How To Remove Hypothecation From RC After Car Loan Termination

If you have taken car loan and made the complete payment to the bank either eg by pre-paying your loan amount or by paying out the last EMI of your loan tenure, then the first thing you should do is to get the vehicle transferred from bank’s name to your own name. This process is called removal of hypothecation. It is important to get this done since the bank should no longer own/control the vehicle and the rightful ownership should now be in your own name.

One of the readers of Inficone; Srivats P got the hypothecation of his vehicle removed this month and was kind enough to share his experience @ Delhi RTO with us. Srivats is the developer of the open source network traffic generator tool called Ostinato.

Car Hypothecation How To Remove Hypothecation From RC After Car Loan Termination


I hadn’t got my hypothecation removed from my car’s registration RC booklet despite paying back the bank car loan as far back in time as year 2003. Ideally, the hypothecation removal should have been done at that time itself. However, because of my laziness this activity never got done.

This month, I finally decided to undertake this long pending activity. So I started the process by procuring the Bank NOC again since as per my internet research, the NOC is supposed to be valid only for 6 months after issue date( sometimes even lesser ). However, the Bank NOC that I had did not have any validity information mentioned. In any case, I decided not to take a risk and get a new one.

For removal of hypothecation, you will need to have the following from the bank

  • Two copies of Form 35 ( which mentions that hypothecation agreement between you and the bank is terminated )
  • NOC certificate ( which mentions that bank has no objection for removal of hypothecation )

I went the whole hog and got fresh copies of both the Form 35 and NOC (mind you, getting these documents weren’t an easy task since my loan was from a public sector bank -- I had to make several visits over several days to the bank and plead my case) .

Documents Checklist

Once I got the documents from the bank, I collected all the other documents that are required for removal (termination) of hypothecation. The full list of required documents are -

  1. Original RC
  2. Original Form 35 (2 copies duly signed by the bank and registered owner)
  3. Original Bank NOC
  4. Attested copy of valid insurance
  5. Attested copy of valid PUC certificate
  6. Attested copy of PAN Card
  7. Attested copy of Address Proof
  8. Form 33 (if current address is different from the one in RC)

Some notes about the documents -

  • You need two copies of Form 35. I saw someone with a single copy of Form 35 being sent back.
  • I had read everywhere that the Bank NOC is supposed to be on the Bank letterhead. However, mine was not on letterhead, it was just a printout on plain paper; there was however a bank stamp/seal on the letter alongwith the signature. I was worried if this would be accepted -- thankfully it was.
  • My insurance is due to expire in 10 days and I was worried if I would be asked to come back after 10 days with the new insurance. Although I had renewed my insurance I hadn’t yet received my renewed insurance certificate for the next year. I called up my insurer -- Tata AIG and they sent me a scanned copy by email. One day before I went to the RTO, I received the actual certificate by courier also. But at the end of the day, I wasn’t asked for it.
  • Although the documents list on the Delhi Transport Deptt. website does not mention PAN card, it is needed -- at least at the Sheikh Sarai RTO.
  • I gave my Voter Id card as address proof. Since my current address in the Voter Id card was different from the one in my RC, I was also required to submit Form 33 for change of address. You are supposed to get the change of address done within 30 days of moving to the new address. Unfortunately I hadn’t done that and as a result was required to pay a fine at the rate of Rs.100 per month from the date of issue of the Voter Id card. It looks like the date mentioned on my Voter Id card was used as the reference date for my movement to new address.
  • All photocopies have to be attested by gazetted officer/notary public. There are several places in the RTO/shopping complex where you can get this done. I was charged Rs. 10 for each document. Usually you are required to show original documents before they attest the photocopies and hence I had taken my original documents also, but I wasn’t asked to show them anywhere at all.
  • I was asked to get my Form 33 (Change of Address, which was in original!!) also attested.

At the RTO

I reached the Sheikh Sarai RTO around 10AM. I got photocopies made of the Form 35 and Bank NOC (for my personal records since I was submitting the originals), followed by the notary attestation of the copies of PAN Card, Voter Id Card, Insurance and PUC.

Once all my papers were in order, I went to the 3rd floor, Room 322, Counter 3 to get my documents verified. After a wait of around 30 mins in the queue, my turn arrived and I handed my documents -- after several minutes of verification of the documents and a check on the computer, the counter person returned my documents saying my Form 33 (Change of Address) was not attested. Although I didn’t understand why one would need to attest an original form that is filled by hand and signed in original, I took Shivam’s advice on being polite (tatkal passport post) and went back downstairs to the notary to get the Form 33 attested. The notary, on seeing the document, refused to do so saying, “you don’t need to get this attested”, “I cannot attest this” etc. and refused to hear my pleas that the counter person is asking for the same. Thankfully, at this time, an acquaintance of the notary came to meet him and convinced him that “sometimes the counter person does ask for it”. Another Rs. 20 (instead of Rs. 10 -- don’t ask why, I don’t know!), and I had an attested Form 33.

