login password and keep trying .YOu can get teens who play video games support as their reflex is faster and fingers are faster. @ Shivam : without online appointment you cant get in and even inside you will be asked to go to regional passport office. Even RPO the passport officer will not give you easily as I went there as well who asked for company letter as an urgency proof.

  204. Dhawal says:

    Hi Shivam,
    Firstly I would like to thank you for putting up so much of information about the procedures.
    I am a student, came to Delhi in July 2010. I changed my residence in October 2011. I am going to apply for passport under the Tatkal scheme in a day or two. As I am staying at the present residence for just about 4 months and 15 days, would there be a problem with this fact or is it a must to reside at the present address for 1 year? I have the rent agreement as a proof of my residence. So my second question is, would rent agreements suffice as a proof of residence?
    Though as it seems the thread has been dysfuntional since quite some time, I am hoping for a response from your side, or any one who has any info about my queries.
    Thanks in advance!

    • @Dhawal – Thanks for liking the content. I think if you are not staying for more than one year at a place, you need to submit all documents proving your point of stay during the last one year. Where were you staying prior to Oct2011. Do you have any proof for the same? Rent agreement should be good enough – include any PSU bank passbook etc if they have this address.

      • Dhawal says:

        Oh no… I have no such passbook! Also the landlord where i stayed previously refuses to provide me with a rent agreement. I have a rent agreement of my present residence…its photocopy though. This landlord refuses to give me the original….not even for a single day! All my pleading and persuading has been in vain. I wonder why these landlords would be doubting us students as potential terrorists! anyway, I’m going to apply on Tuesday. Hope that photocopy works! would it? Fingers crossed!

  205. Sargam Wadhwa says:

    Has anything changed in the procedure since then?
    I need to apply for a re-issue under the tatkal scheme but my passport expired more than 3 years back. Are there any extra documents I will need for this re-issue since it was a minor passport before?
    Really helpful article btw. The govt. sites are so ambiguous.

  206. Juned Ansari says:


    I would like to get my parents passports reissued. My parents stay with me and they don’t have address proof in their name. What is the procedure and documents required to get the passports issued?
    The passports which are about the expire in Oct’12 were issued from Ahmedabad office.


  207. Dr Inamul says:

    Hello Shivam,
    I want to reissue my expired passport under tatkal scheme. Is the Annexure F is mandatory or i can submit the 3 documents out of the 14 documents listed?.. plz help.. thank you…

  208. John says:

    Hi Guys,

    I returned from the US 2 months back and had to get the visa stamped for the H1 extension. My passport was kept at the consulate and therefore I assumed all is well until this morning when to my surprise I got an email from the consulate that my passport has been damaged and I need to submit a new passport for further processing of the visa.
    Now, I would be going for a tatkaal mode and would be arranging the annexure F. But my problem is current address proof. I have rented an apartment since 2 months and I don’t have any proof for this current address. Can somebody please tell me what are my options? I have a SBI bank a/c. Will they update my address if I simply walk in? Will this work? Electricity bill comes with owner’s name on it. Will a combination of rental agreement and electricity bill work?

  209. najet says:

    Hi Shivam,
    I have a query, I am trying to apply for renewal of my passport. So my question is
    My current address is different than one on passport. Currently I am staying on rent since last 1.5 yrs. I have following documents for address proof
    1. BSNL telephone bill
    2. Company letter
    3. Gas connection receipt
    4. Bank account statement.
    However I dont have registered rent agreement. Do I still need registered agreement? Would it be problem not having agreement? My flat owner doesnt stay in same town so its not possible for me to do agreement..
    Hope to get inputs from you and others..
    thanks for this excellent guide :)

  210. Mahesh says:

    It’s been a while since anyone posted on this thread, so though I would make some current updates based on my experience at Bangalore Lal Bagh passport seva kendra.

    My status – Re-issue in Taatkal. Original passport issued in Chennai, passport expired 10 days before. Did not have enough evidence for 1 year of stay in current residence in Bangalore. Did not have my mark sheet and degree certificates.

    What I did have – 12th mark sheet (no DOB mentioned), two recent bsln bills, gas bills one from May 2011 and one from Jan 2012. Annexure I, Annexure F, Pan Card, ECID, Property tax receipts (not considered), Old Passport.

    What was accepted and used for processing in file – BSNL bills (2 recent), Gas bills and booklet (3), copies of passport 4 main pages attested copies, Marriage certificate attested copy, Annexure F and Annexure I originals.

    What was not used and returned – Covering letter as suggested in this forum, Pan, ECID, Property documents, driver’s license, vehicle registration document. Note that this is for Bangalore and different cities might take different steps and procedures like for ex the covering letter.

    a. The entire process now is based on online entry and submission of documents, i.e. no more application form or PP forms to be taken to the passport kendra by us. You now have to register and fill online\or fill pdf templates and upload online, however I saw near the enquiry section a board that said application forms, don’t know what that was for.

    b. You only need your supporting documents attested by you, original documents and original annexures with notary or seal\letter head as necessary to your condition (see passport office site for check list). Take 2 sets of copies, they use only 1. Also take the originals along with your appointment letter. Note that once you fill your details online and submit, you can book appointment which normally opens only one day ahead for the next for Taatkal. Right now it is 6.00 pm of previous day. Also note that once you submit you cannot edit your details, however they do allow you to edit while processing your photo and finger print and ask you to confirm all the details.

