Customize Subscription Options Plugin For WordPress

Subscription Options is a very useful wordpress plugin that enables you to share your blog content over email, RSS feed, twitter, facebook etc. It provides excellent flexibility in the form of choosing the right kind of icon and associate the required URL with the icon. See a snapshot below. Rather than copy-pasting standalone snippets of code for each service eg twitter, it is extremely easy to rather let this plugin do the job for you. You can than just add it as a widget in your sidebar. An additional benefit….. Read More

Ostinato – Free Ethernet Packet Generator For Windows And Linux

Hey I need to send a IP packet with destination address and mac address 00:11:22:33:44:55 for doing some protocol testing. What should I do? Hmmm may be capture a similar packet in ethereal, modify the contents and send it out using some tool. OK — but what about checksums and all — how to make sure they are re-computed. Hmmm In that case — use Ixia/Smartbits — they will do the job for you OK — but the ports are limited and I wont get one just for sending….. Read More

Decode Packet Hexdumps using Packet Dump Decode(PDD)

00 13 72 8c be e1 00 90 1a 42 85 10 81 00 00 02 08 00 45 00 00 28 83 e5 40 00 7e 06 37 b7 7a a0 0b 2f 7a a0 40 c4 0e 99 01 bd ef cf 3c 3e bd 6a eb 69 50 10 fb 09 8e 5e 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 “Hmph. Another packet dump…” “Ok, what kind of packet is it? Let me see — offset 12, 2 bytes is 8100 ok it is a VLAN….. Read More