I climbed back up the 3 floors to Room 322, only to discover that in the meantime the queue had more than doubled in size, even spilling out of the room! And so I joined the queue to await my turn -- again. My dad was there alongwith me (he had to get his driving license renewed) and he stood in the next counter’s queue (where you need to pay the fees) in a bid to reduce our total time at the RTO. Around 45 minutes later, my dad reached the counter, but since I hadn’t reached Counter 3 for step 1, we couldn’t proceed to step 2 at Counter 4, so he let the people behind him go up to the counter window till I finished step 1. Once I reached the Counter 3 window, I handed the person the papers saying I had got the Form 33 attested as requested by him to which he replied that I need not have come back to Counter 3 and could have directly gone to Counter 4! But right after saying
that, the person proceeded to recheck all my documents and data on his computer and finally gave me the go ahead to go to Counter 4.

At Counter 4, I paid the requisite fees for the hypothecation (Rs. 100), fees for the change of address (Rs. 20) and the fine for delay in notifying change of address (Rs. 100 per month of delay)

After getting a receipt from Counter 4, I was asked to go to Counter 5 to submit fees for the smartcard RC (my current one was a paper RC). The fees for the same was Rs. 370 and I was asked to come back after 20 days to collect the new RC.

I asked the person at the counter, if I had to come personally to collect it or could someone else collect it on my behalf with an authorization letter and was told that the latter was possible. I also saw a person submitting the documents on someone else’s behalf alongwith an authorization letter (however the actual owner needs to sign the Form 35 and Form 33, not the authorized person).

All in all, it took around 2 hours at the RTO to submit my documents for removal of hypothecation -- it would have taken more if my dad hadn’t stood in the second queue in parallel!

Based on my experience, here’s what I advise -

  • Make sure you have all the required documents
  • Make sure to attest all photocopies -- carry original documents, just in case.
  • Be polite -- don’t argue!
  • Take a friend along -- may take less time in the queues!

I am now in the waiting mode for getting the new RC. Once I get the same, would update here with the associated experience.

Update (Nov 9, 2010) -- I went to the RTO this morning (after 18 days) and got my new smartcard RC with the hypothecation removed. I reached there at 9:55AM and I had the RC in my hands by 10:00AM -- within 5 mins! Apparently the RTO starts at 8:30AM and there isn’t much of a rush before 10:00AM.

I hope the information presented above would benefit folks who would be looking to get the hypothecation removed in the future. If you have any queries OR want to share your own experience with this process -- please update the same in the comments section.

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  1. Siddharth says:

    Thanks. Never can have enough information about this process! I still believe you had an easy time in Delhi. I’ll be applying in Ghaziabad RTO next month and I’m hoping I can use the office Concierge service for that :)

    • @Siddharth Good Luck for your RTO adventure :-). Do update us on how it went.

    • Prashant says:

      Thanx for the elaborate and to the point information , still there are wonderful and good people around who always look for helping others, Even i have to got Sheikh sarai RTO to get Hypothecation removed.I beleive the above Information will be of big help to me , Thanx a lot. I will post my review once I get the things done.

      • @Prashant – Glad you found the post useful. Do share your experience once you go through the process. It will surely benefit future applicants.

      • Sudarsanan K says:

        I approached for de-hypothecation process in Sheikh Sarai RTO, on the first day on Saturday I reached there around 10.30, and they said the time is over. I had to return and come back on monday to resubmit the same. This time I reached at the counter around 8.30 AM the person in the counter started his work only after 9 am. On seeing my RC he said you have to go to Palam Authority, as my RC bearing no. series of 9C. I searched the address Palam authority, nowhere it mentioned Palam authority address. Now I came to know thjat Palam authority is at District Centre first floor, B block and on ground floor is the other office. Now I know that Attestation is required I will do the same before going to Janakpuri. Earlier I had self attested the same.


  2. Manik says:

    Many thanks to Srivats & you, for this very useful post

    • @Manik Glad that you found the post useful. Keep reading Inficone.

      • mohan says:

        Hi ,

        i want to purchase a bullet but whom i m purchasing had financed it from a finance co and that co. is closed and seller have no noc regarding removal of hypothecation
        plz suggest me is their is any procedure for removal of hypothecation in this type of case

        mohan singh

  3. Jay says:

    These docs should be self attested or by someone else?

  4. Srivats P. says:

    @Jay: They have to be attested by notary not self-attested.