    In PSK – You will not be allowed in without appoitment letter, pls print from online after booking appointment.

    c. Welcome Desk (desk 1)- A guy verifies your docs, My Annexure F was from an Air force officer, and however he did not want to give his ID, so I took a copy of his Driver’s License. Passport office said they will not accept that, so when taking verification letter from anyone ask for genuine ID or at least something like their Canteen id card which passport office does accept since they told me so.

    d. In my case my passport was sent for verification clearance for lack of complete Annexure F by desk 1. Since mine was a reissue they checked if they have my first passport police verification clearance in their system. Luckily mine was there though done in Chennai 10 years ago. So I was told my Annexure F was not needed anymore and Desk 1 guy made a note in my appointment letter as VC (Verification Cleared). Re-issue guys residing in same place for more than a year with required supporting docs please take note of this, don’t go for agents and pay money like I almost did for Annexure F, try your luck if you have the time since I found the passport office guys to be very reasonable though curt. In my case if they did not have my records I would have needed Annexure F and would have been send back to get valid ID of the air force officer.

    e. Counter A – Anyway I thanked my stars and moved on the second step, where photo is taken, finger printing, document scanning and final confirmation is given by you as to how things will come in your passport. Here is where you can make whatever changes you need to, in case you want to make changes after you submitted online; the details match what’s in the supporting document (not for all fields). I changed my father’s name to what was in my old passport and also modified the address.
    Also make sure you have your references clearly listed from your neighbours, I had filled in my relatives names who are not my neighbour’s, so had a hard time remembering apartment numbers of some folks, luckily after wasting some time I did remember. That guys was patient with me.You also pay fees here and receipt is attached to your file. They have a neat setup, there are almost 50-60 units doing the above mentioned activities, so line moves fast.

    f. Counter B – Verification – Then came the wait as there were only some 15 verifiers, so had to wait 45 mins before my token was called. It’s the same token for all sections, so keep it safe. Document verifier also pointed out the same issue as to my Annexure F supporting ID copy was not acceptable. However he cleared me again based on the initial VC done from desk 1.

    g. Counter C – Granting – The lady here also pointed out my Annexure F ID proof was bad, did some final checks, verified my originals again and started cursing my army officer for giving verification letter and only doing the job partially. Anyway I smugly kept quite and she told me that she is approving my Tatkaal passport purely based on my original police verification and not based on the Annexure F I got. I promised her I will tell my army officer of her suggestions and save the world. ;-).

    h. Exit – They give you acknowledgement here, don’t forget to collect it.

    Some tips –
    1. Don’t have to take print out of application forms. Go directly to PSK after filling online if you are in Bangalore. For other places pls check with passport seva kendra in your city.
    2. Annexure F – Make sure you get valid id to match the verification letter. In my case DL of provider was not acceptable.
    3. For guys who can show more than 1 year of residence in same place or reissue of passport with same address I believe Annexure F is not required, make your own call.
    4. Keep the token given in counter 1 safe, don’t lose it. Keep an eye out for your token in the screens; they wait only 2 mins before moving on to next.
    5. Make sure you take the originals, I saw folks who did not bring it.
    6. Have copies of all originals including Annexures. Don’t run around last minute.
    7. Keep originals in different file away from copies
    8. Also it is not mandatory to attach supporting documents online, they scan and attach at the PSK in Counter A.

    Good luck.

    • @Mahesh – I dont have words to describe my gratitude to you for sharing this invaluable information with the forum. Its feedback and experiences like this which keeps me motivated to maintain this blog. Thanks again!

      • Mahesh says:

        No Problem Shivam, thanks for starting this forum.
        Updates. – I got my passport delivered in 2.5 days under tatkaal, police came 2 days later and did the verification. They ask you to come to the police station to sign some documents and ask for 3 passport size photos, along with two address proofs spanning 1 year. Luckily they accepted my BBMP annual property tax receipts for the 1 year proof along with telephone bills and gas bill. Property tax bills i had for the last 3 years since house is my own, though i was not living there. Today i have to go meet he inspector since i believe he has to sign off on my verificartion, he was not there day before yesterday.

    • Saurav says:

      Thanks a lot for all the info. WOuld you be able to tell me where I can get Annexure F for my passport application (tatkal)? I have no contacts in Bangalore. I am planning to visist the Koramangala BDA for possiblke help. Please let me know if you know anybody who can help.


  211. GEETA B JOSHI says:

    I am a married woman living with my husband for 1 year 3 month in the present address .I have pan card,birth certificate,driving licence with the present address,I have photo copy of my husband passport. I have iob bank account opened recently(3months old). Can I show my husband last one year bank statement as address proof?

    • @Geeta – Does your husband passport have your name? Do you have a marriage certificate? I think these docs would be useful to support if you plan to use your husband’s bank statement as proof of address.

  212. Arulmozhi says:

    Hi Friends,

    I need a pssport with in 10 days, I have only one ID proff myself (PAN Card).
    please help me to get a passport, that will help me a lot.


  213. Vijay Negi says:

    Hi sir,
    I am in a need of a quick passport (Tatkal Scheme) for an urgent foreign visit. I googled few sites but was little confused and then i landed on this article of yours which is very nice and informative. I am in dehradun right now and i belong to Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. The problem is i am with very few ID proofs with me at hand in dehraadun.. All are in Kinnaur which is a remote place and its snowing over there these days as a result the roads are blocked and i m in urgent need of the passport.
    Looking at the Shimla Passport office website i come to know that this type of passport can be availed in 2 ways:-
    (A) If an applicant desires to obtain his passport under the Tatkal Scheme, a verification certificate as per the specimen at ANNEXURE ‘F’ and standard affidavit as Annexure “I” should be submitted along with the TATKAAL fee. The Passport Issuing Authority shall retain the right to verify in writing the authenticity of the Verification Certificate from the official who has issued it. All applicants seeking a passport out of turn under the TATKAAL Scheme are advised to submit their application, documentation, colour photographs with white or light background and fee as specified below. No proof of urgency is required for Out-of-Turn issue of passport. Post Police Verification shall be done in respect of all passports issued under the Tatkaal Scheme.

