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On the ThanksGiving weekend, dreamhost is offering a whopping $110 discount on web hosting. You can get entire one year of web hosting( unlimited disk bandwidth ) and domain registration for just $9.24. You need to use promotional code “777thanks11” for availing this offer. Go ahead and grab this offer now. This offer would be valid only till 24th Nov 2011. Note that this offer is applicable to new customers only. Do spread the word and make the most of this offer. plugin is a wordpress scam

Yesterday, I received the following email from requesting advertising banner on Inficone. Sender Name – Jules Barbier Sender Email – Sender Subject – We would like to buy banner space on your site Message – Hi, We are looking for new advertisement platforms and we are interested in your site Is it possible to place banner on your site on a fee basis? Best regards, Jules Barbier I googled on the net to figure out that this is a scam and you should not follow up….. Read More

Sleep Time Calculator – Find Best Time To Sleep

With our busy lives today — getting a good night’s sleep is an absolute must. Your freshness after waking up will decide your energy levels for the day. A bad night of sleep could potentially cause you to feel tired whole of the next day with reduced levels of concentration. Hence it becomes imperative to sleep and wake up at the right time to ensure that body gets enough rest for the next day’s work. Refer the sleep description in wikipedia that tells you that sleep is divided in to….. Read More

PhotoDropper Not Working? Try Free Stock Photos Foter

Foter Alternative to Photo Dropper

I had recently migrated to wordpress 3.1.2. Ever since this upgrade, the photo dropper plugin refused to work. I googled a bit for solutions but of no avail. Disabling other plugins, reinstalling photo dropper plugin etc did not help. The problem was that whenever I used to enter a keyword and click on search, nothing would happen and result area would remain as a blank page. This problem prevented me from using external photos on my blog for a while. Thankfully, I have found an excellent alternative which works the….. Read More

How To Choose The Best Cloud Computing Service

Cloud computing is new wave of the future. It provides software, hosting and storage services that enable you to access your data from anywhere without requiring the knowledge about physical location of the system that provides those cloud services. Hosting applications in the cloud increases the mobility of a workforce. Consumers should perform adequate research before selecting a cloud computing service provider. In this article, the top 10 cloud computing service providers will be reviewed for your edification. mnsc /Foter Free Photos Criteria for Selecting Cloud Computing Service Providers Before….. Read More

Convert Multicast IP To Mac Address Online

For multicast forwarding, the mac addresses in the range 01-00-5E-00-00-00 to 01-00-5E-7F-FF-FF have been reserved. The most significant 25 bits of the above 48-bit mac address are fixed while the lower 23 bits are variable. These lower 23 bits are derived from the lower 23 bits of the multicast IP address. The IP multicast range spans from to The most significant 4 bits of this address range is fixed ( 1110 ). Hence when an IP multicast address maps to a mac address, out of the total of..... Read More

Crafting VxLAN packets using Ostinato

Ostinato VxLan Protocol DataThe buzzwords these days are "virtualization" and "cloud". At the recently concluded VMworld 2011, VMware and Cisco announced the VxLAN technology which was developed to address scalability problems in today's data centers. Virtualized data centers today using traditional VLANs have scaling problems due to the 12-bit VLAN space which translates to a maximum of 4094 usable VLANs. Another requirement for multi-tenant networks is to isolate tenant traffic from one another. A VLAN could be used to provide this isolation on a L2 network but is again limited by the the..... Read More

Tip – Vim Indent Solution

vim indentationSome time back we wrote about a tip to fix vim indentation getting problematic when copy-pasting. That works great - but only if the original code that you are copying is indented properly. It may be indented properly but with different indentation settings (tabs instead of spaces, indent of 2 or 8 spaces instead of your favourite of 4 spaces). When added to the your code, it stands out awkwardly from the rest of the code. Here's another use case - as programmers, we often encounter badly indented code and..... Read More

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Dreamhost 9.24On the occasion of  US Independence day, dreamhost is offering a whopping $110 discount on web hosting. You can get entire one year of web hosting( unlimited disk bandwidth ) and domain registration for just $9.24. You need to use promotional code "777free11" for availing this offer. Go ahead and grab this offer now. Share this post with your friends using the floating buttons on the left and help them save $110! Offer ends 4th July 2011. Note that this offer is for new customers only. Hurry up - before..... Read More