  5. Ajay Ntarang says:

    That would certainly help, I will be getting that done by next month..
    One question if change of address is from delhi to ghaziabad will that make any difference..or should i prefer going with rent agreement as address proof for the same address which is registered to make hypothcation removal and to save fees :) else it would cost me around Rs. 3600 :)

  6. Srivats P. says:

    @AjanNtarang: Delhi to Ghaziabad is no different because it is also a state change. If you have a address proof of the old address you can take that – however I’m not sure if rent agreement is considered as valid address proof or not! You might want to check on that.

    • Alok Pandey says:

      Dear Srivats,

      I have one query. U have indicated , Form 35 – 2 copies are required. Do we need both form 35 in original or one original + one xerox.

  7. Bipin says:

    Dear Shivam,
    Thanks a lot. I have a question, below mentioned attested copy, can be attested by Gazetted Officer or notary.

    Attested copy of valid insurance
    Attested copy of valid PUC certificate
    Attested copy of PAN Card
    Attested copy of Address Proof


  8. Srivats P. says:

    @bipin: Attestation by gazetted officer should also work I think but I used the notary only – all RTOs have a notary nearby, so it is convenient – but then you might have a gazetted officer in your family which might be even more convenient! If you do get your documents attested by a gazetted officer, do let us know here whether it was accepted or not by the RTO!

  9. Anubhav says:

    Thanks for the information.
    Went to Sheikh Sarai RTO room no 322. First to window#3 for getting documents verified and then window#4 to pay fees then to Window#5 to get receipt for Smart Card.

    Documents required
    2 copies of form 35
    1 original NOC from financer
    1 Pan Card/ Form16 copy (Notary attested)
    Original RC
    Photocopy of Insurance and PUC (Notary attested)
    1 address proof (Notary attested)
    If change of address is required then fill form 33 (Attested from notary)

  10. Avi says:

    Thanks friend , this quite good and usefull you solved my 90% problem .

  11. Ramesh says:

    Obsolutely, it was very informative and clearly told. Those whose want to remove hypothecation, must to read this article.Thanks to Writer.
    with regards

  12. Vasistha N S says:

    quite informative. Need to ask one quick question. I have moved from the address to a new one and that too in a new State. Any change in the procedure or will it remain the same.

    I moved from New Delhi to Noida (UP.


    • Dheeraj Kuamr says:

      Hello VNS,
      Can you please share your experience? I am in the same boat as I have to get the transfer from Delhi to Ghaziabad (UP). Not sure what will be the process regarding that.

  13. Srivats P. says:

    @Vasistha: You can try approaching Delhi RTO with Noida address – because of the NCR concept, maybe it will be accepted – not sure though. Alternatively you can go to UP RTO – however, since you moved to a different state, you might also have to re-register your car and pay road tax in UP – you need to check the UP state rules for the same.

    Under the circumstances the least hassle approach would be to approach the Delhi RTO with a Delhi address if you have one.

    In any case, do let us know about how it went :-)

  14. Binoy says:

    Hi :

    I would like to know if I need to visit the same RTO from where I Got my original RC done ? Or can I visit any of the nearest RTO office to get this done ?

    Please let me know ,Thanks



    • Srivats P. says:

      @Binoy: You should go to the RTO that is applicable for your address. Each RTO has a jurisdiction over certain areas. Do share your experience.

      • Binoy says:

        Today. I got all papers ready went to Vasant Vihar RTO as advised by you . They checked the papers told me everything is completed , however told me that I need to go to RTO, Indraprastha . He told reason the Car registration starts with DL2……damn !! Any more advises??

  15. Rahul says:

    Great Article.

    Thanks a ton. Had absolutely no issue in submitting the documents after reading this.
    Keep in mind that the officers are a bunch of a**holes there.

    If any of you pans to go on a saturday then the work timings are 8:30 – 10:30.

  16. Binoy says:


    Just wanted to inform you that I visited the Indraprasta RTO around 10:30 (Best way to reach is by Metro ). When to counter no 1. They lady told me get my paper checked .Got that checked from MLO desk . went back to counter 1, she told me to pay Rs.150 and gave me a receipt for cancellation of hypothecation . when to next counter. Got another letter,signed it .Next counter had to pay Rs.350. This for new smart card. The lady told me to come back in 15 days and collect the new smart card from enquiry . WoW!!! I was expecting a huge line….Amazing experience . In 15 minutes I was back in metro station. Thank you . Cheers!!!

  17. @Binoy, Great to hear that your experience went smoothly. 15 minutes is truly awesome. Thanks for sharing the experience here.