    (B) on submission of three documents from the Fourteen documents that you know better.

    Now my problem is that i have only Voter ID Card with me.

    AS THE PASSPORT WEBSITE SAYS… It can be availed in 2 ways …

    CAN I GO FOR OPTION A… as in this case i will only have to submit few photoes, a verification certificate and a and standard affidavit as Annexure “I” along with the fees. I DONT HAVE DOB Certificate with me…

    Please guide me. soon,.

  214. aashu says:

    hi shivam

    i applied for a passport a week ago through the tatkal scheme……..however have not recieved it yet….can u help…….

  215. manas says:

    Hi Shivam,

    I applied for my wife’s passport on 9 March 2012 under Tatkal Scheme. Its 21 March Today & we havent received the passport yet & the status is showing “Police Report Has Not Been Received”.

    Are we supposed to collect the passport in person from the passport office when applied under tatkal scheme or it will get mailed to the current address mention in the passport application on which verification has to be done???

  216. Amit says:

    Hi Folks,

    I am in a fix here. My passport expires in January 2013. And I need to get it renewed under tatkal sewa. The issue is that out of the last year, 6 months I was out of India. Could anybody assist what can be done in this case?


  217. Abhijit says:

    Hi Shivam,

    I need my wife passport under tatkal, since traveling on last week of may. I read lot of websites and information. As I come to know ANNEXURE ‘F’ is mandatory, but I don’t know anybody who can issue the same. I also read about option B that 3 out of 14 is really invalid now. is ANNEXURE ‘F’ only way to get passport under tatkal. I am from Navi Mumbai.

  218. Sandeep says:

    I was told today that the Annexure F has to have 1) phone number 2) fax number and 3) email address. Otherwise a big pain .

  219. Abhishek says:

    Hi, Shivam !

    I got my TATKAL passport issued last month i.e. in march 2012. I din’t post anything earlier but, I did Google quite a lot before walking down to the PSK, ITO. The Googling took me to this page which ultimately helped me in having a swift day at PSK so, you deserve a huge thanks for that . The description by you is detailed and without any junk, so, documentation, keeping your words in mind, becomes a breeze. If all the documents are on track, getting a TATKAL passport is never a hassle, at least that’s what my experience says. PSK, ITO has an energetic team and superior infrastructure which really doesn’t let you feel irritated at any point. Rest, I applied for the passport on a Monday which was delivered right on Saturday. The next week followed the police verification and that’s it ! I think, just like issuance, the process of police verification is also expedite in case of TATKAL passports. I was always scared about Passport ordeals that most of my friends had to go through but, my experience was completely opposite. P.S. the passport office sends SMS as and when the passport is dispatched so that you don’t need to keep a track of it, online:) . This entire experience makes me say that public sector in India is doing fairly well these days, finally !

  220. Shilpa says:

    hi sir i just wanna know the exact duration required for submitting the community certificat the certificate. we took the certificete oly a week back for tatkal passport. some says that the community certificate must be got atleast a year before? is tat necessary so? pls reply me soon ..

    • Abhishek says:

      @Shilpa considering you are meaning the caste certificate by saying “community certificate”, I would say there is no need of it at all. I could say this as I am an OBC myself ,but, that part of info was never really required to be furnished for the issuance of TATKAL passport. Standard documents in support of your DOB, CURRENT ADDRESS (not less than one year), ECNR proof, standard affidavit and the Verification certificate(issued by competent authority), these are all, what would be required on the d’day. Make sure, your address proof document must be a year old at least, that’s the most important and tricky part. For instance, even if you have VOTER ID, you need to have one which is issued a year back, the same is true for bank passbooks, Gas/Electricity bills/telephone bills. In case of Telephone bills, private operators are not welcomed always and likewise, passbooks too should belong to a nationalized bank. Ration cards are no more acceptable as proof of residence. Best of luck !

  221. orange says:

    hey shivam
    i found ur article really reaallly helpful..
    ok so nw ,this is my issue..
    we live in gulbarga,a district in karnataka.my husband had applied for renewal of his passport in tatkaal.his passport is expiring in the mid-May..he did this online.he has taken an appointment on 7th may.he has to be in bangalore on that day..as much as i understood,he needs a Annexure F..he had been to a police bhavan,the people working at a lower level than the SP/DIG etc etc,keep saying jus one thing -”they wil not give the annexure so easily”..so it’s here that v r facing a little problem,infact gettin delayed…yet dint give up,,n nw trying for tahsildaar…
    after reading ur article,i also learnt tht he needs a Annexure D for spouse entry (there was no spouse name in his old passport)..can the renewal do without it??i mean isn’t a marriage certificate enough??

  222. Shubhra Kanti Lahiri says:

    I want to apply for a tatkal passport and my date of births is 23/09/1989 but I do not have a birth certificate.
    I have my secondary exam admit and marksheet with my date of birth on them and have an affidavit with my mother stating that that I was born in home and also that the date mentioned there are correct.

    So are these things enough or I need Birth certificate?

