My name is Shivam Vaid and I am a software  engineer by profession. I am  currently working in Bangalore,  India. Being in to software, it was natural to surf the web and read about information online be it on science, business, technology or politics. I had been an information geek for a while but wanted to do something more.

Somewhere in bottom of my heart, I wanted a platform to share my thoughts, express my candid opinion and be able to contribute something back to this beautiful world of online interaction.  As with various other things in life, there was a lot of inertia to get into the same. Inertia aside, there was a fear of acceptance -- a fear where I was not sure whether I will be accepted by the online community and be able to become part of it.

I finally got my chance in form of becoming a member of an online forum. I am really obliged to that forum since it gave me a platform and hence a chance to express my views, opinions and experience. The acceptance and positive response motivated me to have a platform of my own where I can continue my online sojourn

So that’s how Inficone was born. I will be blogging here on various topics ranging from anything like personal technology, productivity,  useful web services and tools,  my views on happenings in India and around the world etc. There is no particular category of content that I might associate with this site, In very simple words -- I will be writing my heart out here.

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