  18. puneet says:

    this article is very usefull..i also have to apply for removal for hypothication..thanks for details..well i can tell that these experiences are worth sharing..

    its really hard to get work done in govenment offices….u know i applied for new electricity connection in ndpl and they took 6 months..well in this period of time i got the experience of my life hehe

  19. Hiren Mehta says:

    Great article! Helped me a lot to get my hypothetication removed from my RC Card. I went to Mumbai RTO (Central) at Tuliswadi Tardeo to have it removed. If you are going there, you should note they start only after 10.15-10.30AM so make sure you do not go too early as its absolutely no point! Once open like any government department they will ask you to go here and there to get the formalities done (if I remember correctly I had to get the form verified/signed from 6-7 counters). Note that you will have to be patient during the process. After getting the form verified and signed from 5-6 different people I finally paid up for my Smart RC Card for car – Rs. 600 (Rs. 250 + Rs. 350). It is much cheaper if you have a RC book, though the counters for RC book were seperate hence I am not sure about the exact charges. The new RC card will be sent across to me within 15 days by post.

    You can start off from counter 65 and proceed to counter 117. Make sure you have all original NOC, original (dual copy) of Form 35, RC cards, attested copy of insurance policy and attested copy of a valid PUC (must). I was not asked for PAN Card or address proof but you might want to carry them nevertheless.

    Note: While entering the RTO an agent quoted me Rs.1400 to remove the hypothecation from the RC card where he would do all the procedure. DO NOT pay him, its a waste. It might take a couple hours (if you go early) but its better you get it done yourself.

  20. vishal says:

    Hi Shivam,
    Thanks for the Information.
    I got the hypothecation removed from Janakpuri RTO offfice.
    It opens at 8:30 AM. It was a good experience : ) due to this blog
    Only thing I want to add — the photocopy should be attested with stamp it cost Rs 20 Per photo copy.

  21. ram says:

    very useful information. i am going to go through this procedure. i was worried. but after reading this i am less worried. i talked to an executive of the car dealer shop, from where i have purchased the car, she took my contact no. and gave it to the person (agent) who in turn contacted me and told me to give him all the documents, as u also have mentioned. he told me that there is no need for me to going to RTO in person. he will do each and everything. from his conversation i understood that he is an agent, shall i go by his words or do it on my own. actually i have a doubt he may be a fraud? pl. clarify. …… ram

  22. TAG says:

    Hi Shivam, I followed exactly the same procedure at Sheikh Sarai RTO for removal of hypothecation for my car, it took me 10 mins on the day I submitted the documents and post 20 days I collected my new RC without any hassles. Thanks a ton!!!!

  23. Husnain Zaidi says:

    Wonderful post !!! I went to the NOIDA RTO and managed to get my hypothecation removed by paying just the fees. No other charges !! Admitedly it took two visits – they ‘could not locate’ my file although I think it was just a ruse to get some money.

    Some tips for NOIDA residents : You will also need an affidavit – No idea why but that’s what the norm is here. You can get this from one of the several Notaries hanging around. They ask for 100 but I suppose you could argue that the cost of the paper is Rs 10 and just some stamps. Anyone – small issue.

    Thanks once again for this detailed write up !

  24. Jitendra Shakya says:

    I have given NOC and Hypothecation process broker . after compleiton task he retrun the form 28 for NOC and Form 23 for RC ( form 23 have not any RTO seal only signed is there ) . Broker has not rerun the original RC ( I . I am worry about the RC (i had RC is card form) . Any idea how can check the staus of Hypothecation

  25. Sunny says:

    That was very very helpful. Thanks a lot Srivats. I am also going to remove hypothecation for my car. I have all the documents except form 33. I am worried about the penalty of 100/month. I guess there are already 9 months since I have changed my address and this penalty itself will cost me 900 Rs. Is there a way to avoid that?

    • Srivats P. says:

      @sunny – what is the proof of address you are planning to submit? In my case the date on that document was taken as reference to calculate the penalty. If you have multiple documents from proof of address, take the one which has latest date.

  26. Anurag says:

    Dear Srivats and Shivam,

    Thanks for the useful information, I got my HP status removed from Shekh sarai RTO last week based on your detailed inputs.
    This saved me a lot of money as the agents were asking not less than Rs. 3000/= for this task.
    And top of all a nice experience and complete peace of mind.
    Congratulations for the very good Job! I wish to give you a treat for this.


  27. Vijay Singh says:

    Any ideas if Rent Agreement or LIC Policy document can be treated as proof of address?

    • Srivats P. says:

      @vijay: Not sure about rent agreement, but LIC policy document may work, but can’t say for sure. You can try asking an agent just to get the information.

  28. Naresh Kumar says:


    Would you advise against using an RTO agent’s services for this? He’ll charge Rs. 200 and save me the hassle of going in person and spending time in the queue.

    Anything I should be careful about when getting it done thru a RTO agent?


    • Srivats P. says:

      @naresh: Are you sure he asked for Rs. 200 and not Rs. 2000? Does this include the fees to be paid to RTO also? If it does, Rs. 200 definitely seems worthwhile to get it done as long as you can rely on the agent!