  223. Vinit says:

    applied for my tatkaal passport online, took 2 days to get an appointment slot (ala fastest click first). passport office experience was good, except for an impromptu meeting for all passport officers that lasted 2hrs and caused unnecessary delay (tcs staff tried to make the best of the situation but they are mere facilitators with the real power being with the ‘babus’).

    got my passport in 48hrs which was surprisingly, considering that the online status kept showing ‘police verification initiated’ or something of that sort for 4-5 days even after i had sent my passport for visas :)

    the real headache was the post-police verification procedure, which is still not complete. apparently the police officer wanted to park his vehicle in my private family building, but was stopped by the security staff and ended up going back in a huff. i had to pursue him, calm him and literally chauffeur him back to my place for the verification process (along with a fat baksheesh). but even after filling all his paperwork and meeting neighbours in my area, he handed me a piece of paper with a long list of documents that i need to submit at the police station along with 3 photographs.

    i’m travelling, so will be going to the police station with the necessary paperwork this weekend. fingers crossed.

    whole experience is kinda bitter-sweet. but i appreciate the need for stronger verification protocols in today’s time.

  224. susovan says:

    is it compulsory to have annexure f in the present circumstances? as i do not have any contacts at the government level

  225. ashu says:


    Nice article with great insights. Thanks.
    I’ve a question.I recently moved to Pune (in Sep’11), and now I want to apply for reissue under Tatkaal. As I have not completed a full year, will I be able to get the passport under Tatkaal as the language for “VC” explicitly says that the requestor has been staying for last one year. Does it mean that I can’t get a verification certificate now?

    P;ease advise.


  226. vardaan says:

    hy … i want to ask that i turned 18 dis oct {2011) … and my voter id nd my bank statement is also issued in the month of october ….. i want to apply for re-issue of mah passport with my new address in which we are residing since 2009

    i dont hav any address proof in my name which is 1 yr old …. nd address proofs are valid only if they are 1 yr old …. so what should i do now ????

    waise i’ve water telephone and electricity bill all in the name of my mother …….. plz help … i’ve already scheduled an appointment with psk

    • Shivam says:

      @Vardaan, If you are submitting address proof with your mother’s name, you should also have some document of your own self where your mother’s name is mentioned as it appears on the address proof. Good luck and let us know how it went

  227. Alhad Patil says:

    Hi, I have a unique problem. My passport has expired 20 days ago, and I wish to renew it. So I went about the usual procedure-registered at the passport gov site, filled in the form, uploaded the documents and booked a Tatkal appointment. My case:
    1. Passport reissue – Include spouse name, renew passport, delete ECR.
    2. Docments reqd ( as per website) – Old passport and copies of same, marriage certificate, SSLC/Grad certificate.

    I went to the PSK ( Hubli) today, and was surprised to hear the I would require the annexure F and I ( which was not mentioned in the website). Also, the next shock came when they looked at my SSLC marks card . The name there was printed as Patil Alhad, while in my passport, the given name is Alhad Satish ( dad’s name) ; surname : Patil. They bluntly told me that I would never get my ECR deleted, as these two names would never match! God, had I known this before enrolling into school.( My school recorded the name as printed in my SSLC card ).

    Any suggestions? They asked me to get the annexures for Tatkal, and said I sould be thru. Also, they have asked for address proof. I am staying in my permanent residence since the past many years, but had moved out for 2 years(staying across the street ) due to renovation. Telephone/ electricity bills one year ago were on that address, So invalid address proof again. Just got a scheduled bank passbook – Saraswat Bank, as add proof, and Ration card.

    Please help, I dunno where to start all over again.

    • Shivam says:

      @Alhad – Having two different names can be a pain in this case. For tatkal passport, Annexure-F is mandatory. You need to see if you documents like ration card, passbook, telephone bills that you can use as your address proof. Think of any document that can prove that you are at your permanent address for last one year.

  228. vijay says:

    I was asked to get annexure f inspite of having more than 3 documents that are required for the tatkal passport. iam planning to get one from my army friend.the sample form is a bit confusing and i have queries regarding those…
    1)am i supposed to type the details of the sample annexure on the letterhead of the issuing authority and then get it signed and stamped…is that right guys?
    and it would be really helpful if anyone could post an image of the verification certificate?

  229. Gita says:

    I have filled up an Online form for renewal of expired passport. I am not getting appointment at 6 pm .as soon as I enter I get a message that there are no appointments for tomorrow.
    Feeling depressed. Please advise & help!!!

  230. Manini says:

    Hi…i read this article before applying for a Tatkal passport in Delhi and thought of sharing some important information for helping others who would be applying in future-
    1. Annexure F is now mandatory for Tatkal
    2. The certificate should also have an email ID or Fax no. The verifying authority can write it on the annexure with his signature and stamp below it. This is important to avoid rejection of the application.
    3. Any verification certificate issued by under 56 APO by an Army official is no longer accepted. The reason for this is still unknown. Its been just 10 days since the certificate has been rendered invalid for verification by the passport authority.

    For appointment, the applicant needs to first apply online on http://www.passportindia.gov.in. After getting registered there, take an appointment at 6pm online for yourself. Normally, all the slots gets booked by 6.02 pm so you can also approach an agent for the appointment. They usually take 1000rs for the appointment. Once done, take a print out of the appointment and reach at the PSK at the scheduled time.

    In case you are not able to get the online appointment done, alternatively you can also visit Bhikaji Cama place for an appointment. Do remember that you would atleast be standing in the queue for 2.5- 3 hrs before your turn arrives. The gates for entry are closed at 12.30 pm and the appointment given by the passport officials there is actually a walkin on a given date at a PSK which is hand-written on your form. These walkins are from 10- 1pm at any PSK allocated to you.

    i had applied for a Tatkal passport verified by a Major of this APO and got my application rejected. Since i do not know any one else in Delhi who can certify it for me, i am applying through normal passport. As it is, due to the appointment issues i couldnt fly to Singapore for my business trip.

