How To Remove Hypothecation From RC After Car Loan Termination

If you have taken car loan and made the complete payment to the bank either eg by pre-paying your loan amount or by paying out the last EMI of your loan tenure, then the first thing you should do is to get the vehicle transferred from bank’s name to your own name. This process is called removal of hypothecation. It is important to get this done since the bank should no longer own/control the vehicle and the rightful ownership should now be in your own name. One of the readers….. Read More

Tatkaal Passport Renewal Application: A Complete Guide

NOTE — While you may get information that you are seeking in the post content itself, It is strongly recommended that you read through the comments section below the post as well. It contains many first hand experiences of different folks who had gone for passport application and were kind enough to share it here. It had been more than an year since my Indian passport had expired. Because of my laziness and no immediate need for travel, I did not apply for a passport renewal. Possibly I was just….. Read More