  29. VK Chawla says:

    Can somebody advice on what does one do for change of address from Delhi to Noida. Do i need to re-register in Noida or do I have to get same changed at Issuing office of Vasant vihar RTO

    • Srivats P. says:

      @vkchawla: I think you will need to re-register your vehicle in Noida – not sure if NCR concept applies to the RTO. If you do find out, please share your finding/experience here for other people’s benefit.

  30. Dinesh Bansal says:

    Stated info is very useful….Thanks a lot Mr. Srivats.

  31. Mohan says:

    Thanx shivam for this useful post as i also want to get my car dehypothecated… I’ll update my experience too..

  32. Prashant says:

    Thanx SRIVAT a lot lot for the detail information , it is realy so nice of you to post youe experience on the net for other help, I m also will be going to Sheikh Sarai RTO for getting Hypothecation change and NOC . and all your Information wiil of big help to me,Thamx once again.


  33. Prashant says:

    sure buddy.I will be in couple of days.

    • Prashant says:

      1) To continue as per ur information Srivat I got prepared with every document , today went ton Sheiklh Sarai RTO reache there at 8;35am straight way went to 3rd Floor Room No 322 counter no 3.

      2) Someone told me to get the documents verified from counter no 2 but I took the risk of straight way going to counter no 3, the guy sitting was quite charming ,he took my papers cheked it and asked me to pay Rs 150. the break up RS 100 as Hypothecation charges and Rs 50 as alteration charges, He gave me the receipt and asked to go to counter no-4.

      3) At counter no-4 a Madam was sitting She cheked the papers and attached some receipt from computed gave me back all the papers and asked me to go to counter no-5 for paying the smart card fee.

      4) Went to counter no -5 and paid Rs 370 as smart card fee, who gave me the receipt and asked to come after 20 days to collect the RC.

      5) The whole process took 15 to 20 minutes only and I could go back to work without taking any Leave.

      But for the Information of those people who want to get NOC also I did the mistake of not getting pencil print of Chasis number of my Bike on form no-28, I thought only after getting new RC I can get NOC done. but U can it done along with Hypothecation Change..But I did a mistake now I have to again go thru the Whole process to get the NOC so one day extra I lost,

      May be My mistake can help other to save there time and money.

      But Still every got thing possible because of Information from SRIVAT.

      with regards,

      • Srivats P. says:

        Thanks for sharing your experience Prashant – I’m sure your tip regarding the NOC will be useful for others.

  34. Tajul Bakshi says:

    I am going to start the process exactly like you. I have got all documents ready. Your experience will be helpful to others like me. Thanks a lot.

  35. Prashant says:

    Srivat can I get RC in 15days rather than 20 days.

    • Srivats P. says:

      @prashant: I was told to come after 20 days for the new smartcard RC with the hypothecation removed, but I went after 18 days and got it. So you can as well try after 15 days. btw as I said in the post, you can authorize someone else to collect the new RC on your behalf in case you are going to be out of town or not available for some reason.

  36. Prashant says:

    Srivat till What time I can go to collect My RC given for Hypothecation Change.. can I go at 4;30 PM to collect.

    • Srivats P. says:

      @prashant: I know that the Sheikh Sarai RTO opens at 4.30pm but till what time is it open (esp. for collection of RC), I’m not sure. If you find out, do let us know.

  37. rashmi dhanjal says:

    I, Rashmi dhanjal approached Samara Hyundai with the intention to purchase i10 om 2008. I deposited some cash payment and gave one used Santro car which was in my sister Charu Puri’s name. For balance amount of Rs 280000/- I applied for loan to State Bank of Patiala. Loan was approved and a cheque for Rs 280000.00 in the name of Samara Hyundai was given to me. The invoice / billing was made in the name of my sister Ms.Charu Puri by M/S Samara Hyndai on the pretext that the car exchanged is in the name of Charu Puri . I continued paying the loan amount. Now the loan has been repaid. I approached my financier, State Bank of Patiala for NOC. Bank has however given NOC in my name (Rashmi Dhanjal) but has refused to give form 35 duly signed for removal of HP. It is not understood now how to get the HP terminated.

  38. Prashant says:

    sorry I meant till what time I can go to collect . the RC at evening time till 4;30pm.

  39. Prashant Ranjan Sinha says:

    My car is in my Wife’s name, so i would be taking the Authorization letter with me.
    Also, we are moving out of Delhi & going to Pune, so how can get the address change done as there is no document available for Pune’s address apart from Agreement copy of flat 7 that too is in my name.