    Hope my experience helps others who are applying for the passport.

  231. Harshit kumar gupta says:

    I am student of BTech at IIIT JABALPUR orignally from UP,and residing in institute hostel at Jabalpur.I have to apply for fresh passport under TATKAAL scheme.I am with following documents will they be sufficient for completing the procedure.
    a)Institute I Card
    b)Passbook Allahabad Bank (Insitute address)
    c)annexure f certificate (from GEAD OF INSTITUTIOn along with her ICARD xerox)
    f)NIWAAS PRAMAAN PATRA (Home address)
    Sir can you pleas tell me exact procedure for applyng for that

    Thanking You

    Yours ,
    Harshit KUMAR GUPTA

  232. Anshika says:

    Hello Shivam Sir!

    Firstly thank you for posting this information and starting this threat. This is has been the most informative matter i have read so far since the i have started looking for information regarding the passport. Infact I wud say this is better than the website. If one reads this and goes to get his/her passport work done, chances are that her or she might get it done in one go where as if one just checks the passport website content, all he would be doing is making endless attempts and unnecessary trip to just stand in the queues. This write-up of urs tells us exactly how we shud go about it. I am talking about the extra and IMP and ”no where mentioned” tips (like be polite and application etc.) which becomes mandates especially when one wants to get their work done by dealing with public sector setup like this.

    I am applying for a fresh passport and after reading through the article and the comments, I too have developed some queries and would to be answered if possible. (I hope u still follow this thread and reply to the queries)

    1) I have my birth certificate however it does not have my name on it. my mums name is Shakun so they have written “Baby Shakun” in the name’s column. The reason being my name was not decided by that time. This isn’t a case of name change or something. Also this certificate has my fathers name but not in full only the first name and middle name but no surname. What shud i do about it. Also I don’t stay in the city i was born anymore plus no contacts too. Is there anyway out??

    2) I am planning to apply for mums passport too but she doesn’t have her birth certificate at all. Or if at all she has it might be dumped somewhere @ my nana’s place. The write up above says that annexure A can be made for birth certificate however it is ONLY for illiterates (I guess) which is not the case here. She is a post graduate.
    What can be done in her case.

    Waiting for your response.

    • Shivam says:

      @Anshika – First of all thanks for liking the content. Regarding your query, do you have your matriculation certificate? – it can act as a proof of birth.

      • Anshika says:

        Thank you for replying Sir.. :)

        Yes I do have my matriculation certificate. Just wanted to make sure if not having my own name on the birth certificate is not an issue ( as the name was not decided by then).
        I am going on 4th to give it my first shot. I hope it works. Lets see ( fingers crossed)

        Thanks Regards.
        Anshika Shrivastava

  233. Rushikesh says:

    Hi Shivam,
    First of all I want to thank you for posting such a detailed information about applying for a passport. I really appreciate your efforts in helping out people.

    I want to reissue my passport under the Tatkal scheme. My passport is just expired on 7th June 2012. I wanted to know whether there is a need for Affidavit Annexure ‘F’ document to be submitted for the reissue of passport?
    I am confused because on this link, http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/docAdvisor/reissuePassport , I found that for re-issue of the passport if it is before 3 years from the date of passport expiry, does not require the Affidavit Annexure ‘F’ to be attached with my application. It only shows the Original Passport and the Address proof document (in case there is change in address from the address mentioned in the original passport). Any idea whether any rule is changed this year regarding Affidavit Annexure ‘F’ in terms of re-issue of passport through the Tatkal scheme?


    • Shivam says:

      @Rushikesh – Unfortunately one cannot rely entirely on the information on the website. I havent seen any experiences on this forum where Annexure-F was not needs. If any other folks have information on this, I would request them to help Rushikesh here.

  234. Adith says:

    Hey I am 17 years old and will be becoming 18 on 3rd of July, I already have a Passport which is valid until 2020. Will I be needing to renew it after my birthday? I am applying for my Student USA Visa will I need to wait for my birthday to do this?
    Thanks in Advance

  235. Rushikesh says:

    For the benefit of all those who need the passport instruction booklet, you can find it here
    It might help in filling up the Application form and the required documents.

    Application form(if required) can be downloaded from here


  236. Gaurav says:

    Hi SHivam,

    Thanks for the detailed inputs. I am going for my appointment at PSK Malad Mumbai. I think i have every documents required however do have my doubts.

    1. Annex F is there from commander of navy from Mumbai but his ID is not there. Will this lead to rejection?
    2. I have annex I, D Address prooof (MTNL bill, I have been living at my owned house for last 10 months)
    3. Last year ITR for ECNR and also as address prooof of last residence.
    4. PAN copy for DOB. Will this suffice?
    5. Letter from builder on occupation of flat (a dditional proof)
    6. copy of flat purchase. Originals are not there as they are with my bank.

    Any suggestions?

  237. Sreeparna Bagchi says:

    Hi Shivam,
    I have applied for my passport on 15-Feb-12 under the normal process since I didnt have contacts for getting a Verification certificate in kolkata. However now I am running pillar to post for moving my application but when i check my status it says “Passport application is under review at the Regional passport Office. I went and spoke to one of the Superintendents and he said that my police verification has come adverse where my nationality is not verified and hence a reverification will be initiated again and then once the police report comes then my status will move. I went and spoke to the concerned person in my local police station (uttarpara Police Station, Hooghly) but they say that my file hasnt come there and that since my place of birth is different than my place of residence hence my file will go my birth place for enquiry (Coochbihar in mycase). I am in a fix. i want to convert my application under tatkal process.