    Also, do i need to apply for NOC as well? i am planning to shift permanently to pune

    Note: RTO office would be of Rajouri garden for me

  40. Himanshu Mittal says:

    Very helpful.Thanks. Does any one know if personal visit is mandatory ? My vehicle is registered in Bangalore and I live in Dehradun(uttaranchal) now. Will it work if I can send the papers to someone who in turn can go on my behalf?

  41. Prashant Sinha says:

    No need to give any personal visit. Though not required, but keep a hand written authority letter from the owner with you. Juts be careful about the list of documents you need.

  42. Pushparaj says:

    Thank you Srivats. I have get my HP removed from my bike RC and also car RC book very soon. My bike loan was cleared in 2004 and car loan was cleared in 2010. Your detailed answer gave me a thorough insight into difficuly one can face. It is very unfortunate that the banks dont advice you to go for the removal of HP status on clearing the loan.

  43. Prashant says:

    can anyone help with a problem, I want to get NOC from Sheikh Sarai RTO but the challenge is that the chasis number of bike is visible but I m not able to get pencil print on Form No-28, still can I get NOc,Please let me Know.

  44. Prashant says:

    1) to continue for the quest of getting Hypothecation change. I hadb submitted the app on 19/03/12 today I went collect My RC, to my surprise my RC wasnt there, the man told me to go to disposal of objection counter.

    2) the disposal of objection counter is counter no-2 in Room No -322.

    3) I went to the counter with receipt he cheked and told to go to counter No-1.

    4) The guy in counter no-1 took out my file and said there is mismatch of your sign so he got the photo copy of my Driving Licence and asked me to sign infront of himand gave the file to go to Room No-324.

    5) I waited for the officer in Room No-324 he came after 1/2 hr called me asked me the reason for mismatch of sign I gave him the reason also I introduced myself and told him my designation, the he said OK come on next to next Monday.
    6) And for not getting pencil imprint of chasis number I went an office in Room no-211, I introduced myself and told him my problem ,He asked me to get an affidavit stating that I m unable to get chassis imprint on Form no-28 and that I m transfering my Bike to other state and wont Roll back my Bike to delhi,

    7) The whole process took 1 and a half hour and I left RTO at 10 am,to go again to collect my original RC and submit form for getting NOC to transfer my Bike to other state.

    • Suneel says:

      This information is very useful, i need to remove hypothecation from my brother car he has been shifted to Hyderabad. Do I need to carry any authorization letter with me?

  45. Siddharth Singh says:


    I have received Form35 from my bank & would want to apply for hypothecation. I have an issue. I changed my address & have not updated the same in the records of RTO. Can you pls advise the documents that are required for updating address proof in the records of RTO. Tks

  46. cp says:

    thanks for all the info , it really worked well .

    • Shivam says:

      @cp – thanks for appreciating. Would love to know the details of the experience!

      • Navin says:

        Hi Shivam,

        First of all thanks for step-by-step process.
        But i have confusion, In your above post you have mentioned under document checklist
        Original Form 35 (2 copies duly signed by the bank and registered owner)
        What does it mean?
        what i understood is that you need visit the bank with filled form 35 and get it we required it or just we signed it as registered owner along with bank NOC letter stamped?

        • Srivats P. says:


          Typically the bank gives you 2 copies of Form 35 with their signature alongwith the NOC. If you haven’t received it, ask your bank for it.


  47. Prashant Shende says:

    Hi Srivats P wts up, today my all the pending work from Sheikh Sarai RTO finished,

    1) I went to room no-325,where a guy was sitting, to whom I had applied for NOC for Transfer of Vehicle.

    2) He asked me to bring my file , I got my file from Room No-329.

    3) There was a mismatch of sign as before,so I signed infront of him.

    4) He took the file to to Room No-324 where an officer signed it seeing me.

    5) Then the file went to a Typist,who Typed the required form, which again went to Room No-324 for sign.

    6) The whole process took 3 hours,but I save one day cos HE would have asked me to come tomorrow,but the guy was very nice when I told him my Profession.

    7) Thanx Srivat, it was all possible because of proper Information shared by you online.God Bless you.

  48. Prashant Shende says:

    Now next hurdle is trasfering my bike and getting it re register, I will post my experiences then..

  49. Meher Vani says:

    Thanks a lot Srivats. I am also going to remove hypothecation for my car next month at RTO,Hyderabad and your experience would help in getting it done.

  50. Prashant Shende says:

    Just to continue my journey of of Trasfering my scooty to Nagpur, Steps I did as follows:

    1) I got the hypothecation change, which I got from sheikh Sarai RTO and the procedure I have described above.

    2) Got NOC from Sheikh sarai RTO , procedure I have described above.

    3) Got my confirmed Train Ticket BY AP Express.

    4) went to New Delhi Railway station 4 hrs before departure reached to Parcel Booking window at Ajmeri gate.