    Hence need your help on the following two things
    a. If someone can issue me a Verification Certificate
    b. How do I get my application status moving as I need my passport by this month end.

    Thanks in anticipation

    • @Sreeparna, Since you already have an application in progress, I am not sure you can switch to tatkal. Instead, what I would suggest you is to meet RPO at the passport office and explain the situation. Hopefully, they would be able to assist you. Other option is to find some contact in the police and get the verification expedited.

  238. GANESH says:

    Hi shivam

    • @Ganesh – Appreciate if the comments can be in plain english as opposed to SMS lingo as it helps readibility for other folks who visit the page. Regarding your query – You can say that you are planning to change job which might require you to travel on an immediate basis.

  239. opboss says:

    first of all Thanks for your work shivam..my old passport has expired before 2 year. today i need re-issue, i madde my old passport when i was minor. my present address is different. but im living same address at 1 july 1990 & current im also living with same address, my present address is also my permanent address. before 8 year ago i have no identity so i gave my village address. but now im living with my family with permanent address now i have most of Id Such like as PAN card, Driving licence, residental certificate etc, so i am confused that should i need Annux. “F” or not, for Tatkaal scheme..???

    Best regards

  240. Pencil says:

    Mr Shivan Vaid and others, thank you for the invaluable information you posted here!
    I had to reissue my passport for Tatkaal, and here is my contribution from Bangalore PSK (Marathahalli) experience:
    1. if you have an appointment for 3.45 don’t wait in line beyond 3.45
    2. go inside and get a token (if you applied for tatkaal go to tatkaal line for token)
    3. the token issue lady told me i cant get tatkaal because im divorced but i just agreed to go on the “normal” scheme and went inside
    4. in the waiting room look out for your token number on the big monitors (like airport). They sell food in there too, welcome surprise. Go quickly to the counter or else your turn will expire. no talking on mobile phone, its very very distracting.
    5. i paid for the normal passport at A counter, and went on to B counter.
    6. at B counter i was asked to show original passport, voter ID, IT Assessment order and divorce decree. I asked out of curiosity how soon i can get a normal process clearance. the gentleman asked “do you want tatkaal, you have to pay extra” i replied yes and showed a letter issue by my office HR on the letterhead saying i have to travel in immediate future. he said sure i can go tatkaal. i asked what about divorce decree – isnt it a problem, he said “who said so?!” and sent me to counter C to confirm.
    7. At Counter C the senior official looked up a rule book. i heard things like “signature change not allowed”, “change of fathers name not allowed as per case so&so versus so&so”. then he came to tatkaal section – “tatkaal not allowed if there is change of name request” (from married name to maiden name i assume), tatkaal not allowed for change of address, and I think i heard him say “tatkaal not allowed if minors parents are divorced” – not too sure about this. Finally “i don’t see any precedent for divorce decree holder not to get tatkaal passport since judgement is passed already”. He told me to go to A-B-C counters again.
    8. My token was called for A counter, i went there paid tatkaal fees. she scrutinized the original divorce decree very closely this time, made sure i signed on all pages of the copy i had submitted.
    9. my token was called for B counter, where the gentleman again scrutinized the divorce decree closely and signed me on to C counter.
    10. at C counter they again looked for the words “marriage has been dissolved”, and then checked for my signatures then they stamped Cancelled on my passport.
    11. i didnt know what to do next. the kind man at counter C said take the acknowledgement and go home.
    12. I couldn’t find “acknowldgement” counter anywhere but I followed “way to exit” signboard. At the door the security gets the acknowledgement issued and then lets us out. i entered the PSK gate at 3.37, I was out at 4.30 – pretty quick considering there were about 250 people inside, and i went through two loops.

    They’ve marked Reissue Tatkaal passport with Post Verification. I hope the cops call me so I’m around when they arrive! They have taken copies of my old passport, Pan Card, DL, Voter ID, Divorce Decree from Family Court. Although I had my Standard Affidavit Annexure I as well as Annexure F ready, they didn’t ask for it. Maybe because I possessed a document issued by Family Court Magistrate?


    i observed that the TCS staff are very efficient. the counter people have to handle tokens almost non stop. They did look tired and wanting to wrap up quickly. Also counter A is sort of mechanical, so I had to ensure to look at the monitor and point out errors if any, its very distracting with the crowd of people all around. Being polite to them helps a LOT too, they look as if they are beyond stressed out. The ushers make all effort to locate token numbers which come up on the screen. Sign your photocopies before going to the PSK it saves a lot of time. Uploading the XML online before taking appointment also saves time. Keep your original cards safely they tend to fall out of big files and not be noticed. Someone gave me a Voter ID card, I just took it and put it in my file, later i found both of mine intact, then realized the found card belongs to someone else. I just gave it back to the person at the counter. there is a LOT of jostling from beginning till end except when we are sitting in the waiting area, or sitting at a counter. take care of your cash. Plenty of children blocking the aisles. I had to be very careful not to hurt a toddler as I rushed to Counter C. The place is very well maintained and well lit but crowded.

    Some useful info for divorcees:
    Ladies, if your case is pending in court, use Annexure K
    If your case is heard, but you have not received the Divorce Decree, you can’t apply for passport (Showing your status as “single” is illegal, you have to show it as “divorced”)
    Once you get the Divorce Decree, keep it VERY carefully, and you can apply for passport.

    Hope that helps someone out there!