    5) Got the scooty packed by some Guy standing over there he charged Rs 250, But If You wanna save that money , Take along with you some card boards and Bora(Hindi), some HEY and sewing needle and Thread.

    6) Meanwhile Took a form of parcel Booking filled with the help of Package Guy, attached photocopy of train Ticket,and RC.

    7) Paid Rs 1303 as per the distance and the Insurance amt as per the original Invoice I told them that My bike cost rs10000 so they charge Rs 100 ins. amt though my bike cost rs 30000.

    8) Took the Bike to a shed near by to signed from a rly employee, he charged rs 50 as bribe.and asked me to come at 4pm.

    9) I spend my time in Platform and reached at 4pm where the booking employee told me Sir it is impossible to take bike in AP express as it full, U can take your bike in Rajdhani express which is standing on Platform, But I was going to By AP express I said no and the person took the scooty to platform.

    10) The train arrive at 5pm and to my surprise there was no place in parcel Bogie and I kept requestin the Booking Clerk to put my bike in the Bogie, Thank God he listened to me but They kept the scooty standing as there was very little space and to my surprise there were 4 more bikes on platform but they didnt touch them as they were lying withou their owner.

    11) At nagpur I went to parcel Bogie and got the scooty loaded down and took out from platform,,

    12) went to Nagpur RTO met an agent he said He will Take Rs 2500 for getting all the work done and approx Rs2500 was the LTT( Life time Tax ) to be paid at RTO to get the nagpur Registeration.

    13) But it is my request that if you dont love your Bike very much then the best thing is to sell your bike here and Buy another bike at the place you are going it will save your TIME.MONEY and HARASSMENT.

    ALL this Information will definitely help those people who are seeking Information for Transfer of Bike.from one State to other.

  51. arjun says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing the information….

  52. rachit says:

    The above information is way to useful..
    I wanted to remove the Hypothecation of my Car. I have prepared the list and documents.
    I am only worried about one thing that I think I have not paid Traffic Challans for the previous years, so will that be a problem while removing Hypo. If yes, how can solve the problem

  53. Bharat Bhushan says:


    I am a resident of Rohini Sector-3,Delhi And have to remove Hypothecation of my car bearing registration no DL9CP 3399. My neareast RTO office is situted at Rohini Sector-16. Can I submitte all my required documents at this RTO or where I have to approach otherwise

    Please help me in this regard

    Bharat Bhushan Cont no. 9811242581

  54. Utkarsh Kala says:

    Hi! I have a more complex issue. My wife’s car is registered in Sheikh sarai RTO in Delhi (DL3CAZ) but is currently running in Jaipur. So I wanted to know the following:
    1) Will I have to approach Sheikh Sarai RTO ONLY for removal of hypothecation or can I do it in Jaipur as well
    2) What documents are accepted as proof of address for address change (could not find in RTO deptt website or above)
    3) Also since the car would now be in Rajasthan, is there any formality to be done with Rajasthan RTO deptt.

    • Srivats P. says:

      1) You need to approach Sheikh Sarai RTO only
      2) Any government issued document should be fine including passport, voter id card etc. Although I’m not 100% sure, any public sector bank passbook or MTNL phone bill may also work.
      3) You need to formally transfer your car to Jaipur. You need to approach the Delhi RTO and apply for NOC and then submit this NOC at Jaipur alongwith any other requisite documents/procedures (re-registration/road tax payment etc.) as required by the Rajasthan RTO rules. See Prashant Shende’s experience regarding inter-state transfer in the comments above.

      • Utkarsh Kala says:

        Hi! I am writing today to thanks all you guys for being such an awesome help. I finally went to Sheikh Sarai RTO and was able to apply for deletion of hypo from my RC. However one thing I want to spread through this blog and might be relevant for others as well. Its like I have moved to Rajasthan and wanted to get the address changed and had attached Form 33 for the same but was unable to do so coz they accept address change applications for Delhi region only. It can change to other state’s address only if you are transferring & re-registering the vehicle to another RTO in a district of another state. It took me an extra 30 min or so to sort this out and had to restart by standing in a q again. I will update once I receive the new RC. Thanks!

  55. I have submited the require docs for removal of hypthecation, and after verification the issued me the reciept to collect the R/c after 20 days, now i have send someone to collect the New R/c, the authorize person refuse saying there is some problem in File.

  56. Kannu says:

    Once hypothication is done. What is the ideal span by when one should approach RTO office for issuance of smart card RC ?

    • Srivats P. says:

      I assume you meant de-hypothecation i.e. removal of hypothecation. Ideally you can get the smart card RC alongwith the de-hypothecation procedure itself. If you have already done the de-hypothecation, you can get a smart card RC immediately – there’s no waiting period required.