    • Saurav says:

      Hi Pencil,
      You may rather want to call up your Police Station yourself after a week to ffind out if your file has come – it helped in my case in HSR P.S. I have heard instances where the PS didnt bother to call even though they have received the file. In my case, I had gone to the PS soon after submitting the passport application at Marathahalli and asked the concerned police officer takingg care of verification when the file is expected to reach them, and they said in about 7 days.
      All the best.

  241. Pencil says:

    Oh i forgot to mention – my name & address & signature remain same as old passport.
    Things seem very smooth when this is the case.

  242. ganesh says:

    hey friends here v go for the passport war at Mumbai psk hope it will help u
    i first applied for my character certificate at the local police station (as someone told me for verification certificate it is must) it took me about 12 days for a very small procedure of 5-6 days after that i
    2) searching for verification certificate by an IPS or IAS officers it was my luck that i hav one (my uncle is in crime branch) one of sp he had worked with .Is now DCP but at first he denied to give saying i don’t know this person(me) thank god he agreed at last but than also it took 8 days. on 4 Aug2012 i got it
    3) i opened an account on http://www.passportindia.gov.in (which is valid for 60 days)
    4)got an appointment of 8 Aug 1:45 pm.
    5) i reached psk(lower parel) at 8 am waited their for almost 6 hours.they wont allow u to go inside the office till your time come so dont waste your time waiting their
    6)inside there are 3 counters actually 4. on first counter he asked me for my school passing certificate (people get confuse in TC(as called in my school KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA ) in state board school they use to call it LC ie:leaving certificate but passing certificate is different. make a mark of this carry ur passing certificate
    7) one more imp thing people having birthday after 26 jan 1989 please carry your birth certificate for sure (TC or LC) will not work
    8)doc taken from me
    B) MY BANK STATEMENT(should be of last one year and of a nationalized bank)
    D)A NOTRY AS PER Annexure I .
    E)PHOTOCOPY OF MY BANK PASSBOOK (first and last page)

    but i was having only one copy of VC they gave me 3 days extention on the same appointment letter ie:9,10,13 augest .
    i came back got one more copy of VC and again hit the psk on 13 Augest. my doc was checked before only so he gave me a token no
    here they asked me details that should be filled in your passport lik name,birth mark, sign they scan our signature, take photo (which finally comes on our passport) they also asked me for my fingerprints.
    i had paid the money here 2500/- for tatkal
    after that they send me to the next counter their they gain cheked my document against my original
    Here u just hav to wait for a some time final check of important documents after thar they will issue a receipt with your application no, reference no and id no of your passport…………..

    after 3 days i got a message and email that my passport has been dispatched on 17 Aug with a speed post id no to track my parcel finally i got my passport under tatkal on 21 Aug 2012

    still waiting for verification by local police station
    hav a nice day …………….best of luck to all

  243. ganesh says:

    @ shivam
    i want to go and join my job in pune but waiting here in aurangabad for the post verification by local police station ……………………any suggestions?

  244. Archit Khullar says:

    THis is ridiculous!!
    i went to PSK gurgaon for my appointment ( Reissue Passport tatkaal Scheme ). I had all my documents intact.
    Appointment was at 10:45. When my number came, the guy at the counter asked for the verification certificate. I got my V/C from a CAPTAIN in Indian navy so he didnt give me his ID Card as they are not allowed to do so. However, This guy at the counter asked me to give the ID card no matter whata nd tells me he can show me 300 people who will be having the id card. I said, i am standing here whole day. Show me. he literally shouts out loud asking for ID Card from people who had V/C with them and here’s the catch: NO ONE from the people who made their certificate from an Armay or NAvy personnel HAD AN ID CARD. he still says to me i wont accept it and rejects my application and also tells me TO BRING 2 ADDRESS PROOFS whereas it is clearly mentioned only one is required and i just have one address proof with me as i am from chandigarh basically but now studying in Gurgaon.
    P.S: The PSK Chandigarh office rejected me twice saying i would have to re issue my passport from Gurgaon but see how they are Harassing me now.
    WHAT SHOULD I DO SIR?? please reply to this. I have to fill my Internship form to go to Singapore/U.S. till 30th october and time is passing by. Please Please help me :( :(

  245. Precious says:


    My passport got wet in the rain. I have got admit from an university in US, for higher studies. I will have to plan my visa interview in mid nov, and now my passport is damaged. Can i apply for re-issue of passport in tatkal?
    In the website http://passport.gov.in/cpv/TatkalScheme.htm , its mentioned as possible, but people say its not possible to apply for re-issue in tatkal.
    Need your inputs please..

  246. Saumendu Nandi says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Hats off to your observations and letting us know about these useful information.

    My query: My permanent address is in West Bengal. And for the last 2 yrs I’m working in Noida.
    1) If I want to submit Annexure. F, will it require to be verified and signed by a gazetted officer from UP only or an officer from any region can sign that?
    2) If I submit the form in either Delhi or Kolkata office with my permanent address proofs (i.e the address in W.B), should I need to mention about my staying in Noida and its corresponding proofs like Telephone bills, Rent agreement, etc…

    I don’t know whether I made my points clear to you or not. A quick response will be highly appreciated.

    • @ Saumendu – I am assuming you are applying for passport in WB as your proofs are for WB address. In that case – it is better you get Annexure-F from WB. Is the WB address your permanent address? If so – it should be ok not to mentioned anything about Noida. However note that -police verification would happen at the provided address and even though you work at Noida, you need to be physcially present in WB for police verification.

  247. Arnab says:

    The fact that this thread is alive and kicking for two years from the time it started underlines the fine job you and everyone is doing here, Shivam. Here is my situation that I need suggestions with.