  57. Ankur Nagpal says:

    The article was of great help.
    Lets see how much smoothy it is for me as we can’t predict government employees.

  58. satya says:

    Check hypothecation status for your vehicle online. Go to the “VAHAN” website , and do a vehicle search and you can see details. For this you need the vehicle number and the Chassis Number of the vehicle.

  59. Kamal says:


    Can some body guide me on how to remove hypothecation from my old car RC, bought in 2003. My loan got over in 2010, but I didnt pay attention to get this done as I don’t use the car any more, stupid excuse though.
    I’ve got the NOC and form 35 from bank again which is vlid for 90 days. i’ve already wasted about 15 days out of that.
    Now i have 2 problems –
    1. My car was registered at a Delhi address, but I dont stay there and don’t have any document either. Infact i’ve never stayed there and I remember when I was buying my car, the dealer asked for a Delhi address and I took my colleagues address for the same. Now I’ve changed company and am not in touch with this guy. I stay in Gurgaon in a rented house and don’t have any govt. adress proof, though all my airtel bills and bank statements carry my new address.
    My passport carries a Noida address as i got it renewed about 4 years back, but not sure what are the repercussions of using this address.

    2. As nobody uses this car, I never got it insured. Infact last time I got it insured was about 5 years back and after that i switched on to my new car. post that the car is being on and off used by my brother and wife, but now even they dont use it…so am selling

    I have rest of the documents
    Please advice

    • Prashant says:

      Just call your bank from you have taken loan,asl them NOC for Hypothecation change and then follow the hypothecation change process described above. All the best.

    • Prashant says:

      Just call your bank from you have taken loan,asl them NOC for Hypothecation change and then follow the hypothecation change process described above. All the best.

  60. Nipun Gupta says:

    I would like to share my experience of getting the HP of Bank removed from the RC.
    I received the NOC and Form 35 from the bank on closure of the loan by courier.
    When I googled for the process to get the HP removed, the first link on the search page was this one.
    It was quite informative and helpful. Helped clarify exactly what is required to be done.
    Went to the Mayur Vihar RTO in Delhi today morning with following docs:
    Originals: NOC, Form 35, RC
    Copies: PUC, Insurance Policy, Voter ID card.
    There was a Notary public sitting outside who took Rs 20 each for attesting the 3 photocopies.
    10 mins + Rs 60 spent
    I went inside the RTO and asked for where to submit the docs.
    Directed to a counter where the person was speaking to someone on his mobile.
    Wait of 5 mins for him to finish his conversation.
    Gave the docs to him. He went through them and asked me to give Rs 150.
    Handed over receipt to me and sent me to the next counter.
    20 mins + Rs 210 spent
    The person at next counter checked the papers, gave a printout and sent to next counter
    The person at the counter asked me to verify the printout contents and sign.
    I verified the details, signed and gave it to him.
    He asked for Rs 416 for making new RC.
    Gave him money, received receipt and asked to come back after 25 days to collect new RC
    Total: 30 mins + Rs 630 spent.
    Thats it !!! I am very impressed with the functioning of the govt department where I had gone with much trepidation and came out a happy man.
    Will update once I go back to get my RC after 1 month.

    • Srivats P. says:

      Congrats on a very smooth experience Nipun! Do share part 2 of your story when you go for the updated RC.

    • Nipun Gupta says:

      Part 2:
      Went to RTO on 29th Dec with the 2 receipts.
      Presented at counter and received RC within 5 minutes.
      Am the proud owner of a spanking new hypothecation free RC !!

  61. Harpreet Kaur says:

    Great piece of information. Thanks a ton….

  62. thanks Srivats for d info….. i am going to get this hypothecation removal for my car with some confidence

  63. I have written my review at Sheikh Sarai RTO.
    Please follow the link :

  64. Sarang says:

    I went to Concorde Motors B’lore where I purchased my Car with required documents (copies of form 35, NOC and RC smart card) and handed over to RTO person who visits there on daily basis. He charged me Rs 500/- and I got revised RC Smart Card with hypothecation removed within a week. No headache to go RTO (which has saved around 40Kms of to-n-fro travel to RTO B’lore from my home)…a smooth and good experience…

  65. DILRAJ.O says:

    Hi.Mr.Srivats..Thanks..very much..I was worried about this issue past 2 weeks..but now i get very cofident
    from ur experienced week i will go to Malappuram RTO (Kerala) for removing hypothecation
    from my R.C.. once again thanks for ur detailed experience

  66. Amit says:

    Hi Mr Srivats,
    Can you please confirm if the Form 33 for change in address is also issues by the bank or do we fill it on our own?


  67. chetan sood says:

    Brilliant work, Thanks man.

  68. Amit says:

    Thanks Srivats…much appreciated.

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