    I have an ancestral house in Kolkata (Permanent address) that has been transferred in my name through a registered deed in 2012. My current passport is in this address and was issued in Kolkata. This passport expires in Apr’ 13 and I am expecting a trip around that time, so, looking for a re-issue.

    Intermediately I was residing at a rented house, also in Kolkata. In Nov, 12, I have moved to Hyderabad, vacating the rented house. Now I have a problem with Address proof. My bank accounts bear my new address now (both PS and private banks). I have only one month’s mobile bill in my new address. My Voter ID is no good because it has incorrect address (intended to be in my permanent address). Since the house in Hyderabad is a rented one, the Utility bills are in the name of the society.
    I have my 10th Mark sheet and PAN card that will work as DOB proof. I have a Driving License but that bears the address of the rented house in Kolkata. I am really puzzled and concerned. Help!!

  248. neeraj says:

    thanks yaar..u really helped me a lot. i hav a appointment on monday morning and i was feeling restless.but after reading ur exprience i feeling muchbetter and confident. wish me luck.

  249. @Chimmy, The verification typically happens within a month or even later. So there can be good probability that it happens only after you come back. I will say that there is no need to visit the police station now. Before going out for marriage, do inform your next door neighbors that you are leaving for a marriage and a passport verification person can come when you are not here. Typically the neighbors would be asked in case nobody is found at home. Ask you neighbors to take the number of the verification officer and you can either call him once you come back or visit the local police station.

    In some cases, police guy also called up the person before coming. So if you have given your mobile number somehwhere in your application – you may be directly able to tell the police official about your unavailability.

    And do not worry – as long as you have all the right proofs, the verification will pass successfully. Good luck – enjoy your vacation and keep us posted on the developments.

  250. @Sanjeev, Interesting situation! Are you in urgency of the passport? If yes – I will recommend you to visit the passport office and try to talk to RPO and explain the situation. In case urgency is not there, wait for the cop to come for police verification. In case you are not available at your friend’s place, your friend can always tell the cop that he can come at some particular time when you will be available.
    End of the day the whole passport process will happen based on address that you gave in the application form. So as long as your existing application is under works – you cannot use a different address.

  251. @Binoy – Sad to hear that you ran in to issues here. My gut feel is that if you just change your fathers’ name in your new application form and Annexure-F to the same name as mentioned in your old passport – it will be accepted. The thing is these kind of issues are subjective. If you encounter the same guy when you go again with your application after lets say taking an affidavit that the two names are same – it might not work. Because end of the day expectation is that father’s name should not change across passports.
    As long as you old passport is not expired, it is possible to get some changes done on it but why do you want to get in to that tunnel? I will rather advise to try with newer application and see if it works. Good luck and keep us posted.

  252. @Insul – Refer http://passport.gov.in/pms/How%20to%20Apply%20for%20a%20Lost-Damaged%20Passport.htm You need to fill Form-1 (http://passport.gov.in/cpv/ppapp1.pdf ) along with Annexure-B ( http://passport.gov.in/pms/Annexure-B.htm ) and a signed statement about the circumstances under which passport got damaged. Tatkal passport is issued for full validity eg when renewing your passport. Even for damaged passport case – you can apply in tatkal by paying the extra tatkal fee ( http://passport.gov.in/cpv/checklist.htm )
    From the information you have provided – it looks like getting a passport from Delhi address would be the possible option for you. For the verification part – you can leave your relevant documents at home. Your parents can explain to the cops the situation and anyway even if cops verify through your neighbors – they would know that you are a genuine case.

  253. @Ale – Thanks for all the kind words. It is actually the experiences shared by folks like you which add tremendous value to this post. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience – I am sure it will be beneficial for future applicants. Good luck for your passport.

  254. @Kapil – Thanks for liking the content. Regarding your query – do not panic. It typically takes 7-10 days for passport to get delivered. The online status information can sometime be erratic – so I will recommend do not read too much in to it. Only if you do not receive the passport in another 5-6 days – should you start getting bothered.
    You mentioned that you submitted a Lost Affidavit. Do they also require you to submit a copy of FIR of lost passport? I am just wondering if that and the status could have some relation.

  255. Kapil Tandon says:

    @Shivam: Just to Add on one document which i forgot to mention is the and thanks for reminding me:
    FIR Report.
    Yes you need to submit it along with all the documents mentioned above.
    Sure, I will wait for couple of days more. Its been 4 days since i submitted my passport. Should i wait until friday, and then i should go to passport office on Monday if the status doesnt changed as they have mentioned the date 24, oct, 2011 on my reciept.

  256. @Anikesh – Thanks for liking the content. Yours is surely is a unique situation! I know it will sound painful but it looks to me that unless you physically go and meet RPO at Kolkata – you might remain stuck. You seem to have already tried the letter,phone route and it hasn’t helped. If Kolkata passport office has lost your file ( or cant find it ) – ask them to give that in writing that no application information in your name exists with them. I guess that should help ( Check with Bangalore RPO if that would be sufficient ).
    In addition – how did the Bangalore passport office come to know about your earlier application? Could they find that information from their database OR did you tell them about it?

  257. Vicky says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Thanks for the info. It is very much useful for people like me who are not residing in their permanent addresses and do not have contacts here.

    I still have 2 questions:

    Any idea where can I get a annexure F from Bangalore as I do not have contacts here. I found people offering to do the process for 12500/- :(

    Also I am not staying at the same location for the past one year. Should I mention only one current address and give them a HR letter(My company only mentions address and not the period :) )

  258. Shivam says:

    @Vicky – You have to look for some officer through your friends who can do Annex-F job for you. Ideally one has to provide details of all the addresses but since you company letter doesnt mention the period you can try your luck with that!

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